Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Author Ambush and Contest with Rebecca Zanetti

Hey there Book Monsters and Literal Addicts! 
I have the day off today and the lovely and amazing Rebecca Zanetti is taking over the blog for the day.  Make sure to show Rebecca some love by leaving her questions and comments below.

GUEST POST by Rebecca Zanetti:

Hi all!  It’s wonderful to be back here at Book Monster Reviews!  I’m a regular reader here, and it’s an honor to be able to jump in and play a bit.  I’ve been wearing all four of my hats this week.  I’m a mom (which includes attending basketball, softball, and lacrosse games this week), a college professor (it’s advising week—eesh), a lawyer (no, I don’t have time to file a materialman’s lien), and an author (I have a book due May 1st.)
So, in other words, like most of you…I’m juggling.  Yeah, juggling.  My hats all look different, you know?  Lists are saving me right now, so I’ll make you a list of comparisons.
1)     Wardrobe.  It’s very different for each job.
a.     Motherhood – There’s nothing wrong with the yoga outfit.  Do I practice yoga?  No.  But hey, I wear the outfit.
b.    Lawyer – Slightly wrinkled because I hate to iron suit…and great shoes.  GREAT shoes!
c.     Professor – I’m cool in a pair of jeans with hot shoes and a suit jacket. 
d.    Author – Jammie time, baby.  Comfy jammies and snuggly socks.
2)    Creativity
a.     Motherhood -  If you’ve ever had to sew a bunny costume at midnight…you know how creative moms have to be!
b.    Lawyer – Trying to convince a jury about anything requires analogies and some creative juices.
c.     Professor – Trying to make ‘contracts’ interesting takes some major finagling in the creative realm.
d.    Author – vampires.  Really…vampires exist and they’re hot.  You want them.  Yes, creativity is a must…but hey, I’m in my jammies and am comfortable…so it’s easy to be creative.
3)    Lunch
a.     Motherhood – Now, really.  What’s wrong with Ramen noodles or Mac and Cheese?  A good PB&J sandwich will also work in a pinch.
b.    Lawyer – Usually lunch at a business meeting, so..salad.  Yeah, it’s easy to eat and hard to spill. 
c.     Professor – We have an amazing deli at the college – it’s a surprise every day.
d.    Author – Diet coke and coffee.  Sometimes chocolate. 
4)    Challenges
a.     Motherhood – Making kids happy, secure, and safe is always  a challenge, and it’s the most important thing you can do.
b.    Lawyer - Clients, judges, and juries.  All challenges.  J
c.     Professor – Time is the biggest challenge – there’s so much to cram into a semester!
d.    Author – Deadlines.  It’s sometimes difficult to be creative with a date looming over your head, but it’s doable.
5)    How my amazing husband helps with it all.
a.     Motherhood – My hubby is an amazing dad who coaches teams, brushes hair, and even can help out with a bunny costume if necessary.
b.    Lawyer – Big Tone tells me he loves the shoes.  Good enough!
c.     Professor – Tony picks up kids and gives me more time to work.
d.    Author – He’s very supportive, often taking the kids camping for the weekend so I can meet that darn deadline.
As you can see, my life works because it’s fun and my husband is amazing.  He’s a hot Italian, too.  J

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Ready or Not
Moira Dunne is a witch–the quantum physics kind. Time and space are her playthings. Which might explain why her one-night stand from a hundred years ago has turned up to “claim” her–and request her family’s assistance with the war he’s brewing. But the more she learns about Connlan Kayrs, the more she comes to think this is normal behavior for him…
There’s Nowhere to Hide
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Or Else
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On the run from a mental institution and her vindictive half-brother, it’s safe to say that Sarah Pringle’s happy life as a schoolteacher is on hold. Too bad that as far as self-defense goes, “run and hide” is the best she’s got. And with the monsters that started her escape hot on her heels, that’s not going to cut it for long…


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About Rebecca:
Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about vampires and science. She is a member of RWA and several of its chapters and has won awards for her works throughout the industry.
Her favorite movie is "Life with Father" and her favorite book is "Raise High the Roofbeams, Carpenters." She has a journalism degree with a poly sci emphasis from Pepperdine and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho.
Please visit Rebecca at:
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Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isabel V. said...

I so know what your talking about. I have many sleepless nights all thanks to being a super. Working as a aide for the local school, cashier at a retail store, mom, wife, runs a book club, in PTA, carpooling, review books, and every other detail a mom has to do without counting, lol. Did I mention reading in between everything else. We are our families champion for sure.

