5 Moving Myths You Should Not Believe

You might have at some point heard nightmare moving stories. People have a moving experience to share and tips to give on issues, such as getting the best bargain with movers. However, the moving industry, just like other sectors is surrounded by misconceptions. Unfortunately, some people make moving decisions based on the myths, which have unpleasant results in their moving process.

1. All movers are the same

People have the notion that all moving companies are the same, they offer similar moving services, and charge the same fees. Therefore, they believe that it doesn’t matter the mover they choose. Unfortunately, the myth is far from the truth because different moving companies offer different conditions, rates, special features, and extra services. Besides, not all moving companies are equipped or experienced the same. Therefore, you should hire a mover who meets your needs. Learn more by visiting Premiere Van Lines Edmonton.

2. Moving insurance covers any lost items or damages

You might have heard the misconception that moving insurance takes care of all damages that occur during the moving process and lost items. Unfortunately, the moving insurance doesn’t cover everything, and you might be shocked to learn the truth when your precious items are lost or damaged. It is paramount to discuss with your moving company for clarity on what its insurance covers as well as the portion it covers.

3. You must ride with the mover in the truck

It should be among the most common moving myths that people believe. The truth is most moving companies will not want to ride with you in the truck. Besides, they only move your belongings, and not you. Also, riding in the same truck with your mover adds liability to the company, which is not favorable for them. Therefore, you can use your car to get to your new apartment as your mover transports your goods in the moving truck.

4. Moving companies move anything you ask them to move

While a mover will move most of your belongings, there are things that they cannot agree to transport. You need to liaise with your mover beforehand so that you let them know of the items you need to relocate, and they ascertain that they will do so. Some items are illegal, unsafe, dangerous, or unethical, and your mover will not move such items. It is advisable not to overlook anything.

5. Moving by yourself can save you a ton of money

While it might seem cheaper not to hire a mover, you will, in the end, spend a lot of money when moving by yourself. Besides the cost of renting a truck, you might have to pay for vehicle insurance, road tolls, gas, parking permits, moving equipment, and packing materials. The total cost adds up so quickly. You want to save your time and finances by hiring a mover.