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Q&A Interview and Contest with Laura Wright

Laura Wright  Interview Intro:
Hello everyone!  Book Monster Reviews and LITERAL ADDICTION are very proud to welcome the incredible Laura Wright back to our sites today! 

Laura Wright (AKA - Writer Lady) is the creator of the phenomenal MARK OF THE VAMPIRE  (MOTV) series, as well as, some great standalone novels (for a complete list of Laura's standalone romance titles click HERE).  In case you're not familiar with Laura yet, here's the bio from her website that we borrowed so you can learn some more about her:

Laura's Bio:
I was born and raised in Minnesota. It’s where my love of all things green, wet and grown in the ground comes from. As you read above, before writing I was an actor, singer and dancer, specifically a BALLROOM dancer - an instructor and competitor as well. That work took me to many places like New York, Ohio and Wisconsin. I live in Los Angeles now, but I’m always thinking about greener pastures – literally.

Unlike many of my peers in the writing world, I wasn’t a writer or a reader until I left high school. During my youth I was into theater, song and dance, commercials and boys. I loved romance surely, but I had never read a romance novel until my late teens. With that said, I remember the day I did like it was a moment ago - my aunt gave me the Jude Deveraux novel, Knight in Shining Armor and I couldn’t put it down until the very last word. Then I went straight to the library and got another – then another until I’d read everything she’d ever written. After that, it was McNaught, Howard, Schone, Kleypas, and the Silhouette line, Desire. I instantly loved those emotional, sexy reads, so much so that I began to carve out ideas for my own stories, themes that were unique to me and moved me. In 1997 I enrolled in UCLA extension writing classes, met my mentor and critique partners and since have never stopped writing. I was committed then and I still am now; the need to tell my own romantic stories a full on obsession. My first manuscript was rejected, and though the second one was as well the editor who’d rejected it wanted to see something else from me. I had something (note to authors; always keep working, even after you’ve sent in a proposal) and sent it right away. The day I got the call telling me Desire wanted to buy Cinderella and the Playboy was the best day of my life. That is until I married my husband, and had my two beautiful children. But I must say, writing is much like motherhood – tough, grueling, surprising, delicious and for me, a dream come true.

As most of you already know, Chelle and I are HUGE fan girls of Laura and her MOTV series.  If you have not yet read this series, we highly suggest that you do.  Laura created an original and creative spin on the vampire world and every book grabs you from the beginning and leaves you counting down the days until the next release.  For those of you that have not read the series yet, or are new to Laura's work, we have posted all the books below in reading order plus the synopses to all of the books in the series.


"Eternal Hunger" - Book 1
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Signet (October 5, 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-0451231499
Formats:  Paperback, eBook & Audiobook


Alexander Roman wants nothing to do with the controlling rulers of his vampire breed or the family he escaped from a hundred years ago. But as a new threat to the pureblood vampires emerges, Alexander's ties to the past are forced upon him again, and without warning, he finds himself - disoriented, terrified, and near death - at the door of a stranger.


Dr. Sarah Donohue is dedicated to removing the traumatic memories of her patients - like those of the stranger at her front door. But what he tells her of his past is too astonishing to be anything more than the delusion of a madman. Yet she has seen his flesh scarred by the sun and witnessed his inhuman strength. And never more has she felt so conneted to a man, by both fear and seductive excitement.


But as their worlds collide, Sarah and Alexander are bound by something even stronger, as one becomes hunter and the other prey. And Sarah's only chance of survival is to surrender to the final - and most unimaginable - desire of her life.

"Eternal Kiss" - Book 2
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Signet (April 5, 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-0451233844
Formats:  Paperback, eBook & Audiobook

Sacrifice will be their downfall. And their resurrection.

Family is blood.

His father unknown, his mother dead, Nicholas Roman was raised by the vampire Breed with one wish: to live as a normal vampire. But once he's transformed against his will into a gifted immortal, Nicholas now has one goal: to stop the Eternal Order of vampires from controlling his life and from transforming more males from his bloodline for their vicious reign. Then comes a beautiful stranger with a startling secret.

Vampire Kate Everborne claims she's sheltering Nicholas' long-lost son. If this is true, then who is the mother? And how endangered are they if, indeed, Nicholas does possess the bloodline so coveted by the Order? These are questions that with every seductive whisper, every silken touch, draw Nicholas and Kate intimately closer and nearer still to the truth. But aroused too are Nicholas' fears that this tantalizing woman has even more secrets—both dangerous and provocative—she has yet to share.

