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Q&A Interview and Contest with Shona Husk

Shona Husk Interview Intro:

Hello everyone!  Book Monster Reviews and LITERAL ADDICTION are pleased to welcome author, Shona Husk to our sites today!  

A civil designer by day and an author by night, Shona Husk lives in Western Australia at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Blessed with a lively imagination she spent most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered romance novels and hasn't looked back. Drawing on history and myth, she writes about heroes who are armed and dangerous but have a heart of gold--sometimes literally.

With stories ranging from sensual to scorching, she is published with Ellora's Cave, Samhain Publishing, Carina Press and Sourcebooks.
You can check out Shona's entire backlist here -
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Today we are helping Shona promote her SHADOWLANDS series which is a paranormal romance trilogy about cursed Celtic heroes and their struggle to be free of the Shadowlands.

The SHADOWLANDS series currently consists of one full length novel "The Goblin King" and one short prequel enovella "The Summons - A Goblin King Prequel".  The second book, "Kiss of the Goblin Prince" will be released on May 1, 2012.

In case you are not familiar with the series, we've posted the synopses to the books below….

"The Summons - A Goblin King Prequel"
SHADOWLANDS, Prequel - Book 0.5
Publisher:  Sourcebooks
Publication Date:  August 1 2011.

Every fairy tale has to have some basis in fact, right? That's what Eliza thought as she made a desperate plea to the legendary Goblin King. If he could grant her wish, she'd finally be safe. He would protect her. But what would he ask in return...?

Enjoy this short free prequel and a sneak peek of The Goblin King, the first of a highly imaginative new paranormal series by Shona Husk

"The Goblin King"
Publisher:  Sourcebooks
Publication Date:  October 2011.
Buy Now in Paperback:

Once upon a time...

A man was cursed to the Shadowlands, his heart replaced with a cold lump of gold. In legends he became known as The Goblin King.

For a favored few he will grant a wish. Yet, desperately clinging to his waning human soul, his one own desire remains unfulfilled: A Willing Queen.

But who would consent to move from the modern-day world into the realm of nightmares? No matter how intoxicating his touch, no matter how deep his valor, loving him is dangerous. And the one woman who might dare to try could also destroy him forever

"Kiss Of The Goblin Prince"
Publisher:  Sourcebooks
Publication Date:  May 1, 2012.Preorder Now:

Trapped for centuries in the bleak Shadowlands, Dai clings to his humanity with a thirst for knowledge. But now he's free of the goblin curse, and some would say he knows too much—he can make nature bend to his will, influence the minds of others, and command magic. Yet love eludes him. Then he meets Amanda, a single mother with a sick daughter whom he feels compelled to protect. But could she possibly place her trust in the kiss of a goblin prince?

They sound incredible don't they?!  Well, now that we’ve got you all online downloading and buying this awesome series, how about we get to the interview and learn more about the remarkable woman behind the books, shall we!?


Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Hi Shona!  Welcome to Book Monster and LITERAL ADDICTION!  We are so happy you could stop by and chat with us today!  
Shona {opening comments}: Thank you for having me. I love talking about my goblin heroes!

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  We like to start out by finding out a bit more about our guest author, and then we’ll dig into the books… 

Q1): Can you tell us 3 things about yourself that we couldn’t find out easily on the Internet?
Shona: After travelling in the US I have learned I don’t like whipped cream on my hot chocolates J
I like red shoes—I have three pairs at the moment. Pointy boots, ballet flats and low heeled shoes for work.
I learned to drive in Africa.

Q2):   What are some of your hobbies or things that you enjoy doing when you’re not working, writing or taking care of other business?
Shona: I like to read, which is probably true for all writers. But I also like to research, sometimes just random things as I never know what will spark and idea or come in handy later. In my spare time I walk, cross stitch. I recently tried my hand at cloth doll making, which is a lot of fun but time consuming.

Q3):  What are some of your favorite TV Shows and Movies?

Shona: Some of my favorite TV shows are Supernatural, Farscape, Wild Boys, Tudors, Terra Nova and Spartacus. Most of the time I record the show or buy the DVDs so I can watch them when it suits me. For movies I’d have to say X-men, The Devil’s Advocate, King Arthur (with Clive Owen) and The Dark Crystal.

