Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Review - How To Date A Werewolf by Rose Pressey


by Rose Pressey

How to Date a Werewolf (Rylie Cruz #1) 
Book Title:  How To Date A Werewolf
Author:  Rose Pressey
Series:  Rylie Cruz, Book 1

Book Synopsis:
Convinced that she will never find true love because of a family curse, Rylie dedicates her life to helping lonely local werewolves meet their soul mates through her company Got a Mate Dating Service. When she begins to fall for one of her clients and believes that the curse is finally lifted, her life takes a dangerous turn. Rylie, who is being tormented by an ex-client, must convince her new love that she is in serious trouble—not delusional, as he fears—before it is too late.

Review by Book Monster Guest Reviewer - Alyson Magoon
Rylie Cruz runs a matchmaking service specializing in paranormal matches. Unfortunately, one of her clients is a bit disgruntled.
That's when the threats begin! Rylie is a tough chick, but death threats and stalkers will shake ANYONE, even a werewolf.
Oh, did I forget to mention that? Oh, and she's cursed too...
Lucky for Rylie, a hot blonde psychiatrist named Jack rents the office next to her. He falls for her hard, and she definitely likes his style. Too bad he thinks she's a bit crazy!
Between Jack and an old client who has fallen for her, Rylie has her paws full!
How will things end up? Read it to find out! A great book filled with twists and turns!
I wish it had a better wrap-up, but Rose definitely sets it up for more books to come!
A bit too much info that didn't seem needed, but hopefully it comes into play in future books.

I give How To Date A Werewolf 4 out of 5 stars