5 Crucial Printer Maintenance Tips

The trick to having reliable and durable office equipment is proper maintenance. The same method applies to business printers. The challenge comes in when you have to maintain a printer that is rarely used. Frequent use of printers helps in locating issues with the machine early enough. The below tips will help in making sure the office printer you have is always in good working condition.

  1. Reading the printer user manual

There is a reason why manufactures send you a user manual for each machine you purchase. The manual is supposed to guide you on how to operate the device and handle it in case of any technical difficulty. The sad part is that most people forget about the manual when they learn how to use the office printer. Failure to adhere to the recommended procedures stated by the manufacturer can invalidate your warranty. Additional resources you can get to help is the manufacturer’s maintenance kit. The kit contains replacement parts, cleaning supplies, etc. Most printer brands now have the self-cleaning functions, hence much more comfortable to maintain and operate.

  1. Picking the correct location to place your printer

Make sure your printer is situated far from heat, dry air and dust so that it doesn’t develop any technical problems. The location should also be far from radiators to avoid clogging and toner degradation. This is very important if the functions as the office photocopier. The place should also be out of the way, hence no knocking or baring by people who are passing by. Pick a strategic corner of the office that is accessible and use it as the printer location.

  1. Being paper smart

One of the most common problems with printers is paper jams. Paper jams occur when a sheet or sheets of papers get stuck inside the printer, hence interrupting the whole printing process. The problem is solved by gently pulling the papers out using your hands. Always refer to the manual and make sure there is no tearing of the papers. To avoid paper jamming make sure the paper tray is not overfilled with papers. Avoid using folded, or dog-eared papers since they get stuck quickly into the system. The reams of the papers should be stored away from direct sunlight. The sensor in the printer can be faulty leading to regular paper jams if that is the case, then getting a qualified technician to inspect the printer will be the best thing to do. This tip is very important when using printers for small business or company.

  1. Being printer proud

Try to have frequent cleaning procedures done on your printer. If you have a dirty printer, you will soon be dealing with streaky printing. Cleaning the printer will prevent dust and accumulation of debris that always block the printer heads. Wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth and use a vacuum to clean the inner parts by sucking away the dust. If your working environment is dusty, you should buy an affordable plastic cover for your printer.

  1. Keeping your printer updated always

Make sure you are not using an out of date software on your printer, this can cause frequent printer problems. Always check with your manufacturer on the latest updates of printer drives. Updates are helpful since they also come with extra features that enhance the functionality of your printer. Even though most printers do update automatically, it’s good to run an update scan still. Pick only the updates that are relevant and useful to your printer. The color laser printers require frequent updates.