Q4):  Who are some of your favorite authors, and what’s in your TBR pile right now?
Shona: Which TBR pile? The paperback or the invisible e-reader pile? I’ve been reading the ‘studs in spurs’ series by Cat Johnson which is about very sexy bull riders , but I also always have a Dresden File by Jim Butcher on my shelf—they are keepers. I’m also looking forward to reading ‘The Rogue Pirate’s Bride’ by Shana Galen.

Q5):  How long have you been writing?  What genre did you start out in?

Shona: I started out writing fantasy as a child. As an adult I discovered romance novels and paranormal romance and I realized I could combine my love of world building with a HEA. I started writing seriously for publication about four years ago, before that I was writing for fun and experimenting with different ideas and learning how to craft a story.

Q6):  What are the best and worst parts of writing for you?

Shona: I love plotting and getting to know my characters, it the time when anything seems possible. By the time I’ve written up a rough synopsis I’ve reigned in all the possibilities and I know where the story is going. So the actual first draft is more contained, and yet at the same time still full of surprises as I dig deeper into the characters and world. The worst part is probably the final read through before I send it to my editor. There’s a moment of doubt and the knowledge that no matter how many times I read it there will be a typo or three. Then that is followed by the waiting to hear back which hasn’t gotten any easier.

Q7):  What’s a typical work day like for you?  Do you have a routine; is there something that you absolutely have to have with you to get through your day, etc?
Shona: I try to have a routine but with kids and work that can be hard. I like to write for 2-3 hours every evening, and read for 30 mins every day. I don’t have any rituals to get me going. I just sit down and write or edit or whatever needs to be done.

Q8):  If you could have any one super power, what would you want it to be, and why that power?

Shona: I gave Dai the hero from ‘Kiss of the Goblin Prince’ the super power I would love; to be able to travel anywhere in the world on a whim.

Q9):   What character traits do you feel are important for all heroes and heroines to have?

Shona: heroes and heroines need to be likeable, readers have to want to spend time with these people, and readers have to be interested in their lives. On the other hand characters can’t be perfect, they need flaws and they need to be as complicated as real people—they have to have lived before the book started.

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  O.K, now we’ll ask some questions directly related to the SHADOWLANDS series and other projects…  J

Q10):   For those who have not read your series yet, can you please tell us about your SHADOWLANDS series?

Shona: The Shadowlands series is part paranormal romance, part fairy tale with a dash of fantasy and bit of magic where cursed Celtic warriors get a second chance at being human and finding love.
The series is named after the Shadowlands which is where nightmares are born. The only creature to live there are goblins, and the Celtic warrior who were cursed and banished there. Over time the cursed men have learned to slip through peoples nightmares and back into the world of men, where they appeared as hideous goblins, always searching for a way to break the curse before their souls were totally corrupted by the Shadowlands and no humanity remained in them.

Q11):  What was the inspiration that lead to the concept and creation of the SHADOWLANDS  series?
Shona: Sometimes I can pinpoint the exact inspiration for a story, other times it’s a combination of a lot of little things. The Shadowlands series came from a lot of different places, my love of Roman Britain and cursed heroes, plus my desire to write about a different paranormal creature. Of course this all came together at 2am like all good ideas.

Q12):  What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, logistical, etc) in bringing the “SHADOWLANDS” series to life?

Shona: The first one was making goblins sexy. Grey skin, knotted joints and bulging yellow eyes aren’t exactly hero material—at first glance. The heroic qualities had to come from within so that even when Eliza sees Roan as a goblin in “The Goblin King” she knows he won’t do her harm.
Establishing the alternate worlds, Shaowlands and Summerland, and the goblin myth so reader would believe in the tale of the Goblin King was the next challenge, but I had so much fun creating the worlds and giving life to the myth that it wasn’t really work.
For books two and three the rules were set as were the characters—except for the heroine of “For the Love of the Goblin Warrior”, readers won’t meet her until Meryn does, but she knows all about goblins and none of it’s good.

Q13):   What books are planned after the release of "Kiss Of The Goblin Prince"?  Do you plan to extend the series after the intended trilogy is completed?

