Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Review - MASTERS AT ARMS by Kallypso Masters

 by Kallypso Masters

Kallypso Masters
Book Title:  Masters at Arms
Author:  Kallypso Masters
Series:  Rescue Me, Book 1 - Intro


Masters at Arms begins the journey of three men, each on a quest for honor, acceptance, and to ease his unspoken pain. Their paths cross at one of the darkest points in their lives. As they try to come to terms with the aftermath--forging an unbreakable bond--will they ever truly become masters of their own fates? Or would fate become masters of them? (Book One in the Rescue Me series.)

My Review (by Book Monster Guest Reviewer)

This is a prequel book to the upcoming Rescue Me series and introduces us to the main characters of the story.
In the first short story we meet Adam who is on the way to his last tour with the army. He is extremely sad as his beloved wife Joni has just died of cancer. While he is in the bus station on the night before Thanksgiving, he witnesses what looks to be a teenage runaway being harassed by a very sleazy man an when things turn violent he stands up to help her. Karla has run away from home to go to New York to be a big music star, what she doesn't realise is how scary it would be and that some people would try to take advantage of her. When Adam saves her and tells her she has to go home she agrees and when he takes her home her family is so grateful to have her back they make him stay for Thanksgiving. Karla see's him as her hero and tells him that she loves him but Adam tells her that he is her friend and lets her down gently.

I loved Adam he really was a hero and was gallant and kind as well and from his thought's you can gather that there is a very kinky side to the man as well! You have to love that! I can't wait to see what the future hold for these two well written characters.

In the second short story we  meet Damian who is working as a waiter when he sees a man treating his girlfriend pretty badly what he doesn't know is that the woman is called Savannah and she isn't the man's girlfriend but a slave who has been raised and abused by her father and is now loaned out to clients who like to hurt women.  When Damian later hears her screaming from a room in the hotel, he goes to rescue her and finds her being sexually tortured by two men who run out. He initially thinks she is a prostitute but he rescues her and he takes her to his private place where they make love. When he drops her at her home, he knows he will never see her again but he doesn't realize he has left something behind.

This was actually quite hard to read as Savannah has had such an awful life and her abuse is quite horrific, but it did make you really feel for her and I so want to see a happy ending for her and for Damian.

In the third short story we meet Marc who has lost his brother in the war and is trying to run his family's business which is what his brother was meant to do. When he realizes that his life is going nowhere, he decides to join the navy to help in the war that claimed his brother's life, and maybe then, his brother wouldn't have died in vain. While he is training, he meets Damian, who calls himself Orlando and Marc see's that he is very unhappy. The day before they head out to Iraq, Marc takes Damian to a BDSM club to show him the good side of dominance and submission.

When they do go out to Iraq they are deep in the middle of the war and the results show how the three men, Adam, Marc and Damian become such good friends, and shows a little about where this series will go.

After I finished this book I literally couldn't wait to go and buy the first book in the series. Reading about how these characters came to be, I got so invested that I now HAVE to know what happens to them!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes men in uniform, BDSM, drama, romance and great characters.

I gave Masters At Arms 5 out of 5 stars


Tamara Hoffa said...

downloaded this yesterday I can't wait to read it. One of my friends said she just HAD to by the rest of the series after reading Master at Arms (and she RARELY buys books, she's a free book girl!)

C.S. Maxwell said...

I just bought this yesterday--eager to get into it, but have to read some books for review first. It's moved to the the top of the pile.