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Return Appearance with Christina Henry

Christina Henry Interview Intro:
Hello everyone!  LITERAL ADDICTION and Book Monster Reviews are proud to welcome Christina Henry back to our sites today.   
Christina is the author of the MADELINE BLACK series, which currently consists of 3 books:  Black Wings”, “Black Night”, and “Black Howl”, which was just released TODAY, and which we’re going to help Christina promote and celebrate!

Christina is a Columbia College Chicago graduate, and still resides in Chicago with her husband and son.  When she’s not writing, Christina loves long distance running, watching zombie, samurai, and/or foreign movies with subtitles, and reading just about anything.

Christina summed up how the 2 main characters of the MADELINE BLACK series came to be very nicely in a Blog post.  We’d like to share bits of that with you here to remind lovers of MADELINE BLACK why they love it, and introduce new readers to the stars by way of the authors own words, not just a synopsis on the back cover:

From On the importance of a sidekick by Christina Henry:
“When I first started writing Black Wings, I had only the vague idea that I wanted to write a book about the Grim Reaper.  Then I heard Maddy’s voice in my head, and the gigantic, brooding male reaper I’d been envisioning became a short, slightly overweight female with a huge attitude.
I love to write dialogue, so I wanted to have someone around that Maddy could converse with on a regular bases.  Thus Beezle, the tiny gargoyle with the mighty appetite, was born.
He loves popcorn, and chocolate and pretty much anything that’s been deep-fried.  He acts like a know-it-all, which is fairly justified since Beezle is like an encyclopedia of things that go bump in the night.  He knows every creature, every court, and every set of magical laws and spells.  His job is to be a home guardian, and make sure that nothing creepy sneaks up on Maddy’s house, but mostly he spends a lot of time eavesdropping on Maddy’s conversations and demanding fat-and-sugar laden pastries…”

In “Black Wings”, Book 1, we meet Maddy, a reaper whose job escorting souls into the afterlife leaves her little time for socializing.  Then, devishly handsome Gabriel Angeloscuro comes to lease the empty apartment in Maddy’s building.  All is fine and well, until demons start to appear on the front lawn and Maddy realizes that there may just be more to her new tenant than what she sees. 

In “Black Night”, Book 2, we continue to follow Maddy as she escorts the souls of people who have died to the great beyond, but not everyone is happy to see her!  It’s the nature of the trade, and if obstinate dead people were ALL she had to worry about, she could live with that.  Unfortunately, she’s being stalked by bad guys both inside and outside of her family, and when the 2 most important beings in her life-her bodyguard Gabriel and her doughnut-loving gargoyle, Beezle-disappear, she’s not sure she can take much more.  As Lucifer’s granddaughter though, she’s expected to handle delicate negotiations with beings from other realms regardless of what might be going on in her own life.

In “Black Howl”, Book #3, Maddy is finding that some of the spirits of Chicago aren’t quite ready to cross over, and something is really wrong with Chicago’s dead.  Ghosts walk the street, and Maddy’s boss wants her to find out ‘why’.  While work is bad enough, Maddy has a whole slew of personal problems too – since Gabriel was assigned as her thrall, their relationship has been hurting.  The only thing that could make things worse is if her sleazy ex-fiance Nathaniel were still in the picture…

For those of you wanting an action packed series with an array of supe group characters ranging from loveable to loathed, MADELINE BLACK is definitely for you and should be bumped to the top of your TBR pronto!  

Us MADELINE BLACK groupies have no problem remembering why we love Maddy, Beezle & the gang so much, but there’s always room on our fan bandwagon for more!  With that said, let’s get to the interview to see what Christina’s been up to since we last spoke with her, find out some more about the new release, and share the MADELINE BLACK love.