Shona: The last book in the series will be “For the Love of a Goblin Warrior” which is Meryn’s story. At this point I have no plans to extend the series as the lives of all six men have been touched on and resolved—obviously some more than others as Roan, Dai and Meryn each have their own book.

Q14):  If you could spend the day with any one of the characters from the SHADOWLANDS series, who would you pick and what would you do?
Shona: I’d love to spend time with Dai getting to more about magic and flitting from place to place…but talking with Roan or Meryn about life back in the day under Roman rule would be equally as fascinating.

Q15):  What's coming up next for Shona Husk outside of the SHADOWLANDS series?
Shona: I have the last book of my sexy Vampire rock stars coming out later this year with Ellora’s Cave, ‘Enchanting Absinthe’ , and the second book in my weird west fantasy series ‘Dark Secrets’ (working title) coming out with Carina Press. Next year I’ll start a new series with Sourcebooks, details to be announced soon J

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:   Shona, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us today!  We'd love to have you back in the fall to help you celebrate and promote the release of "For The Love Of A Goblin Warrior" if you're interested.
Shona{closing comments}: Thank you for having me and I’d love to come back in January when “For the Love of a Goblin Warrior” is released!

To keep up with Shona and her latest news, visit her Website or you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.

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Michelle H. said...

Love this series! Thanks for the chance to win the new book.

My question:
You mentioned that you'd love to have the power to travel anywhere on a whim? Is there a particular destination that you've always wanted to travel to? I've always wanted to see Scotland...someday!!


AD said...

Oooohhhh Goblin books! That will be a first for me. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

Question - With writing as a competeive business, how difficult was it to find an agent to get published?

Erin said...

This series sounds like something new and unusual - like you said its hard to grasp the concept of Goblins being sexy as they are not your usual hotness! My question is - what do you do when you can't find an inspiration or you can't accomplish completely what you set out to in a story?
Thank you for your time!

Victoria said...

I have the Goblin King in my TBR. I can't wait to read it, I'm just a bit behind at the moment.
Thank you for a great interview.


Shona Husk said...

Michelle H,
I’d love to go to Europe. Spain, France, Italy...somewhere with lots of old castles and great food.

Shona Husk said...

I got published before I got an agent. My first published works were novellas with Samhain and Ellora’s Cave, from there I made the jump to print and I only got an agent this year. I still write novellas for epublishing as they are a nice short breaks between novels.

Shona Husk said...

I write even if I don’t feel inspired that particular day as I can always edit it later. I’m never short of a story idea and I keep a box of things I find interesting for later use. I’m not sure about the accomplishing what I set out in a story—I plot so the big kinks are worked out then the smaller ones get ironed out in edits.

Shona Husk said...

My TBR pile is huge at the moment. Too many good books, too little time :)

miki said...


thanks you a lot for this international giveaway.
I admit i have never read a book about goblins but that's different so i would like to discover your sery

thanks you for this opportunity

all the best

Andrea said...

I just finished The Goblin King earlier this week. I enjoyed it and definitely want to read the next one.

Kassandra said...

LOVED The Goblin King and the prequel in this series!! The second one has been on my wishlist since it was posted to B&N ;)

molly.frenzel said...

Who was your inspiration for the Goblin King? When I see the words, "Goblin King" I automatically think David Bowie. Labyrinth has been my favorite movie since I was a little girl and I always thought David Bowie was sooo hot.

Rebe said...

I love the idea of making goblins sexy! I have to admit, I wouldn't normally think of a goblin as a hero in a PNR. I love the originality of this sereis!

SdyLion said...

A sexy Goblin- Spidey- eat your heart out! sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

Barbara E. said...

I've had The Goblin King on my TBR shelf, patiently waiting for me to read it. I think I better get to it soon, since now I'm behind another book! Kiss of the Goblin Prince sounds like another winner, I'm looking forward to reading it too.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Phyllis M said...

This is a great series! I have read the first two books and am so looking forward to Kiss of a Goblin Prince, Dai's book! Thank you Shona for having this giveaway and for writing these books. Thanks Carla for the interview.
brandypm @ optonline . net

Linda said...

I bought The Goblin King recently & I"m thrilled that the prequel is free. Thanks so much! A goblin for a hero is quite odd! I always think of them as villains more than hero material.

elaing8 said...

I love these covers.Great interview,enjoyed reading it.