5 factors to consider before contracting a plumber

5 factors to consider before contracting a plumber

A  plumber is any specialized person with the right knowledge and skills in the field of installation, repair and maintenance of pipe fittings and fixtures for water supply. They are required to have the right knowledge, skills and work experience in the field of plumbing. A good example is that of a plumber Toronto when it comes to experience and qualifications.  Water supply and distributions in a homestead and institutions is critical and thus the need to hire a qualified and experienced plumber. There is a need for proper selection of a plumber, and thus the following should put into consideration.

  1. Plumber’s qualification

Plumbing is a profession, and thus trainees are usually taken over specified academic and industrial works and at the end of training, they sit for exams of each training course. After the end of industrial training and academic work and passing of curriculum exams, one will apply for licensing from their recognized licensing board.The board will scrutinize his academic qualification and industrial competence before issuing a practicing license. Thus qualification of a plumber is of the essence in choosing a competent plumber.

  1. Is the plumber compliant with the legal requirement?

A good plumber is the one who is fully conversant and adherent to the laws and regulations relating to the plumbing conditions. One can assure this by hiring those plumbers who are fully certified and issued with practicing license from a recognized board. Under the law, a plumber should be having an insurance cover as stipulated by their board. This factor is thus important in looking for a suitable plumber.

  1. The quality of service.

A good plumber is the one who provides quality plumbing services to the clients. The competence of the plumber lies in the skills and the experience of the technician employed by the firm, the type and quality of equipment used and the general firm experience. During choosing of a competent plumber, one should consider the previous clients’ view about the firm’s quality of services provided, the type of equipment, and length of time the firm has been in the market and the number and the qualifications of the technical support team in the firm.

  1. The accessibility of the plumber.

The best plumber is the one who offers quality customer services. The plumber should be answering their clients’ emergency phone calls and be calling back in case of voice mails. It ensures customers safety in case of breakages like pipe leakage for sewage drainage system. Most of the  incompetent plumbers ignore their customers once they have done the installing services, hence becomes difficult for the clients to get repair and maintenance services when needed.

  1. Work conditions

It is one of the major factors considered before one contracts a plumber. Some of these conditions might include; duration of the project, cost, terms of payment, quality job, warranty cover and how to contact the firm. One should choose a firm offering service under favorable cost and within his reach, the time frame within the customer’s schedule and availability of the firm when needed.


For one to get quality plumbing services from plumbers, he/she should consider many factors while selecting a good plumber to hire. Some of the major factors to consider are as discussed above.