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Return Appearance of Dianne Sylvan

Dianne Sylvan Interview Intro:

Hello everyone! Book Monster Reviews and LITERAL ADDICTION  are proud to welcome Dianne Sylvan back to our sites today.

Dianne is the author of the SHADOW WORLD series, two books on NeoPagan spirituality (“Circle Within” and “Body Sacred”), as well as a ‘cookbook plus’ called “Bowl, Book & Spoon: Recipes and Kitchen Witchery”.

Dianne lives in Austin, Texas, has two beautiful yet neurotic cats – Owen and Stella, and enjoys wasting time away on Facebook and Twitter, dancing, shopping for cookbooks, collecting blank journals, drinking gigantic margaritas, idolizing her MacBook, and spending time with friends.

Her SHADOW WORLD series currently consists of “Queen of Shadows” “Shadowflame”, and “Shadow’s Fall”, which was just released TODAY.

For those of you not yet familiar with Dianne’s series, here’s a little overview of the books:

“Queen of Shadows”:

Meet Miranda Grey – Music and magic are in her blood…

Overwhelmed by her uncanny ability to manipulate people’s emotions through her music, Miranda
Grey comes to the attention of vampire lord David Solomon. Believing he can help bring her magic
under control, David discovers that Miranda’s powers may affect the vampire world too…


It’s been three months since musician Miranda Grey became a vampire and married David Solomon, Prime of the South. As Queen, Miranda must quickly come to terms with her new role and learn how to negotiate the treacherous waters of Signet politics, inevitably making dangerous enemies along
the way.

As if complicated vampire politics and a rising music career weren’t enough, an enigmatic but powerful force from David’s past appears, leaving a wake of chaos and uncertainty for the Pair’s fledgling relationship. Miranda begins to realize how little she really knows about her husband. But when an assassin begins targeting her friends and allies, the Pair must track down the killer, even as their lives hang in the balance…

“Shadow’s Fall”:

Queen of the South separate from her Grammy-winning music career. But now, her dual lives are starting to collide, threatening everything Miranda and David, her Prime, have worked for.

The entire Signet Council has descended upon Austin for its ten-year summit, bringing with it Prime James Hart of the Northeast, a sworn enemy come to take his revenge on those who defied him. But Miranda and David receive an unexpected offer of help from David's sire, an ancient and
powerful vampire with knowledge that may be their salvation-or their doom.

So… if you want a series that has incredible action, sensual romance, and “delightfully nerdy vampires”, you must check out SHADOW WORLD!

Now that we’ve given you a sneak peek into the series and told you a bit about Dianne, how about we get to the Interview so we can see what she’s been up to since we last spoke!??


LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews: Hi Dianne! We’re very happy to have you back with us today. Happy Release Day!!

DIANNE: Thanks! I’m glad to be back.

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews: Since we asked you most of our good staple ice breaker questions last time, we dug out a few other funs ones and then we’ll get right to the new release.

Q1): If you were told the world would end in 24 hours, what would you use your last hours for?

DIANNE: I would gather as many of my loved ones around me as possible. Then we’d all get drunk.

Q2): We asked you last time what 3 things are that always make you smile. What are 3 things that never fail to piss you off?

DIANNE: Homophobia, people who don’t know the difference between you’re and your, and Fox News.

Q3): If your house was on fire, what book would you want to make sure and save from the inferno?

DIANNE: Wow, just one? That’s tough. I’d save my cats first, and my laptop - I can replace books. But if had a hand free I’d grab my signed copy of The Spiral Dance.

Q4): What was the last great movie that you watched?

DIANNE: The last movie I saw in theaters was Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. On DVD, I just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 the other day. I could watch that series 1000 times…actually I think I have.

Q5): Who were some of the authors that you feel may have inspired you and perhaps helped to mold you into the writer you are today?

DIANNE: It tends to surprise people that I don’t read other urban fantasy authors, but I just really don’t - it turns out to be a good thing, because that way I don’t worry about accidentally sounding like anyone else. The novelists I read include Joanne Harris, Barbara Kingsolver, Charles DeLint, and older Mercedes Lackey.