"Eternal Blood" - Book 2.5 - enovella
File Size: 124 KB
Publisher: Signet (January 3, 2012)
Format: eBook  

Gray Donahue is crippled by the guilt he feels for his father’s death. An Impure vampire cursed with the ability to hear the thoughts of others, he indulges in blood and sex to stave off the pain of his existence. He is then abducted by the Eternal Order of Vampires, who subject him to a nightmarish ritual. But when he is rescued by the icy pureblood vampire Dillon, he finds something that is worth living for, dying for, killing for….

"Eternal Captive" - Book 3
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Signet (February 7, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-0451235879
Formats:  Paperback, eBook & Audiobook
Since feeding her his blood, Lucian Roman has struggled with his obsession with Bronwyn Kettler-fighting an uncontrollable desire to kill her, if he has to, and the vampire she has sworn to wed. But when a dangerous enemy threatens Bronwyn, only Lucian can save her life. Even if it means sacrificing his own...

To check out my review of "Eternal Captive" click HERE.

Well, now that we’ve got you all online downloading and buying this outstanding series, how about we get to the interview and learn more about the remarkable woman behind those remarkable Roman Brothers shall we!?


Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Hi Laura!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and chat with us.  We’re very excited to have you here! 
Laura:  Hey Girlies!  So great to be here!  Thank you for having me over for a playdate.J  I’m so excited about this release I can’t even tell you!

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  We like to start out by finding out a bit more about our guest author, and then we’ll dig into the books… 
Q1): Can you tell us 3 things about yourself that we can't find out on the Internet?
Laura: Oy. Okay, let’s see..
1.  I’m the youngest of 5 kids.
2.   I never finish a cup of coffee.
3.   I was married once before!
How’s that for 3 of THE most random insights everJ Lol..

Q2):  As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Laura: An actor, singer, dancer. All I wanted was to be on the stage.. <wistful sigh>

Q3):  What is a typical day like in the life of Laura Wright?
Laura: Well, it’s very different than that ‘life on stage’ I wanted as a kid. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite, and it goes a little something like this..
-Get kids up
-Pack kids lunches
-Get kids to school
-Make coffee
- Read emails, Facebook, Twitter and the likeJ
- Re heat coffee. <Look longingly at the red velvet cupcake my hub brought home for me the night before. Can’t eat it until after lunch, right? RIGHT?>
-Work on synopsis/chapters/edits.
-15 minutes later, warm up coffee and wash the stain of red velvet off my mouth at the sink. <Loser>
-Return to WIP and force myself to stay put and be focused for an hour.
-Miracle of Miracles, it works! Go another hour.
-Warm up coffee again. Don’t need lunch! Still high off red velvet cupcake!
-Jump on the Step Machine for 30 minutes while watching last night’s episode of Parenthood or HWOBH. <maybe sweated off ¼ of cupcake>
- Pick kids up from school. <No, I didn’t shower. AND? J>
-Make dinner while helping with homework.
-Bedtime and reading for kids.
-Back to work. Wine.
-Finally shower. Wash the last of the red velvet cupcake off my face, then climb in bed and open the Kindle to Bloodfever and relaxxxxxxx….

Q4):  I (Carla) come up with my best ideas while I'm in bed "trying" to fall asleep.  Where do you come up with your best ideas?
Laura: SHOWER. It’s weird. I’m weird.

Q5):  What are some of the books in your TBR pile right now?
Laura: The Fever series, Darynda Jones’s newest, The next Veronica Roth book, Kristan Higgins and Eloisa James’s newest.

Q6):  We know you starting writing at the age of 27.  We'd like to know, who or what inspired you to write your first novel?
Laura: My Aunt. She has always been a huge support system, especially in the writing department. I never dreamed I was capable of writing. Truly. And after she gave me Knight in Shining Armor and I fell in the love with romance and wanted to write one, she pushed me forward.
Also, and very importantly, my writing teacher at UCLA Extension, Barbara Ankrum. One of the greatest teachers I know!

Q7):  What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?
Laura: Emotional conflict. You can have the best external conflict ever – a woman with ten cats and a man who’s allergic <k, not the greatest conflict, but you get the idea> – but it’s the emotional conflicts that make us care, make us root for a couple’s HEA.

