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A Cataclysmic Event with the characters of the SUPERNOVA Saga by C.L. Parker

Hello everyone!  LITERAL ADDICTION and Book Monster Reviews are VERY proud to welcome C.L Parker back to our sites today! 
C.L is the author of the SUPERNOVA saga.  The saga currently consists of “Supernova”, Book #1, and the JUST released Book #2, “Cataclysm”.  There is a 3rd book planned for the saga as well, but no dates have been announced as of yet (maybe we can get her to spill during the chat?).

C.L lives near Louisville, Kentucky with her husband and three children – two sons and a daughter.  She also has 3 sisters with whom she’s inseparable, a rottie named Chaos (love that name!) and a Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd mix called Roxie.

After graduation, she enlisted in the United States Navy and was stationed at the Norfolk Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia where she served a two year enlistment. Due to a family tragedy at the time, she chose to return home to Kentucky instead of re-enlisting and eventually ventured into the world of writing.  An outlet for her overactive imagination, it quickly grew into a passion that could not be ignored.  Having always had a fascination with the paranormal, it was evident what type of books she would love to write. 

Once the SUPERNOVA saga is complete, she will start a series of seven books, which will eventually spin-off into another series. All of these will be in the paranormal romance genre.

Parker’s reality is that she is easily lost to a world of fantasy, driven to bring her characters to life if only in the pages of a book, for their story is one that must be told.

For those new to the SUPERNOVA saga, let’s give you a little synopsis of the 1st two books:

Summary of “Supernova:

Somewhere between the first twinkling of stars in the night sky and the break of dawn, two souls from two unique worlds collide, creating an everlasting supernova. Kerrigan Cruz and Dominic Grayson are among the chosen few who have the gift - or the curse - of being able to walk between two worlds. It is on the cusp of where these beings meet that everything changes, and life as they know it is turned upside down. Fantasy becomes reality, and what shouldn’t be is. Forced by destiny, their chance encounter is breathed to life by the one thing that can make even the most impossible of impossibilities a reality - something so complex in nature, yet as simple as a flicker of thought to exercise. Most normal people go about their everyday lives never even suspecting its existence. But it is out there…it is the Light. The universe has granted the power of the Light to a chosen bloodline charged with the responsibility of protecting our right to choose our destiny. But in the shadows, darkness wreaks havoc in the lives of the unsuspecting. Yes, another world does exist, and it holds secrets beyond what the most vivid imagination can comprehend.

Summary of “Cataclysm:
They thought the worst of the storm was behind them, but in reality they had only weathered impossible odds to find they were smack dab in the eye of an unforgiving cyclone. More was on the way. The raging bands of chaos that surrounded them were forcing the destructive walls of the monster to close in around them. Taking on a life of its own, the storm growled and gnashed its teeth, threatening to devour everything they ever were or ever would be. There would be nothing but devastation left in its wake, and it had its sights set on Kerrigan Cruz and Dominic Grayson.

Through the howling winds and punishing lashes of rain a stranger came. The promise of a better tomorrow, a brighter, sunnier life filled with hopes and dreams rested in the palm of his hand. It was knowledge, a formidable weapon when wielded by the right person at just the right time. If she could only harness the power of this stranger’s knowledge, Kerrigan might be able to save the one she loves before he fades into nothingness, and she is left all alone.

But was this stranger friend or foe? Drawn to her side by an unseen force, will he enlighten Kerrigan, or will he seek to claim her for his own?


If you want a non-stop adventure, a non-stop twist and turn roller coaster, a non-stop laugh with a best friend… Then you will definitely enjoy reading the SUPERNOVA saga!  You’re really not going to want it to end!  So we say….come and enjoy!

So, now we have you all online downloading and buying “Supernova” and "Cataclysm", what do you say we get to today's Event?  

We have a very special treat for y'all today!  Michelle and I were able to talk with the cast of the SUPERNOVA saga, and we have a transcript of that meet and greet for you, AS WELL AS a sneak peek into "Cataclysm" with a VERY hot snippet.  I know, you love us!  :)  Go on over and read 'em (read the snippet first, as our transcript picks up where the snippet leaves off)!

