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Interview with the Wing Slayer Hunters and Contest

Wing Slayer Hunter Interview

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

Today, Book Monster and LITERAL ADDICTON have a VERY special treat for you.  Chelle and I got to interview the incredibly sexy Wing Slayer Hunters and we've posted the interview transcript here for you all to check out.  So sit back and enjoy the interview!!!

Carla and Chelle meet the Wing Slayer Hunters

When word reached us regarding what was going on in Glassbreakers, we knew we had to see if we could get an audience with Ramsey Virtos and maybe even the other Wing Slayer Hunters.  With the rogue situation escalating, the witches learning more and more about each other and their race and the personal triumphs and struggles of each of the guys and those closest to them, we knew it might be our only chance. 

Luckily they had heard of us, knew that we could be trusted, and extended the invitation – not without some input from the Moon Witch and help from her third eye we’re sure. ;-) 

Here’s the transcript of our visit to Glassbreakers…

[After a long cross country flight we arrived safely and went to the hotel to rest up, change and get ready for our meeting later that night..  Neither of us are ‘club girls’, but it seemed easiest for us to meet at Axel of Evil, the nightclub owned by Axel Locke – Hawk, and leader of the Wing Slayer Hunters.] 

[Several hours later, and donning our most professional yet club friendly attire, we found ourselves in a cab to Axel of Evil just as night life was starting to pulse downtown.  Walking up to the front door we were taken aback a bit as the bouncers waved us past the line and leaned down to whisper in Carla’s ear.]

Michelle:  (looking over at Carla)  What’s up?

Carla:  (shrugging a shoulder)  We’re supposed to grab a drink and then go wait at the booth in the southeast corner. 

[The inside of the club looked like a cross between Dante’s Inferno and Saturday Night Fever.  We had to hand it to Axel… the place definitely had personality!  We did as we were told, ordered drinks from a bubbly blonde behind the bar, and found the booth that was sitting unoccupied in the corner.]

Carla:  (glancing at Michelle)  So, you nervous?

Michelle:  Nah, more excited really.  I wonder if we’ll get a chance to talk to anyone other than Ram? 

[Just as the comment was uttered, a gorgeous, tall guy in black fatigues, a tight grey tshirt that stretched deliciously across his broad shoulders and combat boots strode up to the booth.  Despite the aura of control surrounding him he looked friendly and while not smiling, his eyes were welcoming.]

Carla:  (standing and smiling)  Ramsey, thanks so much for meeting with us.

Michelle:  (standing as well)  Yes, we really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us.  (Extending hand to shake and then dropping mid motion with a look of embarrassment)  Ugh, sorry… I suppose that isn’t such a great idea is it!?  (laughs uncomfortably)

Ram:  Electrical burns are not the ideal way to begin a friendly chat. Will this do instead? (Ram leans forward, kissing first Michelle’s cheek, then Carla’s. Pulling back, he gestures to the booth.)  Please, sit.    

Carla:  (smiling broadly)  Um yeah, that’ll do…

Michelle:  (looking a little starstruck)   Mmmm, hmmm, that’ll do JUST fine. 

[We all got situated back in the huge booth - close enough so we could hear one another, yet not too close.  We couldn’t help noticing that Ram seamlessly placed himself in a position where he could see us, the entire room, and make a quick exit if necessary.]

Carla:  So, things have been kind of crazy lately, huh!? 

Ram:  Like I’ve been struck with the mother of all lightning. (Ram lifts his hands, tiny blue sparks popping from his finger tips. Dropping his hands back to his thighs, his blue gaze shimmers with ice fury). Wouldn’t mind hitting Lyon with a bolt or two.   

Michelle:  (chuckling)  Oh, it’s not her fault, but please forgive my faux pas earlier with the handshake.  I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable; though I was probably more uncomfortable. (chuckles)  How are things going with your Thunderbird? 

Ram:  The bird is the problem, not you Michelle. Under any other circumstances, I’d be pleased to shake your hand, and Carla’s. Right now, the bird and I are in a constant state of disagreement.

