The Importance Of Identifying Leaks In A Dangerous Environment

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has required parcel delivery services to follow the guidelines of the material safety data sheet (MSDS). The best package leak detection equipment can help businesses fulfill this requirement. Early detection can save lives, headaches and your reputation.

What Does OSHA Require?

OSHA requires that chemical manufacturers provide MSDS for each hazardous chemical that it sends for transport. The MSDS should include appearance, flammability, odor, vapor pressure, pH, relative density, melting point, flammability and other properties. Here are the three MSDS areas where the package leak detection equipment could help:

  • Identification
  • First-Aid & Fire-Fighting
  • Accidental Release Measures

Parcel delivery workers must be the first to prevent a leak from causing further harm.


While the manufacturer is required to properly identify the contents of the box [Section 1] the parcel service can verify the accuracy. The MSDS should also briefly describe the danger that is posed by the chemical (i.e. flammable). This can help workers understand where they can isolate the parcel, if it is leaking.

The leak equipment will help identify that a gas, liquid or solid is not remaining contained in the package. Furthermore, it will identify the exact chemical characteristics of said leak. Perhaps, the original package MSDS was destroyed or made illegible by the leak.

First-Aid & Fire-Fighting

The MSDS should also list the initial first-aid care [Section 4] that workers might need to receive if they have been exposed. This could include skin or eye contact, as well as inhalation of ingestion. The immediacy of the potential symptoms will also be listed.

Different chemicals must be handled differently in order to prevent fires [Section 5.] Usually, suffocation or isolation of the leaking box is the first step. Workers should wear gloves to prevent chemical burns.

The leak equipment can identify problems quickly and online communication could be used to contact fire fighters. Your workers and building might be saved due to fast leak recognition equipment.

Accidental Release Measures

The MSDS also lists responses should a leak occur [Section 6.] The goal is to “prevent or minimize exposure to people, properties, or the environment.” Different sized spills might be treated differently. Protective clothing, personal precautions, methods and cleanup procedures are all listed therein.

When your leak detection equipment is linked up to the Internet, you can get faster answers to your workers. Before the first responders arrive, your staff must at least isolate and contain the spill. You don’t want them to endanger their safety, but you do want them to control the danger.

High-tech parcel leak detection equipment allows you to synchronize your efforts with OSHA. Together you can control spills before they become disasters.