DON'T FORGET:  C.L will be available to chat Live with members, followers, fans and guests in the LITERAL ADDICTION Author Chatroom from 3:00 - 5:00pm EST (2-4pm Central/12-2pm Pacific & Mountain) today.  And these chats are ones for the history books!  Don't believe us?  Read the 'R' rated transcript from our last awesome event with C.L HERE. :)

Now, without further ado, here's the sneak peek from Cataclysm and our interesting interview with the cast.........

Cataclysm Snippet:
Dominic had just left Colton and Gabe in the kitchen to go check on Kerrigan when he saw her at the bottom of the stairs leaning against the banister to put on her shoe. She was wearing a white sundress, a slinky little number that hugged every curve and accentuated her glowing tan. Hopping on one foot, she slipped the other fuck-me heel into place.
“How do I look?” she asked as she took an earring and hooked it into her earlobe.
“Ravishing as usual, but then again, I happen to think you’re gorgeous without all that. What gives, anyway? Why are you getting so dressed up for this guy?”
She secured the backing on the second earring and shrugged. “I want to make a good impression.”
He followed her into the living room. “You don’t ever get all dressed up for me.”
“That’s because I don’t need fancy clothes to make a good impression on you. I simply need to take them off, and never put them back on.” She kissed his cheek and gave him a teasing smile. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous.”
Just as he leaned in to kiss her, she pulled away, but he caught her hand and yanked her back to him. She squealed in surprise when she crashed into his chest. Eyes alight with laughter looked up at him, and then she batted her lashes demurely. She knew what she was doing, knew which button to push to drive him crazy as sure as she knew which button to push to calm him down. But he knew all of her buttons as well. Two could play at her game.
He took the kiss he had been denied and moved her until the backs of her knees hit the couch behind her and she was forced to sit. Then he lifted one of her legs onto the couch and kneeled before her.
“What are you doing?” she asked, smiling.
A devilish smirk pulled at the corner of his lips, and he bent his head as he turned on the full power of his bedroom eyes and placed an open-mouth kiss to the top of her thigh. “Making a good impression. I couldn’t give a shit less what this other guy thinks about me, but you . . . you I want to impress.”
“You don’t need to impress me, Dominic,” she said, but made no effort to stop him. “And I’m well aware of your skills. All of them, in fact, and I am very, very impressed.”
“Mmhmm. Well, I think maybe you might need a little reminder of what will always be waiting for you at home.”
He continued his ascent up her thigh and was just about to raise the skirt of her dress when she stopped him. Dominic gave her a wounded look, his pride taking a hit. She had never refused him before, and now she was sitting there with a big fat ‘denied’ sign flashing neon red above her head.
“Colton and Gabe are in the kitchen, and Andrew will be here any minute. We don’t have time for this.” She used the heel of her shoe to his shoulder to nudge him back.
It gave Dominic a glorious view of the white satin panties she wore underneath, only fueling his need, and he turned his face to press his lips to her ankle. Then he pulled out all the stops, dropping his voice to that rich, dark level he knew she couldn’t resist. His eyes bore into hers, lust pouring from their depths. “Querida, for future reference, a fuck-me heel planted into a man’s shoulder will only make him want you more, not less. But I have a feeling you already know that.”
He kissed her calf, lingering over her skin as he lightly teased her. Unable to resist, he looked between her thighs and licked the inside of his lip in eager anticipation. “Quiero saborearte.”
The sultry Spanish words licked at her even as he pushed past her makeshift barricade and nuzzled the thin silk between her thighs. She didn’t need him to translate the words to know their meaning. She had heard them whispered to her in the past, and even now she could feel the memory of his cold breath brush against her ear. He wanted to taste her, to savor her.
Expert fingers found their mark when their tips caressed the starburst-shaped birthmark on her hip, the mate to the mark on his shoulder. Instantly she was swept away by his touch. Everything else ceased to exist, and all that remained was Kerrigan, Dominic, and the passion they shared.
“You make my mouth water, and I can’t help myself. I want . . . I need to devour you.” He inhaled and exhaled in an exaggerated fashion, breathing her in. His icy breath penetrated the porous material over her center, and the contradictory flames that ignited in its wake created dual sensations that rendered her body incapable of doing anything but surrender.
He was fire and ice—a combination that could prove lethal or orgasmic, depending on whether you were friend or foe.
Kerrigan sucked in a breath when he placed his lips over her most sensitive spot. She was caught in his trance, compelled by the spell he wove through the magic of his own making. Dominic was no sorcerer, but the power of his words, his eyes, his touch—he could bend the will of any woman, immortal and human alike.
“Oh, Jesus.” Gabe had busted them, yet again. The exaggerated sarcasm in his voice was enough to break the spell.
With a disgruntled growl, Dominic sat back on his knees so that Kerrigan could sit up and pull her skirt down.
“I swear. You two little whoremongers won’t be happy until you’ve defiled every piece of community space in the house, will you?”
“Um, sorry,” Kerrigan mumbled, her cheeks flaming with residual lust and embarrassment.
Colton entered the room and stood next to Gabe. “What’s going on in here?”
Dominic sighed in frustration. “Nothing, Colt.”
Gabe guffawed. “We were just discussing redecorating the house. We can probably save a ton of money on supplies if we just use Dom’s overabundant supply of semen to paint the walls. And then, to generate extra revenue, we can hang a sign out front that says, ‘Cum one, cum all! Everyone is turned out at The House of Pussy Galore, Cocks, and More! Satisfaction guaranteed,’” he said with his hands poised in the air as a frame around the invisible sign.
Colton chuckled. “I like that. Kind of has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? But let’s leave out the semen paint, m’kay? Too seventies porn.”
“Ah, but that would depend on what he’d had to eat that day,” Gabe rebutted.
Colton’s brows shot up. “Is it really true what they say?”  
 “You’re fucking disgusting,” Dominic scoffed, but Colton and Gabe ignored him, carrying on their conversation as if he and Kerrigan weren’t even there.
“Then again,” Gabe continued, “it might be too sticky . . . until it dries. Then it would just get all crusty and peel.” He tapped a finger against his smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom chin in contemplation. “Yes, that could be a problem, indeed.”
A knock at the front door kept Gabe and Colton from continuing their onslaught of tasteless humor at Kerrigan and Dominic’s expense. Millie barked incessantly, lurching forward and then back again in rapid succession. Kerrigan leapt to her feet with her eyes wide in excitement, the uncomfortable conversation all but forgotten.