Q6): Congratulations on the release of “Shadow’s Fall”. Were there any pleasant (or unpleasant) surprises during the writing, editing or release of the book?

DIANNE: Shadow’s Fall was a lot harder to write than the previous two books in the series.  I ended up gutting the first half and rewriting most of it, which was a harrowing experience, but I really love how it turned out.

Q7): Is “Shadow’s Fall” still the last book in this branch of the series? Have you started a spin off by any chance and/or have plans changed and will there be additional books?

DIANNE: Oh, no, there are definitely more books coming. At least two. I’m halfway through the fourth book, which we’ve titled Of Shadow Born. There will be at least one more after that.

Q8): What were some of the challenges in bringing the SHADOW WORLD to life?

DIANNE: There’s a lot going on in this series. It’s a challenge to keep all the threads from tangling up. In Shadow’s Fall, for example, you have this big meeting of all the powerful vampires from all over the world, including one that’s my main character’s arch enemy; then there’s a big music festival going on in Austin that Miranda is performing in; meanwhile they’re still trying to figure out what exactly was going on in the last book. Then it gets even more complicated.

Q9): What are you the most proud of with regards to the series thus far?

DIANNE: I’m really proud with Miranda’s character development so far. She started out as a victim and a crazy person without much hope, and she’s evolved into an extremely powerful woman who continues to find new strength under horrible circumstances.

Q10): What’s up next for Dianne Sylvan? Any word on your Spiritual Nomad courses or anything else you’d like to make sure and tell your readers and fans while we have you here today?

DIANNE: I just recently finished running the first round of the Spiritual Nomad course, which lasted six weeks; once I’ve had time to tweak it I’ll be running it again.

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews: Dianne, thank you so much again for being with us again today. We’re very happy to help you promote the new release and the series and hope that we’ve turned some new readers on to your work.

DIANNE: Thank you again! It’s been a pleasure.

If you want to keep up with Dianne, you can find her here:



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Blanche said...

Great interview!! You are a new to me author and your books sound awesome!! I've added them all to my TBB list!:) I'm looking forward to reading all about the Shadow World!!

Dian Aesha said...
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Dian Aesha said...

hi dianne..
nice to meet you..
this is a great review,,i havent read any your book but i guest the book very great..^^

thanks for the give away..^^


Victoria said...

You're new to me too ;). I agree, the books sound great. Thanks for the great interview and giveaway.


Juliana's World said...

It's great to meet new author. I love your cover.The story is very interesting. I hope I can find your book in my country. It's difficult to find some books of the other authors too.

kathy miller said...

I've read the first two books in Dianne's Shadow World series, and they were fantastic. Have been impatiently awaiting the release of Shadow's Fall. Can't wait till the bookstore opens today.

molly.frenzel said...

Thank for the interview. I'm going to hop around and read everything I can! I LOVE author interviews!


Tanya1224 said...

I like the sound of your series Dianne =) I thought it was just about witches, guess I read it wrong the first time. I like that there are vampires in the mix...nerdy ones too. I'd like to read Thanks for the chance to win. If I'm lucky then I'll need to get the first 2 first before I read this one =)
I'm a follower as Tanyaw1224 and subscriber.

sienny said...

hi Dianne!! congratz for the new release. mag cover for the shadows book, they manage to make me itch to pick the book up

anyway, what's wrong with fox news?

molly.frenzel said...

I love interviews and authors that are new to me. Thank you so much!


Rebe said...

I loved the first book in this series but haven't had a chance to read the second one yet. I'm thrilled to hear that there will be more than three, though! Congrats to Ms. Sylvan on her new release!!!


SdyLion said...

Thank you for an opportunity to win a copy of your book. I would love a chance to read this series. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Networked Blogs-Lisa Ann Richards

This is a new author for me but not for long as I added all of Sylan's books to my wishlist.


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I absolutely love the Shadow World series. I can't wait to read Shadow's Fall. Thanks for having this giveaway.

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Hi Dianne! What a great interview! I have not yet had a chance to read the series, but it sounds wonderful. Congrats on the release of Shadow's Fall. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

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New discovery for me but whoah so good

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Sounds great!! Cant wait to try out her books.

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Thank you for the interview!