Victoria said...

I'm list maker too. That's how I've always juggled things. I'm a very organized person and this helps me stay that way. Thank you.


miki said...

I'm doing list and i put them on the frigde when i've done something i cross it ( so relieved when that happens) but at the moment a lot of things happened and my lists are a bit messed up so this wk i will do a new one and hope for the best

all the best and thanks you a lot for this giveaway

gfc: miki


Rebe said...

Fortunately I only have to juggle a few roles, and not being a mother makes that a bit easier, I must admit. Right now we're approaching finals week, so I'm grading like mad, but I'm managing to get some exercise in too, which helps. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!


Laurie said...

There are not enough hours in a day! List, lists, lists, if not, I forget! Thanks for the post and giveway, books sound great!

Na said...

I do find I have to manage my time but it's okay if I'm doing the things I love or being around people I care about. I am constantly making lists and they do help.

GFC follower

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Love your lists!

And very intrigued by your marriage of science and paranormal. :)

Rebecca said...

Hi everybody! Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting today. I just got home from work...and we have softball, lacrosse, and bball tonight...and a friend has a book signing.

So I'm making my lists... LOL

Good luck in the contest!

Ajelena said...

For me I try to take one thing at a time. Like I just got engaged and it is very easy for me to get swamped by everything but I am currently choosing to focus on the wedding venue and the reception - although that doesn't stop me from looking at dresses :P After those are taken care of I'll start looking into food and decorations ect. But I find that if I try to focus on everything at once I freak myself out and stop. I may take a break from what I am focusing on to focus on another but that is normally because I can get bored and know that other things also need my attention :)


Kassandra said...

Juggling is a daily activity for me and mine. I work full time at a childcare center that takes on a higher percentage of special needs kids. My family is currently having a home built for us by our county's Habitat for Humanity. My husband and I have two special needs daughters of our own. Thankfully my husband is a wonderful stay at home dad that not only cooks but cleans ;)

Could I do it all without him? Perhaps. But would I want to? Not on your life!!

Katrina W said...

ATm one day at a time .. Alot of things to organize and do but I figure If I just get through each day thats an achievment of its own.

Thanks for the great giveway


Shannon Courtney said...

Juggling is a constant challenge. With work, volunteering at my daughter's school, girl scouts, and home, things can get pretty interesting. Just getting through the week without drinking or medication seems like a victory.

sienny said...

hi!! nice covers for the books there.. it's simple but yummy..

i'm not sure i juggle my life well. some of the mess can be laid to the fact that i'm working with my mom and she can't separate us as mother-daughter and us as co-worker. it's like walking in a minefield sometimes

Amyjo said...

I dont know how great I am at juggling. With me teaching high school full time, 2 active kids, 2 dogs, 1 guinea pig and a husband just leaving for his 4th year long tour in Iraq/Afghanistan I take things one day at a time. I do have a giant calendar that takes up most of my fridge with post-its all over it. Without it I would never have a clue what was going on. Thank goodness for great books to help me escape!

Arianne Cruz said...

Gosh, the only way I'm juggling life right now is not doing my homework... I feel bad. I really should get some work done before I start freaking out.

I'm so stressed sometimes, I just want to explode.

email: cruz042 at

Erin said...

Unfortunately I don't juggle life very well - I try my best but sometimes I fall short. I sometimes use books to calm me and center me!
added these to my TBR list...

k2sgal said...

I do the best I can I manage an apartment complex with my husband which is hard enough then we also take care of our 12 year old nephew but we make it all work. Thank you for the opportunity

Pamk said...

as best as I can. I am a wife, mother to two sons, full time job, niece to an elderly aunt and hopefully this one will over soon as teacher to drive of my youngest son. If I can get that last one off my plate i'll be much happier.
scrtsbpal atyahoo dot com

SdyLion said...

The only way it is possible for me to juggle my life is with a very willing and helpfu husband, and even then we drop alot of balls. We both have full-time jobs and 2 boys under 9 so we are extremely busy. I still find time to read- so it would be great to win the contest- thanks again, sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

JessS said...

I like to think I'm doing okay, at least at the moment, but it's kind of simple right now. Sometimes I make lists, but mostly it's a to do for the next day. I do tend to get a bit lazy with exercise though, and I don't think I deal that well with stress. It leads to me making concessions for myself and eating heaps of junk food. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to enter if it's international.