Carla:  Man, that’s seriously gotta suck.  I’m sorry!  How is the recruit training program progressing?  I bet it’s nice to be able to use your military background to whip those guys into shape huh?  (smiles) 

Ram:  Recruits are good now that Axel and I did a purge. We weeded out the weak and undisciplined. (His face hardens)  There will be no more recruits cutting a witch for a hit of the power in her blood on my watch. We protect witches with our lives, we do not hurt them. Ever.  (Taking a breath, he relaxes, marginally)  Aside from that, training with the recruits is a relief. If I knock them on their as…butts with a shock of electricity, they get up, shake it off and come back for more.

Michelle:  I’m sure it’s a nice stress reliever too.  (smiles)  Has Roxy or any of the other ladies learned any more about what the deal is with the whole infertility witch situation? 

Carla:  (nodding head)  Yeah, any news on Shayla? 

Ram:  Nothing. She’s gone way underground. But she’s a writer, so I was hoping that you two would help me out. Maybe put out the word with all your contacts that I just want to talk to Shayla. We can set up a Skype meeting if she’s worried about being in the same room with me. But we have to talk.  

[As we were looking to each other to acknowledge that we could definitely do that, we noticed movement out of the corner of our eye and glanced up to see a tall, gorgeous, impeccably dressed guy, a smaller spiky haired blonde with surfer boy good looks, and another that could only be described as tall, dark and wickedly handsome coming our way.  It looked like Linc, Key, and Axel had decided to join the party.]

Michelle:  (staring unabashedly) I’m sorry, what were we talking about? 

Carla:  (laughing at Michelle and glancing apologetically to Ram and then to the newcomers)  Forgive her, she’s really much more intelligent than she appears at the present moment.  (standing up to shake hands with Axel)  Thank you so much for letting us come to visit, and for the use of the club.  I’m Carla and this (gesturing to the now recovering Michelle) is Michelle.

Axel:  ( shakes hands) Glad to have you here. Like Ram said, we’re hoping you’ll spread the word through your blogs and social media. Ram is running out of time.

Michelle:  (shaking hands with all 3 of the newcomers)  Sorry about that, you guys just kind of took me by surprise. (smiles)  Yes, thanks so much for taking time to chat with us.  We really appreciate it, and I know that our readers will be ecstatic when we go back and tell them all about it.  And of course, we’ll do anything we can to help.

Carla:  (nodding)  Absolutely.

Linc:  (grins)  They sent you to finally answer the question about Ram—does he wear boxers or briefs? (Linc turns and smirks at Ram)  Well ice man? It’s all over the internet that you were going to show Lyon the answer. Why don’t you show these ladies? After all they came all the way here to-

[As we both lean forward and nod vigorously waiting for the answer – or hopefully the display – the fun is cut off by a determined Axel]

Axel:  Enough. (turns to the ladies)  Let’s sit before Linc starts taking bets on boxers or briefs.

Linc:  Don’t forget commando (winks at Carla and Michelle)

[Taking our seats again we couldn’t help but giggle at that and feel a pang of disappointment that we didn’t get to actually find out.  As everyone was getting settled again Michelle notices that Carla hasn’t taken her eyes off of the GQ model (a.k.a Linc) and that she’s not saying a word…]

Michelle:  (clearing throat & elbowing Carla under the table) Um, yeah, so where were we? 

Carla:  (smiling with a twinkle in her eye, placing her chin in her hand and leaning forward on the table)  Linc, can I buy you a drink after we’re done here? 

Linc:  (leans closer)  Absolutely not, I insist on buying you a drink, or a car…  (He lowers his voice), whatever you desire (the last word said with a super sexy rumble), just for the pleasure of your company.

Carla:  (somewhat breathlessly) Oh, what a gentleman.

Michelle:  (looking to Carla with a raised eyebrow)  Weren’t we here to talk about Ram? 

Carla:  (rolls her eyes)  Oh please!  How many times have I had to get YOU back on track during an interview you shameless flirt?  Cut me some slack.  One word woman… Kalen. 

[The guys all laugh at the friendly banter]

Michelle:  (laughing)  Touche.  (looking back to the guys)  Since we’re sort of off topic now anyway and are lucky to have the rest of you with us, we might as well get the most out of it for our readers.  Axel, how are Eve and Hannah? 

