The Top 4 Trends and Predictions in the 2018 Plumbing Industry

There are virtually limitless expectations that we can wait to see in 2018 when it comes to the plumbing industry and of course your local plumber. How technology will work to make work easier for us when it comes to plumbing, the already stiff competition, customer expectations in the plumbing industry, and even the data influence in the industry this coming 2018.

This article talks about the four trends you should watch out for this coming 2018.

  1. Low pricing will not differentiate you from the rest of the competition

Customer demographics are rapidly changing, and people now have Google and Amazon mentalities meaning if Google talks positive about a plumber or a plumbing company and or tools, and you can easily get it cheap and fast on Amazon, then you’re going to buy it. This mindset will eventually devastate the company’s current ‘book of businesses with customers now popping online and looking for the fastest available service at the best price. They rely more on the convenience and the price of the service which doesn’t augur well with most of these legitimate businesses out there who are doing quality work.

Individual contractors will have no choice but to make huge price cuts for their services if they aim to get the jobs they need to survive. This move will also trickle down to the business employees who will also suffer on lower profits that these businesses will be making.

Most of the tech companies like Google and Amazon are now creating wider gaps between the lower commodity services and the true experts. You should expect even a greater gap regarding costs when unlicensed contractors come into play.

Van Wu, the owner of the Trust Home Comfort, explains that in the past you would find that customers were either looking to repair or replace their equipment, but now customers are looking more into repairs rather than replacements. And in case you find a customer replacing, then you will notice the high levels of caution exercised by the customer.

  1. Technologies will give businesses new ways to stand out in the competition

In this tech age, you will notice that customers are now using technology more than ever before in their daily lives. It is upon your business to align with this new trend and adapt the tech age if you intend to stand out from the rest of the competition. Show your customers that you value your time with them, and this will most likely make them respect their time with you, explains the owner of Freelife Accounting and Bookkeeping, Dawne Leane Davidson.

  1. Get online you connect your business with new customers

It’s no doubt that customer expectations have changed a lot over the years and the current customer base is technology-driven. A customer will get online and check two to three quotes, then check the reviews of a product. If satisfied, the customer will go ahead to purchase the product. This is one good reason to build your online reputation, your online reviews, and also connect with the younger customers on social websites, explains Van Wu.

  1. Data, and not intuition, is what will eventually influence business decisions

If your business isn’t in the cloud yet, then you are way back in the new tech world. Take advantage of this opportunity and upload real-time cloud accounting and banking fields to give your clients the ability to see your business real-time financial results, explains president of the Spark Accounting Solutions, Julie Babcock-Hyde.