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Interview and Contest with Eve Langlais

Eve Langlais Interview Intro:
Hello everyone!  LITERAL ADDICTION and Book Monster Reviews are very happy to welcome Eve Langlais to our sites today!  

Even has a great bio on her website and we thought we’d borrow it for today’s Event.  Read on to find out more about Eve…
“Hello, my name is Eve. I'm a stay at home mom who works as a webmistress/customer service rep and in between juggling my three kids, hubby, and housework, I write really raunchy stuff--usually with werewolves lol.

I was born in British Columbia, but being a military brat, I have lived a little bit everywhere--Quebec, New Brunswick, Labrador, Virginia (USA) and finally Ontario. My family and I currently just outside Ottawa, our nation's capital.

I am the first person to admit I am totally boring and lead a mundane life. Seriously. My idea of fun is shopping at our local Walmart lol. I like to play video games, cook, and read. My inspiration, hmm, I guess you could say hubby as he is a total alpha male which means I often want to club him over head with a frying pan. But, despite his ornery, 'I-am-man' nature, I love him dearly. I do have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing.

I'm writing romance, my way. I like strong alpha males, naked chests and werewolves. Lots of werewolves. In fact, you'll notice most of my multi partner stories revolve around great, big, overprotective Lycans who just want to please their woman. I am also extremely partial to aliens, you know the kind who abduct their woman and then drive them insane...with pleasure of course.

My heroines, they kind of run the gamut. I have some that are shy and soft spoken, others that will kick a man in the balls and laugh. Many of them are chubby, because in my world, girls with curves ROCK! Oh and some of my heroines are a teeny tiny bit evil, but in their defense, they need love too.

Some of my work does push boundaries and cross lines. Good and evil aren't always clear in my tales, and in some cases, I've stomped on well known religious ideologies. Have I mentioned my imagination is a tad bit warped?

I tend to have a lot of sexual tension in my tales because I think all torrid love affairs start with a tingle in our tummies. And when my characters do finally give in to the needs of their flesh? Well, let's just say, you shouldn't be reading my stuff at work. The door is wide open, explicit and hot. Really, really hot.

I love to write, and while I don't always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a HEA.”
Eve has an amazing library of literary excellence.  She is the proud creator of the FREAKN’ SHIFTERS, FURRY UNITED COALITION, PACK, PRINCESS OF HELL, ALIEN MATE, ALIEN ABDUCTION, CYBORGS: MORE THAN MACHINES, THE REALM, BLOOD COUNTESS and MY SECRETARY series, as well as numerous amazing single titles.  You’ll want to check out her entire backlist HERE, believe us!   
For our new readers not yet familiar with Eve’s work, we thought we’d give you the synopses for the 1st book in each of the series listed above, as well as the newest release to peak your interests…

“Delicate Freakn’ Flower”
Dammit, just how many toes was she going to have to stomp on before people realized she was a Delicate Freakn’ Flower?

Naomi doesn’t want to follow tradition and settle down with a violence-loving, chest thumping shapeshifter. She grew up in a household with five, testosterone laden brothers where none of the dishes ever matched, the ugly-as-sin furniture could withstand any catastrophe, and where crazy glue was bought by the case.

When fate—with a snicker—makes her meet not one, but two mates, Naomi digs her heels in and refuses to do what her wolf—and her body—demands. No way is she voluntarily allowing herself to get hitched to a pair of dumbass—totally hot and muscled—lacrosse players.
Can Ethan, the towering Kodiak bear, and Javier, the sexy, tanned jaguar convince this she-wolf that life with them won’t be all chaos? And can this delicate freakn’ flower unbend her prejudices enough to recognize she needs a pair of men who can handle her thorns—and her passion?

Warning: this is a hot threesome story where all the focus is on her with pleasurable consequences.

“Bunny and the Bear”
What’s a poor bear to do when all he wants is some sweet, bunny pie?