Axel:  Great.  Mom is busy, and Hannah has declared herself an aunt to Joe and Morgan’s baby, Devlin.

Key:  (adding with a smile)  Hannah and Roxy have bonded, and she’s very excited for our baby too.

Carla:  What about Joe and Morgan?  How are things with the two of them and settling into domestic life?  Is Joe still enjoying his work as head of security? 

Axel:  (nods)   Joe heads up the mortal side of security. He works with Sutton on a lot of that. He has considered breaking away from witches and hunters entirely and running a private security agency. But the reality is that baby Devlin will grow up to be a witch hunter, and Joe is mortal. The boy is going to need us to help guide him in handling the curse.

Key:  And we need them. Roxy and I do anyway. This whole baby thing…I don’t know shit about babies. Joe makes it look easy.

Linc:  (shudders)  Babies. You sound like a bunch of women. (He looks over at Carla and Michelle, his face softening). And not the beautiful, sexy women like our guests here.

Key:  ( rolls his eyes)  Nice save, Dillinger.

Linc:  What can I say? I was born charming.

Michelle:  And modest too, clearly.  (winks at Linc & then turns to Key blushing a bit)  Key, I absolutely love your work!  I’m such an art fan, in all types, and I really admire what you do for the hunters with their tats, with the graphic novels, and just how you use it as an outlet in general.  I just had to tell you that. (smiles)  I did have a question though…  don’t you guys ever fear that you’ll run out of wing types for the recruits?  There are only so many types of truly cool birds.  I mean the minute you have to resort to tattooing tiny hummingbird wings or something, wouldn’t that be a concern?  Do you all have to have unique wings or are there duplicates out there?

Carla:  (laughs)  Regardless of how silly that sounded, that’s actually a good question.  I’m curious too.

Key:  (smiles)   Thank you. Drawing is something I’ve done as long as I can remember. Dyfyr, my dragon-

Linc:  (snorts)   Roxy’s dragon. That oversized lizard with wings loves her beyond time and reason.

Key:  (nods)   You found that out Dillinger, when you insulted Roxy.

Linc:  (holds up both hands) I apologized to Roxy for that and she forgave me. I was out of my head, and she saved me, not just my life but my soul. So yeah, I get why Dyfyr loves her.

Axel:  Let’s get back on track. Explain about the wings, Key. (He shifts his gaze to the girls)  I told Key I wanted a raven, but he inked a hawk.

Key:  Wrong. I inked a raven, but the feathers changed to golden brown and eventually, I realized your tat was a hawk. In the beginning of the tat, I’m sure it was Wing Slayer marking you as his hawk, the leader of the Wing Slayer Hunters. But once I saw it, once the vision took hold, I inked it as I saw it. That’s how I work. (He takes a drink of beer, then adds)  I’m not worried about running out of wings, it’s the merging of the witches familiar and the hunter together into a mate strong and worthy enough to win the love of a witch, and freedom from a curse, that matters. Not the wings themselves.

Ram:  (breaking the silence following Key’s comment)  Not in all cases. My wings, this thunderbird, is part demon. And Shayla doesn’t want me or the bird. I don’t want her. Ginny is mine.

Linc:  (the easy elegance and charm slid off Linc’s face, revealing something feral)  This love talk, it’s foolish and dangerous. Axel and Key got lucky, but look at you Ram. I’m a gambler but the stakes are too high for the game you’re playing.

Ram:  (turning to Linc)   Want to talk about games, Dillinger? Like your game of vanishing and no one can find you?

[Tension thickened by the second until Axel broke the spell]

Axel:  Enough. We have guests.

Michelle:  How are things with the others?  Is Carla settling into her role as Moon Witch?  How’s Sutton? 

Axel:   They are fine.  Carla’s very concerned about Ram and the Thunderbird. She’s trying to find answers.

Carla:  (glancing to Axel)  And how is Darcy? 

Axel:  She’s working with Carla and Roxy, trying to locate Shayla. Darcy loves Ram, and this… (shoves his hand in his hair, his shoulder tensing)  It’s hard for her.

Key:  (nods at a server who brings a glass filled with amber liquid over which he promptly slides in front of Axel)  Our witches feel too damn much.

