Friday, January 20, 2012


Here's the latest round of winners.  I have already sent out emails to all the winners so if your name is on here and you did NOT receive an email from me, you can email me at

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone that participated in the events.

Sable Grace Winner - Michelle Greathouse

Scott Nicholson winner - Sandy Lion

Dating The Undead Contest w/ Gena & Jill winner - Deena

Gennita Low winners - Kayla and Sharon

Raven Hart winners - Sienny and Rebe

Faith Hunter winner - Antydragn2

Linda Wisdom winner -  Maria D.

Scott Prussing winners - Regina Ross and Mandy Saial

Stepahnie Rowe winners - Schrock

Kendra Leigh Castle winner - Gena Robertson

Diana Duncan Winner - Linda

Clay & Susan Griffith winner - Traci16

All winners were picked using


Michelle Greathouse said...

Thanks again Carla!


Anonymous said...

Thank you soO much.....I am super stoked!!! CANNOT wait to read my new books!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank u thank u thank u!!!! I am totally excited and can't wait to read my new books!!!!!! Thanks again Book Monster and Clay and Susan for the contest!!!!!

mandy saial said...

Thank you carla and to Scott Prussing for the autographed Hardcover copy of Breathless.
I ♥ Book Monter Reviews !!!!!