Bears and bunnies aren’t supposed to mix, or that’s what Chase keeps telling himself when his bouncy new neighbor won’t stay out of his business—and his mind. However, the more he gets to know his overly perky neighbor, the more he craves her—naked in his grasp—a desire worse than his addiction to honey and pie.

Miranda’s on a mission for the Furry United Coalition, and it involves secretly guarding one grumpy ol’ bear. Staying focused on the job isn’t easy when all she can think about is turning his frown upside down, a task made harder when she gets a glimpse of his passion. When she hears about his theory on woodland creatures and predators not mixing, she thinks all is lost, but she didn’t count on a bear’s curious nature—and possessive need.

When an evil force abducts Chase, Miranda unleashes her bunny in order to save him, but the revelation of her shifter side puts her in danger. Is one ornery bear enough to save her from a mad scientist? And if he does, can a bear forget her woodland creature status long enough to love her and make her his mate?

Warning: Pies were harmed in the making of this story and naughty references made about honey that might offend some readers.

“Defying Pack Law”
Dana fled her pack and their laws to live on her terms, but the price of defiance was her happiness.

Pack law states Lycan females must be shared by two or more males, but young and in love, Dana flees rather than be forced into a ménage. Her life on the run, constantly on guard, has no room for happiness. When her past catches up and brings her back to the home she fled, she finds herself reevaluating her beliefs. To her surprise, she discovers her body and inner wolf want to claim three males.

Could it be that now older and wiser, she can accept the Lycan polyamorous way of life? Or will jealousy and fear send her running again?

 “Lucifer’s Daughter”

Being Lucifer’s daughter can be hell.

Hi, I’m Muriel, the only white sheep in a sea of black ones, and a virgin to boot. I am determined to wait for love, but my dad, more commonly known as Lucifer, just wants me to stop being an embarrassment. I’m hoping the hunk that I met in my bar will turn out to be the one–just looking at him makes my insides melt like marshmallows over the coals of hell, but trusting is hard when it seems everyone I get close to ends up trying to kill me.

Not only am I dealing with an extreme case of lust, there’s a new threat in hell, one my dad says to ignore. Something easier said than done since it seems everywhere I turn demons are trying to kill me. But I’m okay with that, because one thing I’ve learned being a princess of hell is that sometimes I have to grab a demon by the horns and slap it around a bit.

A rebellion in hell, demon assassins and scorching kisses, could my life get any more interesting?

“Alien Mate”
What would you do if an alien materialized in your living room and told you he was your leader?

Plump Diana is ironing her underwear when the hottest blue babe in all of the galaxy appears in her living room. Did she forget to mention he was naked? Abducted, decontaminated, and dressed like a harem girl, she’s been chosen to become his mate.

Kor asked his ancestors to find him a biddable, docile mate. Instead they found him Diana--a curvy, argumentative earthling who sets his pulse pounding and his loins on fire. He might be an alien who doesn't understand the meaning of love, but he sure knows what he feels is more than lust.

“Accidental Abduction”
Abducted by a space pirate, she fights the temptation to let him plunder her goods.

A boyfriend’s attempted murder leaves Megan floundering in the ocean. Sinking without hope, the bright light she sees in the night sky isn’t her doorway to heaven, but rather the beginning of her accidental abduction by a space pirate. While thankful of his rescue, Megan stays true to form and just can’t keep her mouth shut, even when he keeps threatening to kill her--or auction her off to the highest bidder. Even odder, despite her decision to not get involved with her wickedly hot captor, she can’t help craving his touch.

Tren retired from his job as a mercenary so he could enjoy life, but he never counted on the boredom of normalcy. The acquisition of rare items has somewhat filled the void, but his accidental abduction of an outspoken earthling, who doesn’t know when to shut up, turns his life upside. Her fiery spirit draws him while at the same time drives him insane. Struggling with his urges, he must decide-- throttle her barbarian neck or ravish her delectably lush body?

