Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review - DEMON GATES by Robert Day

by Robert Day

SERIES:  Nexus Wars Saga - Book 1
FORMAT:  Paperback & eBook


When in the city of the ancient ones, those from the endless darkness shall step through the flaming gate, HE shall come, from the shadows of the Dragons Wing, bearing the Eye and Horn of the Dragon. The land will sing with his passing and they will know fear that oppose him, for he is the Lord of the skies and protector of the Realm.

:The Child's Prophecy. T.E. 2147

The land of Kil'Tar has a long and bloody history of war between the Kay'taari and the Ashar'an. Aided by Dragonkind, the Kay'taari have protected the world against the Ashar'an and their demonic followers for many centuries. With demonkind banished to the Voids, and the Ashar'an all but destroyed, Kil'Tar has enjoyed an era of peace.

However, the seals binding the portals to the voids are failing, and the Ashar'an are abroad once again. Both the Kay'taari and Dragonkind are nowhere to be found on Kil'Tar.
Can Valdieron, a young man raised in the small village of Shadowvale, fulfill his destiny and rid the lands of this menace once and for all, or will he falter, and condemn Kil'Tar to demonic destruction?

Review by BMR guest reviewer Carlyn

I don't read a lot of high fantasy books so I was expecting to really struggle with this, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I really couldn't put it down!

Valdieron is a simple horse breeders son whose life is turned upside down when trolls attack his village and it is only because of his father that he is able to flee while his village is brought down. He flees to the mountains while clinging to survival and his thoughts on revenge. On his journey he opens a box his father gave him which contains a necklace called the Dragon's Tear and finds an unusual sword which sets him on a monumental quest and has him wondering exactly what of his past is the truth.

Valdieron's journey is an amazing one to read. You literary watch as he grows into the man he is meant to be and you fall in love with this character. Day also writes a great many supporting characters who are well thought out and integral to the story. The act on sequences in this book are amazing to read and would allow anyone with a half decent imagination to immerse themselves in these fights.

When the story came to an end I was already dying to know where the next part of Valdieron's quest would take him so I was very happy to see that the second part of this series was already available to buy.

Fans of J.R Tolkien and the Hunger Games books would really enjoy this series.  Even if you are not really into fantasy, I wouldn't let the genre put you off, as it is an amazing read for all!

I give Demon Gates 5 out of 5 stars