Character Skit: 

[Having run into Kerrigan and Gabe at the beach a few days ago, we introduced ourselves and set up a time to drop by to ask some questions for our interview.  Walking up the walk towards the front stoop of the house, we were a little bit early, but figured it was better to be early than late.  Arriving at the front door, we heard elevated and animated voices inside and looked at each other questioningly.  Figuring there was no place to go but forward, we rang the doorbell and waited for someone to come and greet us]

Colt [opens the door and then leans against the frame once his eyes have thoroughly raked over the two women standing on the porch]: Well, well, well . . . what do we have here?

Michelle:  [Lifts an appreciative eyebrow and smiles]  Hi.  My name’s Michelle and this is Carla [gestures to Carla].  We’re from LITERAL ADDICTION and Book Monster Reviews and we’re here to talk to Kerrigan, Gabe and Dominic. 

Carla:  [Smiles appreciatively as well]   Yeah, we set up a meeting with Kerrigan and Gabe at the beach the other day.

Colt:  Did you, now? Well then by all means, come on in, ladies.

[We start to enter behind Colt, but pull up short when we hear Gabe’s shrill voice making sounds that are undeniably generated while alone with that special someone in the bedroom]

*Colton smirks when he sees Carla’s eyes widen then looks to Michelle while biting down on his lip and nodding his head. The gesture oddly reminds both ladies of something Joey Tribiani from Friends would do. He jerks his head in the direction of the sound, and although they’re not quite sure what they’ll be walking in on, Michelle and Carla reluctantly step over the threshold.*

Kerrigan: Oh, for the love of God, Gabriel Baxter! I have never in my life made those sounds, and no, we’re not recording them to play like circus music to a freak show.

Dominic: Well, it does sound something like that, Querida. Just not as loud. You’re usually nuzzling my ear, neck, chest, or whatever body part is in close proximity, and it sounds a bit throatier as well. It’s quite sexy. Makes me hard just thinking about it.