Q8):  What was one of the most surprising things you've learned while writing your books?

Laura: Wowzer, this is a hard one! I’m going to be totally honest. The most surprising thing for me was finding out that I could really do this. Tell a story that someone wanted to read.

Q9):  What traits do you feel are paramount for a hero and  heroine to have?
Laura: A hero can be the biggest bastard on the planet, but he must always have a moral compass – and he can NEVER hurt an animal. Unless he’s hunting for food, of courseJ
A heroine has to be strong, capable and smart. She absolutely can NOT run into trouble when she knows trouble is there.

Q10):   For readers out there that are not familiar with your MARK OF THE VAMPIRE series, can you please give a description of what the series is about?

Laura: The Mark of the Vampire series is about the three Roman brothers, three Sons of the Breeding Male, who ran from their families (some abusive) to live a life of peace and freedom. And for many years they do this. Until the Eternal Order, the 10 rulers of the breed, come calling. The Order begin to pre morph the brothers in their quest to find an Impure vampire who wants to destroy the pure race. A war breaks out, a war the Romans want nothing to do with.
But they quickly realize they have no other choice except to fight.

Q11):  What was the inspiration that lead to the concept and creation of the MOTV series?
Laura: The Breeding Male! He was the first character I saw in my mind. This genetically modified vampire creature who would be brought out in times of war to repopulate the PURE vampires, whether females they laid with liked it or not. <sick right?> Then the questions came: The children of this ‘monster’ – what would they be like? How would their mothers see them, treat them..? There was my base for my emotional conflictJT

Q12):  If you could spend the day with any one of your characters, who would you pick and what would you do?
Laura: Oooo, that’s a yummy question. And pretty damn impossible. Okay. Dillon. I like a strong kickass female. Maybe she can teach me how to be oneJ

Q13):  Is there a specific message in the books that you’re hoping your readers will grasp?
Laura: Family is so much more than bloodJ

Q14):   What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, logistical, etc) in bringing the MOTV series to life?
Laura: The challenges are mostly emotional, to be honest. I write emotional, so I tend to get really caught up in the lives and feelings and passions and heartaches of the characters. There are times I have to walk away from the computer because I’m so dizzy. It’s a build up of emotion!

Q15):  How many books do you have planned for the series?  Can you tell us who's books will be coming up next and when they are expected to release?

Laura: At least a dozen. I’d love to do more! It real depends on the readers and how long they want to go on this journeyJ
Gray’s book is next, ETERNAL BEAST, then Erion’s book ETERNAL DEMON, then we’ll see after that. Syn will have a book, and of course the other 3 beasts!

Q16):  Who was (is) your most difficult character to write?
Laura: Nicky for sure! His past killed me..

Q17):  Do you have any other projects that you're working on?

Laura: MmmmmmMaybeJ Lol.. I have a <what I call> a Not-so-Young Adult novel idea I’m mulling..

Q18):  What legacy do you hope to leave behind with your work?
Laura: Honestly, I would just love to be known as an author who writes emotional love stories.

Q19):  Is there anything specific you would like to say to your readers while we have you here today?
Laura: I appreciate all the support my readers have given me and this series! THEY are what keep these boys on the pages and I am so gratefulJ

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:   Laura, thank you so much for being with us today!  The MOTV series is one of our favorite all time series, and we’re very excited for more.  We can't wait to have you back in August to help you promote the release of Gray's book.
Laura {closing comments}: My dear Carla and Chelle, and of course my Dearest Reader Friends, thank you all for having me today and ‘listening’ to me babble on about this series I love so much, and these characters who drive me wonderfulyl crazy. All my very bestJ And I can’t wait to chat!!!

DON'T FORGET:  Laura will be chatting with us LIVE over in the LITERAL ADDICTION Chatroom from 2:00 - 4:00pm EST ( 1pm - 3pm Central & 11am - 1pm Pacific).

To find out more about Laura and the MOTV series, check out Laura's WEBSITE or follow her on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOODREADS or the official Roman Brothers Facebook Page

Laura is giving away copies of "Eternal Hunger" and "Eternal Kiss" (winners choice of paperback or eBook) to one winner from Book Monster and one winner over on the LITERAL ADDICTION website.
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