Despite what his heart tries to tell him, he’s determined to sell her to the highest bidder even as he seduces her body. However, despite his best intentions, he discovers he can’t let her go. And when a foe from his past thinks to steal her, he’ll do anything to get her back.

Machines aren’t supposed to feel, but this cyborg can’t help falling in love.

Assigned as a specimen collector for a captured cyborg, Chloe is intrigued by the machine disguised as a man. Kidnapped during his daring escape, he shows her that despite the chip in his brain, his humanity is not completely lost.

Formerly known as unit X109GI, Joe is on a quest to discover his origin. While he doesn’t find the answers he’s looking for, he does discover that affection and lust aren’t just for humans. But when it comes to a battle between logic and love, which side will the cybernetic organism—once a man—choose?

Evaluating his feelings will have to wait though because the military isn’t done with Joe. But their threats against him pale in comparison before the shocking discovery of project C791, the revelation of which stuns the rebel cyborgs—and ignites a fury for vengeance.

Warning: This story contains violence towards the heroine that might offend some readers, but rest assured the hero kicks the offending butts. This is a spicy romance featuring an ultra hot, cyborg male. Reader titillation is advised.

She thought herself a robot, defective and unique among her kind, until he taught her how to live again.

I dreamt I was once human. I lived a nightmare as a robot. But love taught me I was more than a machine.

F814 exists to serve the humans until they decide to terminate her. An instinct for survival makes her fight, but when she achieves freedom, she discovers she cannot throw off the chains of habit. Everything changes when another flesh covered droid arrives, a cyborg he calls himself, who teaches her she is more than a machine.

Solus hates humanity, and even though he was born as a flawed human, he strives to eradicate all traces of it from his persona—until he meets F814. Meeting and touching her releases something in him. Has him yearning for things he doesn’t understand. Makes him long for…affection.

Before he can learn to love though, he must first tackle the task of reminding F814 that she is more than the sum of her mechanical parts. But of course, when dealing with an illogical thing like emotions, there is no sure plan for success.

Warning: May induce a craving for a cyborg of your own.
The Cyborgs: More Than Machines books can be read as stand alone stories, however, for total reader enjoyment it is recommended you read them in order.

“Take a Chance”
Samantha's searching for a hero, but finds a wizard in need of rescuing instead.

    Shy librarian Samantha longs to find her one true love, but in today’s modern world, finding a dashing hero seems to be an impossible to task. So Chance decides to step in and what follows is pure adventure as Samantha finds herself magically teleported to a tropical island where she meets a hunky wizard in need of rescuing.

    Sinclair, is a wizard of the high council, cursed to live alone on a tropical island with little hope of rescue, that is til a luscious librarian is dropped onto his beach. Having been betrayed by love once, he’s leery of trusting again but as he and Samantha overcome the magical obstacles set in their way, they discover that true love awaits them if they only Take A Chance.


Either you’re with me, or you’ll feed me.
Humans are for eating and I am not one to play with my food, so I’m baffled as to why one geeky mortal doctor makes me wish our kind could be together without my brand of love being toxic. As if suffering from human emotions isn’t problem enough, our world is about to engage in a war where our chances of survival are slim at best. And no one wants to listen.

But, I didn’t become the general of the vampire Queen’s army by being diplomatic. Everyone will fight in the upcoming battle, or they’ll feed my troops and I. Either way, all things living will do their part.

I am after all the Blood Countess, toxic lover to humans, vicious bitch to my enemies, and my word is law.

“My Secretary, My Mistress”
This secretary is out to teach her boss a lesson he won't soon forget.

Isabelle and her boss Grant had a one night stand that rocked, but since then he's been avoiding her.

Miffed at his behavior, she's determined to bring him to his knees. Drawing upon her
dominant and kinky side, she finds a way to make him come crawling back for more.

But Isabelle is after more than just revenge and sexual satisfaction, she's grooming Grant to be her very first slave. The question is, can her boss let go of his inhibitions and let Isabelle take charge?