Gabe: [puts his hands on his hips] When are you not hard, Dominatrix? I swear you walk around here with a permanent Johnny-cum-lately, which might not be an issue if it weren’t for the fact that you’re straight as a flagstaff and just as erect, but without the rainbow flag waving limply through the air. As it is, you’re just a big ol’ tease.

Dominic: [extends his middle finger] Fuck off, Queen Mary!

Michelle:  [Clears throat] Sorry to interrupt.  [Flashes a cheeky grin]  Impressive length to the finger there, Dom, I may have seen better only 1 other time…  So, um, yeah . . . Kerrigan, Gabe… are we still able to talk to you guys?  

Kerrigan: [puts her hand to her mouth and looks at Gabe before turning back to Michelle and Carla] I am soooo sorry. I completely forgot.

Gabe: [sighs] It was bound to happen sooner or later. Dum Dum Dom has finally fucked her brains out.

Dominic: What the hell is this shit, Querida?

Kerrigan: Um, well these ladies just wanted to ask us a little about our lives. Did you know that there’s a book written about us?

Gabe: [flips his short hair and smoothes his eyebrows to be sure their presentable] Told ya’ I was a star. They come from miles around to get a little piece of the Diva Extraordinaire.

Dominic: First of all, there are few people left who haven’t had a piece of you. And secondly [cuts off Gabe before he can rebut] what the hell, Kerrigan? Am I the only one around here who gets the seriousness of the shit we’re up against? First this Drew character and now these two bloggers? You do get that that’s what they do, right? They give the inside scoop! We might as well paint a big bull’s-eye on the front of the house with a neon arrow pointing to it so that any and everyone who wants to take us out can just walk up to the front door and have their way with us!

Gabe: See? Perks all around. I’m all for big, burly men having their way with me.

Kerrigan: [goes to Dominic and slips her fingers under the collar of his shirt to manipulate the scar on his shoulder that is a twin imprint to her own birthmark, calming him instantly] Dom, it’s okay. I know you’re not a very trusting person, but these ladies are CL’s friends. She wouldn’t send anyone with bad intentions; her craving for you runs far too deep to let anything happen to any one of us. Michelle and Carla are just here to help get the word out about our story. Do it for CL. She’s been good to us, hasn’t she?

Dominic: [markedly calmer from Kerrigan’s touch and the mention of CL because he was the one who insisted they trust her to tell their story] Fine. Let’s get this over with.

Kerrigan: [turns to their guests with a gentle smile while gesturing toward the couch] I’m so sorry to have to ask this of you, but can we make it quick? As I said before, I completely forgot about our meeting and kind of double booked us for the day. We’re supposed to be meeting another Guardian, and I’m hoping he’ll be able to help us out, so it’s sort of important we wrap this up before he gets here.

Gabe: [pulls a bag of Skittles out of his pocket and pops one into his mouth before sitting on the arm of the couch next to Michelle with his legs crossed] Chelle? Oh, can I call you Chelle, or do you prefer Chellie Bellie? [doesn’t give Michelle a chance to answer] Ooh! I like that one. Chellie Bellie, it is. Um, Chellie Bellie . . . who does your hair because I was thinking of having something like that done to mine, but with pink. Of course I can’t actually do that now that I’ve seen you because then it won’t be a divatastic original design, but I was hoping that maybe your hairdresser could -

Kerrigan: Gabe! Did I not just make it clear that we’re pressed for time? You can talk hair with her after the interview.

Gabe: [rolls his head on his shoulders with a pointed finger in the air, obviously about to snap. Michelle, aka Chellie Bellie, pats him on the knee, in an attempt to calm him] Y’all have no idea how insubordinate these bastards can be. You’d think they’d never been around royalty before, and it’s just all I can do to not go the fuck off and scratch all their eyes out. Of course, then that would ruin my manicure and I’d have to break a foot off in someone’s ass -

Carla: - and then that would ruin your Jimmy Choo’s . . . it’s just a vicious cycle. We understand, sweetie. Been there, done that, have the police record with a very unflattering mug shot to prove it.

Kerrigan: [ignores the dramatics and turns to Michelle] So, what would you like to know?

