Tips To Save Money With Flexographic Printing Sleeves

Having good flex storage solutions for your business will guarantee a long lasting working of the flexographic sleeves and in the process save money in the long run. Investing in flexographic printing could be so costly, and there is a need to ensure in everyday printing process there is a way of maintaining costs at mining so that you can recoup the return on investment in the shortest time possible.

Cleaning the Plates

The first tip is to ensure the flexo plates are always clean. Printing process could sometimes be a dirty job because of the inks, solvents, and oils involved in the process. To ensure the plates are always in good working conditions, and working with maximum efficiency, there should be routine maintenance and cleaning. Proper caring of the cutting plates will result in cost saving in the long-term and will reduce the number of plates bought for replacement.

The plates should always be cleaned immediately they are removed from the cylinder. Regular and proper care of the plates will lead to improved plate performance over a long time. Ensure there are no ink on the plates and do not postpone the cleaning, you need to act as soon as possible, and this will be good for your printing business in the long run. If the plate is not clean at the start of the printing job, particles could easily get trapped under the ink and might be impossible to remove later. Therefore, ensuring that ink and residues are removed before running the machine will always provide the best possible transfer of ink.

Cleaning of the Sleeves

Flexography printing often requires routine cleaning of the sleeves to print clean and bright lines. Therefore, cleaning has to be done as quickly as possible to remove ink, oil, and any other residues. Close attention needs to be observed to ensure the ends and the insides of the sleeves are kept as clean as possible. Investing on the best flexstand provides a quick cleaning of all the flexographic sleeves within the printing press without the need to move out. Flexcart is also necessary for smooth movement within the room from one point to another to save time and improve efficiency. It would be costly to run the printing process with dirty sleeves, and it will shorten their lifespan. Using the right cleaning solutions as prescribed by the manufacturer is paramount; never use any product just because it is cheap in the long run that will be very expensive. Using acid, salt solution, or alkaline will damage the surfaces of the sleeves.


All flexographic sleeves should be kept in their protective covers to work for a long time only when they are completely dry. A compressed air drier may be used to ensure there is no water or residues in the sleeves before they are stored. Investing on a vertical flexstand to store flexographic sleeves is crucial to have them working for a long time. Horizontal storage system would leave the sleeves bent and remain in an oval shape because of the strain from gravity.