Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Review - A TASTE OF MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian

Book Title:  A Taste Of Midnight
Author:  Lara Adrian
Series:  Midnight Breed, Book 9.5
Publisher:  Dell Books - 100 pages
Publication Date:  December 5, 2011
Available formats:  E-book & Mass Market Paperback (Summer 2012)
(Print edition to be included as bonus material in the mass market paperback release of Darker After Midnight, Summer 2012)
*Note: This novella is a stand-alone romance that can be read entirely on its own. However, if you're following the series timeline, A Taste of Midnight takes place toward the end of Deeper Than Midnight and before Darker After Midnight opens. The heroine of this novella is Danika, who first appeared in Book 1, Kiss of Midnight.

Book synopsis:
For fans who have been waiting to devour Darker After Midnight, as well as new readers tempted by the seductive thrills of her Midnight Breed novels, New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian offers up a tantalizing appetizer in A Taste of Midnight. In this spellbinding eBook novella of otherworldly desire, a woman whose destiny was born from a blood kiss discovers that second chances do come . . . even for immortals.
A shimmering holiday gala lights up an ancient castle in the Scottish Highlands, but beautiful widowed Breedmate Danika MacConn feels alone in the crowd. Even among the friends and festivity of the Darkhaven celebration, she can’t forget her lost love, a fallen warrior of the Order. Her brief return to her mate’s homeland has become treacherous after rejecting the advances of a dangerous Edinburgh crime boss with a taste for blood sport.
As Danika seeks to expose the vampire and his dark trade, she discovers an unexpected ally in his forbidding, enigmatic henchman, Brannoc, a man who exudes heat, danger, and dark menace--and seems somehow achingly familiar. Bran has his own reasons for wanting to keep Dani out of his employer’s business . . . and his own secrets he means to keep buried. The last thing he needs is to get tangled up with a woman who tempts the wildest part of his Breed nature--especially when that woman is Danika MacConn, the one woman capable of bringing him to his knees.

Carla's Review
We first met Danika MacConn in "A Kiss Of Midnight", the first book in the Midnight Breed series.  She was the mate of Conlan MacConn, a warrior of the Order that was killed in battle.  When her mate was killed, Danika was also pregnant with their first son.  She had decided to the Order and went back to her homeland, Denmark.
Danika was invited by Conlan's family to attend a ball in Scottland where she overhears an alarming conversation between a bunch of males.  Caught as they walk in from the conversation, Danika has an altercation with one of the males, Reiver, who is a well-known crime boss in Edinburgh and Danika is now the center of his wrath.  She is then confronted by Brannoc, a male very familiar to her but she can't remember where she knows him from.  He tells her to stay away from Reiver and out of his business.    Danika is used to being the mate of a Breed warrior, so when she hears that something terrible is about to happen, she will do all in her power to try and stop it.  She gets herself in further trouble and now she has to worry about protecting herself and her baby, Conner from a madman.
Brannoc is a tortured hero who has endured many horrors to get to where he is now.  He is Reiver's bodyguard and a man on a mission.  The last person he ever expected to see again or for Reiver to set his sights on is Danika, a female he knew in his past.  Now he has to try and save Danika from becoming Reiver's next victim.  Will he jeopardize his mission to save her?
For all you Gideon fans, he also makes a short appearance in this story while trying to help Danika.
I really enjoyed this story.  I was so happy to see Danika finally get a happy ending.  I remember crying my eyes out when she found out that her mate, Conlan was killed.  We didn't get to learn much about her in the previous books, but this certainly makes up for it.  It was also nice to know that a part of Conlan lives on through baby Conner.  For a short story, it had everything - action, suspense and love and it was not feel rushed or thrown together. 


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Jewel said...

I liked this book. I was so happy Danika found love again.

I cried when Conlan died in book 1, but I think Brannoc is just what Danika needs.

I thank Lara for writing a book that gives Danika a second chance at happiness.