We know, you’re completely overwhelmed and you want them all!  Make sure to check out her backlist, make your wishlist, and start finding them at your favorite bookseller, but for now, to help Eve promote and celebrate the 2nd book in her CYBORGS: MORE THAN MACHINES series that was just released on 4/21/12 (as well as her entire backlist) let’s get to the interview to learn some more about Eve and her fabulous work: 

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  Hi Eve!  We’re honored to have you here today and are thrilled to introduce some new readers to your incredible work.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us.
LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  We always start by getting to know our guest author a little bit better.

Q1): Can you tell us 3 things about yourself that we couldn’t find out easily on the Internet?
EVE: Hmmm, a deep dark secret. Okay here’s one that might shock those who’ve read my Princess Of Hell series, I am a Catholic who went to church up until my teens. I even did Sunday school, communion, confirmation and everything. Of course, I’d probably ignite if I stepped into a church now given what I write, but as long as Hell is how I pictured it, then it’s all good lol. Another secret; I cry at the end of all kids movies, even cartoons for some reason. And finally, I hate peas!

Q2):  What are 3 things that always make you smile?
EVE: That’s easy. My kids. Hubby bringing me home a treat, like chips and dip lol. And happy endings.

Q3):  If you could spend the day with any of your characters, with whom would you want to spend it, and what would you like to do?
EVE: I want to spend it with Muriel, my kick ass heroine who has Lucifer as a Daddy. I want her to teach me how to be tough. I am such a wimp in real life lol.

Q4):  What are some of your hobbies and/or things that you enjoy doing when you’re not writing or taking care of other author business?

EVE: I love to read. Playing video games, especially RPGs are awesome. I follow a few television shows religiously like Revenge, Survivor and Game Of Thrones.

Q5):  Do you have a personal favorite book or series in your backlist; maybe one that had deeper meaning for you when it was written, etc?

EVE: There’s one of my stories that never garnered much attention that always makes me cry; Fire And Ice. The premise sounds weird, a dominatrix meets a redneck, but it deals with a very serious issue. In the story, the heroine had to have a hysterectomy because of cervical cancer. Her husband then leaves her because she can’t have kids and she turns into a real bitch. While this exact scenario didn’t happen to me, I did come close to having my plumbing removed for the same reason. I was one of the lucky ones though. I had two cone biopsies within 6 months, and at the urging of my doctor, started popping out babies. I’ve had a third surgery since then, but fingers crossed, I stay clean. It’s a topic that always hits close to home because of my experience and I was happy to find a way to write about it (with my usual twist of course) and help my heroine come to grips with her loss. And find love. (PS while the heroine plays the part of a domme, her relationship with her redneck is of the vanilla variety lol)

Q6):  Are there any titles or authors that you feel influenced you to become the writer you are today?
EVE: This is going to sound terrible, but it was the abundance of bad books I kept reading that led me to write and most influences how I write. I like to take my stories in different directions, sometimes shocking ones. I don’t want cookie cutter characters or situations. And I also love lots of sarcasm and humor in my tales. Lucky for me, the readers enjoy it too.

Q7):  What are the best and worst parts of writing for you?

EVE: Best part of writing is when I sit in my chair and the story just comes out in a rush making me laugh and sit on the edge of my seat as I go. The worst is wondering if I told my story right or if readers will connect with my characters.

Q8):  “F814”, the 2nd book in your CYBORGS: MORE THAN MACHINES series, is your most recent release.  Was there any specific inspiration behind the creation of that series?
EVE: I am so intrigued by the idea of modified humans. Who wouldn’t want super strength or healing abilities? But that’s only part of it. I really enjoy watching how these cybernetic organisms, who’ve forgotten their human roots, rediscover their feelings, whether they want to or not.

