7 Ways to Prepare Your Family for a Long-Distance Move

You have the movers hired and the day marked on the schedule. How prepared is your family for the impending move? Below are seven ways you can help prepare the family and make the long distance move pleasant for everyone.

1 – Plan Well In Advance

Choosing long distance movers is an excellent first step in the process, but you need to spend quality time planning each detail of the moving process with your family. Packing up an entire house full of personal belongings can be a time-consuming chore. Begin scheduling time for the whole family to get this done over a reasonable period.

2 – Choose Break Times In School Schedules

There is no way to have complete control over a move, especially if it job-related. Try and pick times during holidays and summer breaks to avoid hassles with taking kids out of school. There could be a higher cost of getting professional movers over the holidays, but try booking them in advance and see if it minimizes the cost.

3 – Carry Plenty of Activities and Snacks for Small Children

Long road trips can be tedious for small children. Staying cooped up in a moving vehicle can start to invoke crankiness and bad behaviors. Bring plenty of low-fat, low-sugar snacks, drinks, comfortable pillows, throw blankets, and toys for entertainment. This will help ease the boredom.

outdoor activity
4 – Plan Outdoor Activity Stops Every Day

Bring along a soccer ball or football and take time to allow the kids to get active and run off energy once or twice each day during the trip. They will look forward to these opportunities and be less antsy in the vehicle. Turn this time into a family picnic, and it is an instant hit.

5 – Bring Plenty of Water and Food for Pets

Dogs and cats will be cooped up in pet crates for the duration of the trip. Bring plenty of food and water to keep from having to find a location that sells these items in unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure they are getting adequate ventilation and that the temperature is comfortable. If the car is too hot or cold for you to be comfortable, imagine how your pet feels.

6 – Avoid Booking Hotels Too far In Advance

The main problem with booking a hotel too far in advance is sticking with a schedule that might be too rigid. You might have a problem getting to the destination town before nightfall and have to end up stopping elsewhere. There are usually safe, comfortable hotels and motels along the entire span of Interstate highways.

7 – Put Safety Before Destination Times

Contact the moving company if you have run into a problem and will not make it to the final destination at the desired time. Any less will encourage speeding, which can cause significant harm if there is an accident. Speeding is also a way to draw a big fine if pulled over by law enforcement.

Planning an excellent moving strategy with your family is just as important as with the long distance movers. The better the planning and organization, the more comfortable the move will be. Premier Van Lines is the best organization to help you have the most comfortable move.