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Book Review - Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness

Romance in a World of Darkness

Evernight: Romance in a World of DarknessBook Title:  Evernight
Publisher:  Xoxo Publishing
Publication Date:  September 17, 2011


As children, we feared the boogeyman… Our parents comforted us when the monster under the bed or in the dark depths of our slightly opened closet threatened our safety. We cried when those evil creatures invaded our nightmares and stole us from peaceful sleep, but what if those monsters truly existed? What if they lived in a world not unlike our own, where all they wanted was the same basic needs that every human being spends their lives searching for? What if the things that go bump in the night only wanted to be loved? In the next twelve stories, you will read about vampires and werewolves, angels and demons, and monsters of all kinds overcoming some of the most difficult hurdles simply to find their one true love, to find their happiness. You’ll read of heated, salacious trysts beneath the moonlight and of lovers doomed before they even have a chance to find the one person who completes their soul. Join us as we wander through a dark world where nothing is what it seems, where rainbows after a storm are a rare miracle, where the boogeyman captures your heart and fulfils your sweetest dreams.
Review by Book Monster's Guest Reviewer - Michelle

Summary of each story

#1 - Angel with Devil Wings - Allison Cassatta

 A dark little tale about humans, angel's and demons where the lines between are a little blurry.

#2 - Moonlit Hearts by Donya Lynne

Cassie gave up her job as a vet to move to a cabin in the woods after hearing rumors about Wolf Shifters, where she meets Conner - her sexy neighbor who refuses to indulge her questions about the wolves. When an injured wolf turns up at Cassie's cabin, little did she know that her life is about to be changed.

#3 - The Vampire's Mate by T.A. Grey

Salazar was imprisoned 1000yrs ago for committing a crime.  Now, just prior to his release, he smells his mate. Melanie is driving home from work when she is pulled over by a cop who is looking for more than her license and registration.   Luckily Salazar is there to save her, but can he convince her to be his mate... forever?

#4 - Eternally by Amber Summers

 Josiah believes he is incapable of love.  Can Amelia convince him otherwise before he is charged with destroying her?

#5 - Not Even Death by Angela J. Kerns

An interesting tale about witches, Dark Gods, betrayal and consequence.

#6 - The Ritual by Sherrie Henry

Anca is given up as a virgin sacrifice to take part in a ritual joining that may save the future of her people, but can she find happiness?

#7 - Wulf's Curse by Tracey Steinbach

Wulf is being plagued by disturbed sleep and unexplainable occurrences and he is unprepared for Sarila entering his life. Are things as worrisome as they seem?

#8 - Another Time, Another Era of Darkness by Audrina Leone and Nikki Blake

In a world where werewolves walk as men in daylight and prowl the forests as wolves at night, cupids exist and keep love blossoming between the humans. Werewolves get jealous and attempt to sabotage the natural order by utilizing witches and potions.

#9 - New Beginnings by Lee Leskova and N. Bance

An intriguing world where vampires and demons are natural enemies. Can
Storm and Thorne go against everyone's wishes in order to be together and do they want to?

#10 - Tears of the Mermaid by Aaron Speca and Patricia Laffoon

Trish is a mermaid who has fallen in love with Rudy, a human sailor. When her ex returns and their relationship is put to the test:  Can their love survive? Will they?

#11 - Hunted by Johanna Rae

Sabitha is on the run when she is saved by the mysterious Hunter.  Just how can he read her mind and what other secrets is he hiding? Will she survive long enough to find out?

#12 - Desire of the Damned by L.S Beck

Nostradamus's greatest creation was a stone warrior that he infused himself into, knowing it would be needed hundreds of years down the line. When Kassy discovers the statue in a recent shipment of artifacts she finds herself drawn to it, to him. When translating the text that arrived with him, it mentions a kiss.  What harm would it do...

Final Thoughts: 

Evernight is a collection of 12 romance/erotica short stories.  Like most anthologies, there are some stories that stand out from the rest, for reason's both good or bad, and that remains true with this collection.

Tracey Steinbach wrote a thoroughly enjoyable tale about first impressions and second chances. Likeable characters including a sexy alpha who can admit when he's wrong and a strong female who is willing to fight for what she believes in. I would be interested in reading more books set in this world as it has lots of potential.

Tears of the Mermaid was an interesting tale too, one that felt as if it could be a prequel to a bigger series. I was left with questions about Aaron & his people.  I'm awfully curious about his boss.  It almost felt a little Pirates of the Caribbean to me with the language. All that was missing was the sword fights and rum!

Moonlit Hearts by Donya Lynne was one that I could see being expanded into a full length novel.  The plot was interesting and I enjoyed the little twist.  I hope to see more from this author in the future.
Anthologies on a whole are hard to rate.  I would give this one 3 1/2 Stars.  Some individual stories like the ones I singled out deserve more, but there are other not so good stories that pull the final score down.  The Vampire's Mate was my least favorite of the bunch, and I urge anyone who chooses to pick this up not to be put off by it. The remaining stories are worth a read! Who knows - you may like it!

I give EVERNIGHT 3 1/2 Stars


Aaron Speca said...

Thank you for the review of this anthology that included our story, Carla and Michelle ... and yes you picked up on it "Tears of the Mermaid" is just a small part of a much larger story so if everything goes well, you will be seeing much more of Rudy and Trish in the near future. :)