Q9):  You’ve written in many sub-genres (breakdown of books in each sub-genre can be found HERE for readers) – Paranormal Fantasy Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Multi-Partner/Menage Erotica, BDSM/Contemporary Erotica, Contemporary Suspense, and Futuristic Romance – Do you find that any one (or several) flow easier than the others and why?
EVE: My alien stuff flows the absolute easiest because I have total control over the worlds I build. But my paranormal stuff comes in a close second. But even when writing a specific genre I try to give the story a twist, something to make it mine. My stories based in Hell are a good example of taking existing concepts and spinning them into something unique.

Q10):  Do you have a release plan for the series that are currently out there and that we’ve featured today – i.e how many books planned for each, etc?  If nothing concrete, can you share with us what’s up next in the ones that you do know about?   

EVE: My readers have been clamoring for some sequels, and they’re coming. Followers of my Pack series will be delighted to know that the third book, Seeking Pack Redemption, is releasing on July 20th. My third Furry United Coalition, as yet unnamed, is slated, if all goes well, for September, with Already Freakn’ Mate, third in the Freakn’ Shifter series, following in October. November/December should see the next cyborg installation, B785. I’m also launching a new series this summer titled Welcome To Hell with A Demon And His Witch for June and A Demon And His Psycho for August. Have I mentioned I love to write lol? It’s going to be a busy, busy year.

Q11):  What have been some of the challenges you’ve encountered thus far in your career?  Anything specific to any of the books/series with regards to research, etc?   
EVE: The biggest challenge for me is still slowing down to flesh out my stories. I tend to want to rush and get it told, but I know my readers want all the juicy details and as much world building as possible so I have to take myself in hand and make sure I take the time to add those details.

Q12):  What are you the most proud of with regards to your amazing library thus far? 
EVE: The thing I am most proud of is the fact I took a chance and started to write in my mid-thirties. Even now, so many books later, I suffer from self-doubt, always wondering if I’m getting a story or character right, but it’s the one place in my life where I’ve found the courage to forge ahead. If we’re talking about stories, then the one I’m most proud of is still my Princess Of Hell series. I totally love the world and characters I created in those stories. I really let myself go and wrote what I wanted, and to my surprise, readers enjoyed it. Have I forgotten to mention how awesome my readers are? They totally rock!

Q13):  We noticed that you have 2 new books coming “Demon and his Witch” in June/July and “Sharing his Vampiress” after that.  Are they part of existing series, starts to new series, or standalones? 
EVE: A Demon and His Witch is the start of a new series titled Welcome To Hell based on the same world building premise as my Princess Of Hell series. It will be chock full of humor and spice, along with cameos by Lucifer, a favorite with readers. Sharing His Vampiress, which is slated for really late this year or 2013, is a continuation of Taming Her Wolf. I’m going to take a HFN ending and continue the story, expanding the world and adding a new hero to the mix even though both the main characters are technically against it.

Q14):  Is there a question that you thought it would be great to be asked in an interview but have never been asked?  How would you answer that question?

EVE: I’ve always wondered why no one ever asks me what hubby thinks of my stuff or if he’s my inspiration. He’s my biggest fan and reads pretty much all my work, and while he won’t wear a thong and dance on a table for me, my lover and best friend of 14 years is a shining example in my mind of how a hero should be. And now excuse me while I gag lol. I’m not usually one to wax sentimental.

Q15):  Is there anything special that you’d like to say to your readers while we have you here today?

EVE: I love my readers. You guys are why I get up each morning at the crack of dawn and write. The reason why my legs go numb as I type new stories and characters for you to fall in love with. My readers are the most awesome people EVER! And one day, when I stop being such a chicken, I am going to get my ass to a conference and meet you.

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  Eve, thank you so much again for being with us today.  We’re thrilled to help you promote “F814” and your unbelievable backlist, and would be honored to have you back for “Already Freakn’ Mated”, “Sharing His Vampiress”, and/or the 3rd PACK and FURRY UNITED COALITION books later on this year!
EVE: Thank you for having me. I love connecting with new people and it was so kind of you to offer me a chance to do so through your site. I wish you all a ton of happy reading J

If you want to keep up with Eve, you can find her here:

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