Christina Henry Interview

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  Hi Christina!  Welcome back and happy release day!  We’re very happy to have you back with us and hope we can turn even more readers on to your wonderful series!
Christina: Thank you so much! I’m always happy to visit with you guys J

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  We asked you most of our good staple ice breaker questions the last time we hosted you, but we have a few more… 
Q1): If you were told the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do in your last 24 hrs?
Christina:  Honestly, I used to think these kinds of questions were fun, but then I had a kid and it’s hard to think about your kid’s last 24 hours. So can I take the fifth? Sorry! (You don’t have to publish this one if you don’t want to)

Q2):  We asked you last time what 3 things were that always make you smile.  What are 3 things that never fail to piss you off?
Christina: People who stop in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store, people who can’t decide what to order at a restaurant, people who wait for a parking spot just because it’s close to the door in a parking lot that still has spaces left elsewhere.

Q3):  If you could spend the day with anyone from the cast of MADELINE BLACK, who would you want to spend the day with and what would you want to do?
Christina: I think Beezle and I would have a good time touring the bakeries and chocolate shops in Chicago. First stop: Eli’s Cheesecake Factory!!

Q4):  We discussed your love of eclectic movies the last time we had you with us.  What was the last great movie you saw?
Christina:  It’s a tie – on video, I saw DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME,  a bizarre Chinese fantasy-mystery that I really loved.  At the theater I loved TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY. Gary Oldman has been a longtime favorite of mine.

Q5):  We didn’t ask you this last time…  Was there any specific inspiration behind the creation of the MADELINE BLACK series?
Christina: I had wanted to write a book about the Grim Reaper, and originally I’d considered a Gabriel-type character as the hero. Maddy and Beezle kind of muscled their way in and convinced me it was Maddy’s story instead.

Q6):  Was surprises have you encountered so far with regards to the books, your fans, etc?
Christina: I have to say that I was really surprised by the number of people who liked Nathaniel. I didn’t think very much of him at first, but as the series has gone on he’s gotten more interesting to me.

Q7):  Is the plan still to write 6 books in the series, or has that changed since the last time we talked? 
Christina: Right now there are still going to be six books. There may be more story to tell after that, but nothing has been finalized yet. I’m working on book #5 right now.

Q8):  Do you have a title and/or expected timeframe for Book #4 yet? 
Christina:  The fourth book is called BLACK LAMENT, and it’s set to be published on 10/30/2012.

Q9):  What can we expect as the series continues to progress?
Christina:  After BLACK HOWL, the scope of the series really widens. Maddy’s choices are getting harder, and it’s becoming more difficult for her to see the line between black and white. I think it’s interesting when characters walk on the edge of darkness.

Q10):  What are you most proud of about the series so far?
Christina:  That there is such a passionate fan base for these characters. It’s really rewarding to hear from readers who love Maddy’s story.

Q11):  What have been some of the challenges in bringing MADELINE BLACK to life?
Christina:  The biggest challenge is the one that most authors have – time!  I have a five-year-old and I squeeze all of my writing-related activities into the hours when he’s at school. When I’m trying to promote one book, edit another and write a new one all at once that stretch of time can get a little crazy.

Q12):  Do you have anything else in the works outside of MADELINE BLACK that you can/want to share with us?
Christina:  Right now I’m supposed to hand in two more BLACK WINGS books this year, so while I have some ideas for other stories I don’t have time to work on them right now!

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  Christina, thank you so much for being with us again today!  It’s ALWAYS a pleasure.  We love MADELINE BLACK, can’t wait to talk with you some more about the series and “Black Howl” in the live chat later tonight, and would LOVE to have you back for Book #4 if you’re interested.  Maybe Maddy and Beezle would let us interview them for that Event??  J
Christina:  That sounds great! I’m always happy to come back. Thank you so much!
Christina is graciously offering up a copy of BLACK HOWL (Courtesy of Ace/Roc books) to a U.S Resident winner from Book Monster Reviews and another US Resident winner over at the LITERAL ADDICTION Website.
*If you are International, you will get an eBook copy of BLACK HOWL. 

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