Axel:  (looking directly at Ram)  They will find the answer.

Michelle:  (nodding)  I was actually sort of wishing we might run into Ailish and Phoenix tonight.  I wanted to tell Ailish how much I admire her.  Kick ass women no matter what always get my respect, but I just love how bad ass she looks when she fights. (smiles). 

Key:  (smiles)   Ailish is the best thing that ever happened to Phoenix. But Phoenix still won’t let her see my dragon. His bird gets jealous.

[All the hunters laugh.]

Carla:  (glancing to Kieren)  Key, you’re here.  How’s Roxy?  What’s she up to tonight?

Key:  She’s good, beginning to show with the baby, claiming she’s fat. (he smiles, his eyes crinkling)  Phoenix insists she stay with them if I’m not home. Roxy agrees, knowing that I feel better if someone is with her. (For a second his eyes cloud with old memories)

Michelle:  Is there anything else that any of you guys want us or our readers to know about?  What’s next for you guys?    

Axel:  Finding Shayla.  Saving Ram is number one. We need your help, ladies. Please put the word out that no one will force her into Awakening, into becoming the Infertility witch she fears so much. We’re just looking for answers.

Key:  (nodding)  For me and Roxy, we’re waiting to welcome our daughter into the world. In the meantime Roxy is working hard to help Ram with Shayla, and I’m fighting against Asmodeus’s rogues and demon witches.

Carla:  (smiling a knowing smile)  Hey Ram, I think you have an admirer.  That gorgeous server over there can’t take her eyes off of you. 

Ram:  (looks over to where Carla indicates)  Ginny. It’s killing me not to touch her, but as long as I can look at her, hear her voice…we can get through this. (shifts his gaze back to Carla)  Ginny needs answers too. Unfortunately, we have to be very careful, no one can know…things…about Ginny.  But I can’t lose her, I won’t lose her. She’s my angel.

Michelle:  (frowning and pulling an iPhone)  Oh hell, I gotta run.  The server just crashed on the website and we need to have it up for tomorrow’ Event.  Thank you all for taking time to talk with us tonight, we really appreciate it and it’s been really great.  (smiling warmly, standing, shaking hands & glancing to Carla who’s still leaning in towards Linc).  You coming? 

Carla:  (turning over her shoulder to look at Michelle)  Nah, you go on.  I don’t know how to do that crap anyway.  I think I have something else to take care of here.  I’ll meet you back at the hotel later. (smiles a secret smile and gives Michelle a little wink).

[Everyone stands]

Axel:   Michelle wait, Key and I will walk you out. I’ll get you Sutton’s cell number in case you need extra help with your server issue.

[The two men flank Michelle and leave]

Ram:  (crosses his arms over his chest, keeping his sparking hands tucked way)   Carla, thank you for meeting with me. Sutton checked you and Michelle out and said you have some pretty strong connections with writers. I know it’s a long shot, but I’d appreciate anything the two of you can do to help us locate Shayla. She’s scared, I get that. But we have to talk.  (Ram turns to Linc)  You’ll see that Carla gets home safe?

Linc:  (nods)  Later. 

[Ram turns and melts away into the shadows, hearing the sound of Linc’s smooth voice and Carla’s giggle. But all Ram is thinking about is Ginny. His angel.]




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Jennifer LyonJennifer Lyon grew up under the shadow of the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. She attended Walt Disney elementary school and her very first playmate was her beloved dog, Duke (an ugly but very good natured Boxer), who was cast in the role of hero in all their many adventures.
Imagination was never a problem for Jen! She discovered books at a very young age and read voraciously.

Many years later, Jen met her real life hero at the dog pound, married him and they had three sons. She went back to school to get her degree, and pursued her passion of writing. Eventually writing won out over a degree and she began to write full time.

Jen has penned the award winning Samantha Shaw Mystery Series and several other romantic mysteries under the name Jennifer Apodaca. Then she decided to unleash her inner witch, took the name Jennifer Lyon and created the Wing Slayer Hunter Series about tortured alpha males and the very special witches who love them.

To keep up with Jennifer and her latest news, please visit her Website or you can follow her on Facebook, Wing Slayer Hunter FB Fan Page, Twitter and Goodreads.



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