Michelle:  [smirks] Well, I think we learned A LOT about you guys when we first came in, but our readers do want to know what it’s like being a Guardian of the Light.

Kerrigan: Hmm. I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s such a huge responsibility, knowing that so much importance, trust, and power is in the palm of your hand, and at the same time, it’s frustrating to not know how to wield it to save the ones you love. The Light makes me feel important and insignificant at the same time. Am I making sense?

Gabe: No, but then again, you rarely ever do. That’s what I’m here for. I don’t know why you got those powers instead of me. Shiiiiit, I’d know what the hell to do with it.

Michelle: And what would you do with the gift of the Light, Gabe?

Dominic: [leans against the mantle and crosses on ankle over the other with a scoff] He’d turn everything into unicorns, rainbows, and gay orgies.

Gabe: [pulls a Skittle out of the bag and throws it at Dominic] Taste this rainbow, bitch!

*Dominic lunges at Gabe, but he pulls Michelle across his lap to shield himself while squealing like a girl*

Colton: [grabs his brother by the shoulders and holds him back] Dom, man, you can’t hit a lady. Just let it go, bro.

Carla:  [scoots as far as she can to the other end of the couch so as not to be caught in the crossfire, while attempting to break the tension by giving Dominic something else to think about] Our readers also want to know about the worst challenges Dom faces with regards to his curse.

Dominic: [yanks out of Colton’s hold and resumes his position by the mantle] There is no curse. Moving on . . .

Kerrigan: Dom, don’t be difficult.

Dominic: Fine. No comment then.

Kerrigan: You can’t just say ‘no comment.’

Dominic: [arches a brow] I just did, didn’t I?

Gabe: [puts Michelle back where she was as she laughs and fusses with his clothes while she helps] Don’t mind him. He just pissy because he’s only half a man.

Dominic: Says Miss Priss, herself. [grabs his crotch] I got your half a man right here, queenie.

*Colton laughs and gives his brother a fist bump.*

Gabe: [smacks his lips and rolls his eyes] Y’all are so fucking rude.

Carla: [Looks to Michelle, tries to hide her smirk, and looks back] About the curse?

Dominic: [huffs in defeat] It’s pretty fucking inconvenient, especially now that I have no control over when I fade in and out and that soulless bastard, Drake, is showing up in my dreams to taunt me. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m pretty fucking sure it’s not a good thing. There. Are you happy now? Can we put the spotlight on someone else?

Michelle:  [mouths “Ooookaaay”, and then turns to look at Gabe with a genuine smile] Gabe, our readers just want to know EVERYTHING about you. [laughs] What do you want to make sure we take back to them?

Kerrigan: [sits back in her chair] You might want to get comfortable, ladies. This could take a while.

Gabe: [narrows his eyes at his best friend, his expression changing instantly when he turns back to Michelle and Carla] Well, I am the Diva Extraordinaire, as you well know. I like long walks on the beach . . .

Dominic: [interrupts with a mumble] Where he fakes drowning to seduce unsuspecting lifeguards.

*Kerrigan giggles.*

Gabe: [ignores them and continues] . . . the finest silk panties money can buy . . .

Dominic: Even though he doesn’t have a job.

Kerrigan: And except for when he’s donning his granny panties during his quote/unquote period.

Gabe: [snaps his head toward Kerrigan] Bitch, I will cut your throat. [turns to Michelle with a sweet smile] You don’t have to add that part in, do you? Because it would be beyond embarrassing for my public to know that tidbit of information. You understand, don’t you?

Michelle: [nods sympathetically] Absolutely. [turns to Carla] Um, strike that. [winks conspiratorially]

*Carla lowers her head and takes some notes, but winks back in agreement, trying to hide a smile*

Gabe: [continues, satisfied and completely oblivious] . . . and I’m just looking for a good man, with a good job, more money than he knows what to do with, and the desire to make all my wishes come true. I’m thinking Ricky Martin, or the Glambulge himself, Adam Lambert, would suffice. My adoring fans should also know that as shallow as some might make me out to be [eyes Dominic] I am anything but. I will straight up cut a bitch over my family and friends. And, Dom and I might go tit for tat (he likes my tits, I like his tats) but he knows I heart him hard and I know that he secretly wants me . . .  and you can deny it all you want, Dom, but once you get over this phase of having a fascination with snatch, holla’ at ya’ girl.

