Toronto’s 6 Most Expensive Condos You Can Buy

Toronto real estate may be cooling down at the moment (Toronto much like all of Canada has a significant housing financial problem – that being that their houses are expensive as hell) but you wouldn’t know that from these Toronto condos.

Heck, at prices like these you could purchase dozens of homes and rent them out to get serious money. But if you have money to spend and can afford it then here are six of the most expensive condos in Toronto.

Toronto’s 6 Most Expensive Condos You Can Buy

# 1 – 50 Yorkville Ave. ($36,000,000)

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The most expensive condo on this list. The 50 Yorkville ave penthouse/ condo may very well be a place that only those who make well over hundreds of millions can afford. This condo sits in the heart of Toronto and offers excellent services as well as a beautiful skyline that you just can not beat.

But at a price tag of $30 million can you really expect anything less? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

# 2 – 118 Yorkville Ave. ($15,000,000)

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Another place situated on the famed Yorkville Ave Four Season place. This spacious condo provides the residences 6,500 square feet of room as well as a view that will make you feel like you are on cloud nine.

These are perhaps one of the best aspects of renting out a condo or living in a condo, and that is the view you get; along with the fantastic services included.

# 3 – 50 Yorkville Ave. ($13,900,000)

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Offering their residence a down to earth and classy design. This condo is another penthouse/condo that is located in the Four Seasons; you may be seeing a running theme here.

# 4 – 175 Cumberland St. ($11,750,000)

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Stepping away from the famed Four Seasons – this condo offers you a brilliant panoramic view of the city and allows you to take and a fantastic selfie of the CN Tower. Show that off to your family and friends, and they will go bonkers over the level of success you have attained.

# 5 – 180 University Ave. ($9,332,500)

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Located in the famed Shangri-La hotel live in this two-story penthouse that is not too far from the financial district. As anyone who knows business and money can tell you time is money. So this location and this condo is really a great steal for those who can get this.

# 6 – 468 Wellington St. West ($6,700,000)

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A beautiful blend of the work-life experience and more importantly for those who are somewhat introverted. This penthouse/condo is a great place to live and to do much of your work. No need to exit your condo or place of living anymore because this penthouse/condo offers you everything you need.

If You Have The Money – Why Not?

As you can see from many of these condos that the price tag to stay here will cost you more than an arm and a leg. These places are incredibly expensive but the services, the location, the lifestyle and more importantly the view that you will get form living in these condos will be all worth it in the end.

If you have the money; why not?