6 Incredible Driveway Motion Sensor Transformations

6 Incredible Driveway Motion Sensor Transformations

There are new developments when it comes to motion sensors on the driveway. The following are some of the gadgets that have transformed the driveway alarm motion sensor systems.

  1. Optex Wireless TD-20 U

This is a type of driveway motion sensor that is backward compatible, it has the capacity to work with other Optex wireless components. It also has an inbuilt wireless transmitter and an infrared sensor that has the capability of sending a signal up to a range of 2000 feet to either Optex RC 10 that will then alert you through pleasant sound. The IR sensor has two settings; the fan setting, which is good for doorway and entrance, it can also be used in a room when placed in a corner of the room. The other setting is the beam setting, this is ideal for the parking lot, wide driveway and perimeter surveillance for your properties. It can monitor up to 50 meters in front of the sensor.

  1. Dakota Alert Doorbell and Driveway Bell Kit

This is a sensor that will alert the owner whenever a car pulls into the driveway or gate location. When the motion sensor is triggered, the signal is sent to the receiver, then the receiver will play a given selected tone. This sensor has both the motion and the button sensor and each has a unique tone when triggered. The receiver also has the triggered zone LED indicator that will light up.

  1. Radon Wireless Driveway Alarm

The driveway alarm unlimited wireless sensors with four zones operating on one receiver. This driveway sensor is perfect for any wireless sensing application. It also has a 12 VDC alarm output, built in LED digital counter, the chime receiver, and a dry contact output. This sensor is good for business and home of incoming people or vehicles since it has one infra-red sensor and one receiver.

  1. Dakota Wireless Driveway Alarm with Pager

It comes with a pager can be mounted anywhere to detect entrant arrival. It has the ability to detect four different zones it has only one transmitter that operates with only one battery of 9 V. It can detect passing vehicles and people 80 feet’s away by using passive infra-red sensor beam. It can send signal up to 2500 feet to the receiver, the Dokta PR – 2500.

  1. Carspot Wi-Fi Text Messaging Driveway Alarm

This is a unique motion sensor that has a wireless receiver and an alarm system that provides an Onsight notification of intruders and visitors. It has Wi-Fi interface that will send text notification when triggered by driveway alert. This gadget is perfect where the owner or an employee needs to know entrant arrival.

6. Bunker Hill Wireless Security Driveway Alert System

This is a very powerful motion sensor that uses infrared. It is also all-weather proof and sends and sends a signal to the indoor receiver. It easy to install and comes with mounting gadgets. It can detect within a range of 400 ft.

The transformed driveway motion sensors come with improved technology like Wi-Fi and text message capabilities. They also employ IR in their detection. This has made it easier for owner and workers to easily detect entrants.