Dominic: [rolls his eyes, knowing it’s useless to argue] Whatever.

Kerrigan: [giggles] Well, that wasn’t quite as painful as I thought it was going to be. [looks at her watch] Drew should be here any second. Anything else?

Michelle:  [stands] No, no . . . I think we have plenty. [smiles and starts to walk toward the door]  Thank you all for talking with us today!  We appreciate it, and our readers will be very happy that we caught you for a few minutes, even if we weren’t able to do a full blown interview.

Carla:  [follows behind Michelle while looking back]  Yes, thank you all for taking the time to chat with us.  I think our readers will be very happy with what we bring back for them.  Oh, and good luck with your meeting with…

*Carla’s comment is cut off by the ringing of the doorbell*

Kerrigan: [eyes go wide and a beaming smile spreads across her face] He’s here!

*Dominic rolls his eyes when Kerrigan and Gabe make a fast break toward the door, nearly mowing Michelle and Carla over in their haste. The door opens and a very tall, very gorgeous man is standing there who could very well pass as Orlando Bloom’s doppelganger.*

Drew: [gives a dazzling smile with teeth as white as the snow] Good afternoon, ladies. I hope I’m not too early. [his voice carries a thick British accent that oozes sexuality]

Gabe: [grabs Drew’s hand and yanks him inside] Why, yes . . . yes, you are early, but you and I can just go hang out in my room until my Kerr Bear finishes up her interview. I’m sure we can find some way to entertain ourselves.

Kerrigan: [puts her arm out to block Gabe’s path and then looks up at Drew] You’re right on time. I was just about to see our guests out. How about if you wait here, and then I’ll take you in to meet Dominic.

Kerrigan: [turns to Carla and Michelle] Sorry, ladies, but it’s not every day that I get to meet with another of my kind. I hope you understand.

Carla:  [waves hand in a gesture of dismissal] Please, absolutely.  Go meet with your fellow Guardian.  Thanks again.  We’ll keep in touch and maybe we can drop back sometime to talk with you guys a little bit more when you aren’t so busy!?

Michelle:  [leans in to give Kerrigan a one armed hug and an air kiss on the cheek]  No problem at all doll.  Good luck in there.  Hopefully we’ll run into you guys at the beach again soon. [smiles]

Kerrigan: I know it was chaotic, but I hope you got something you could use. Feel free to come back anytime, but um . . . call first so that I can prepare Dominic a little better. Completely my fault, but I’ll make it up to him later. [winks conspiratorially]

*Carla and Michelle both chuckle with Kerrigan in complete understanding and turn to walk down the steps as the door closes behind them*

Check out the SUPERNOVA Sage trailer


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Michelle said...

I'm loving Supernova so far. Gabe is so much fun, everyone should have a friend like him! I'm so full of questions about what's to come in the book, I can't get through it fast enough (although I do believe it would be easier if the kids had a sleep button ;)).

Can't wait for the chat!


Michelle said...

I love the characters in these books and Gabe is HI-LAR-IOUS!


Victoria said...

I've seen great reviews but haven't looked into these yet. They look very good. I really like the eyes - very intense :). Thank you.


2shay said...

These are some of my very favorite characters! A must read...!

Sue Sattler said...

Oh I love it when you introduce new to me authors!! On my way to amazon!!!

Michelle Harlan said...

I have no idea how I've missed these books...but after reading that, I'm going to be picking up a copy of 'Supernova' ASAP!
Loved reading the snippet from 'Cataclysm' & funny! Loved the dialogue, especially during the skit! Thanks for sharing this! I'm really looking forward to reading these books!

legallycaz said...

Loved the character chat! I have Supernova on my Kindle and I can't wait to read it! Thanks for a great interview and giveaway :)

*yadkny* said...

OH I loved that character skit! The whole interview was fun and I can't wait now to get my hands on these stories! Dominic sounds delicious... if only every man had a button(tat) to calm him like the way Kerrigan is able to calm Dominic;)

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Thanks for the contest!

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I loved the interview. The 1st book was amazing and I canna wait to get my hands on the 2nd. Such sexy characters and a turn paging story. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com