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with Michele Hauf, Caridad Pineiro, Laurie London and Alexis Morgan

LITERAL ADDICTION and Book Monster Reviews are very proud to be the last stop on the VAMPXMAS blog tour with the 4 amazing authors of the "A Vampire for Christmas" Anthology, Laurie London, Michele Hauf, Caridad Pineiro and Alexis Morgan.

Today we get all 4 of them in the same place to answer a question about their wonderful new anthology and give away some goodies.

We also get ALL FOUR OF THEM Live for 2 hours in the LITERAL ADDICTION Author Chatroom to talk with members, followers, fans and guests.
Live chat with Laurie, Michele, Caridad and Alexis is from 8:00 - 10:00pm EST (7-9pm Central/6-8pm Mountain/5-7pm Pacific) in our Author Chatroom!!

Thanks, Literal Addiction & Book Monster Reviews, for hosting the #VampXmas blog tour.

Hi Everyone!

The anthology, A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS, was just released and all four authors are here today, answering the same question. Stay tuned at the end for a chance to win a cool prize package.


Question: Is your short story in the anthology A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS part of an existing series or is this a brand new world?


Caridad Pineiro:
WHEN HERALD ANGELS SING is set in the real world, namely the Jersey Shore during the Prohibition era, although the angel’s “visits” force both Angelina and Damien to relive their past in other places and times.  I set the story in that era because it was such a fascinating time along the Jersey Shore what with all the rum runners and the impact of the Depression on the people at that time.  It seemed like the perfect way to showcase Damien’s goodness versus the brawling, drinking and fighting that he as done in the past. The villain of the piece is Captain Pedro Ramirez, the vampire sea captain who turned Damien and killed Angelina during their first encounter.  Ramirez is in league with Satan in the hopes of having Damien become one of them and to do this, Ramirez taunts and tempts Damien during every visit in the hopes of ensnaring his soul.  I so loved their battles and the ultimate resolution in the story, and I hope you will also.
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Michele Hauf:
Monsters Don't Do Christmas is a part of my Beautiful Creatures world, and you'll see a bit on the struggle between the vampires and werewolves, though the focus is the love story between the vampire who is trying to figure out his life, and the singer who wants to help him do that.  For more information on the characters in that world, stop by Club Scarlet! 
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Alexis Morgan:
The world that vampire Eagan McHale and Della Breit live in is a new one for me. He’s part of a special division in the law enforcement community in Seattle, one dedicated to policing the secret world of the preternaturals, who secretly live among the merely human. Eagan has no time for Christmas, not when evil is stalking the streets of Seattle. Following a lead, he ends up in Della’s small diner. Unlike Eagan, Della is all about the holidays, her favorite time of the year. Despite his reluctance to get involved with the purely human, Eagan finds it harder and harder to stay away from Della. When she gets drawn into the darkness of his world, he’s determined to save her not just from the bad guys, but from but from himself as well.  However, Santa works in mysterious ways and Eagan finds out that there are some gifts that are worth risking everything for—like love.
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Laurie London:
Enchanted By Blood is set in the same world as my Sweetblood series. In fact, readers will recognize a few familiar faces—though I wrote it as a standalone, so it’s not necessary to have read the other books to understand what’s going on here. Set primarily in Seattle, the Sweetblood world is one in which vampires live secretly, yet peacefully (for the most part) among humans. Guardians uphold the laws of the Governing Council and are sworn to protect humans from Darkbloods, vampires who want to see their kind revert back to the violent, ancient ways of their ancestors. Former Guardian Trace Westfalen is poised to take over his father’s   seat on the Council and that’s where the story begins. 
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Question for YOU: What’s your favorite holiday decoration? And if you have a tree, is a fake or real?
One random commenter on Book Monster Reviews will win a copy of the anthology, A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS, and a holiday ornament, and a random commenter on LITERAL ADDICTION will win an unsigned copy of the anthology and a signed copy of one of Alexis Morgan’s books!
Good Luck!

As usual, to enter, leave your answer to the question as a comment on this post with your email address.
*Entries without email addresses will NOT be eligible.

For a chance at the other copies go to and leave your answer on the post there as well with your email address.


Jewel said...

My favorite holiday decoration is the colorful Christmas balls we hang on the tree.

We have a fake tree in our house, for 2 reasons...
1. In the area I live in Aus, real Christmas trees are hard to find.
2. It's environment friendly. :D


Barbara E. said...

I have a fake tree because it's so much easier to clean up, no dead needles all over the floor. My favorite ornament is a Santa riding in a spaceship, I've always loved it.

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

This is gonna sound corny but my favorite holiday decoration is paper snowflakes. I love cutting them out!

We have a small artificial tree because we don't have a lot of room.

rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

miki said...


i've did all the stop in this blog tour so i really hope this is the ONE^^
Thanks you for this opportunity

We have a fake tree because we have a fire so a really one wouldn't last long( and for the dog it's better). My favorite ornemant is a small ball that come from my grand mother.

gfc follower: isabelle frisch ( or miki sorry still not sure which one appears)


Michelle said...

My favourite decoration... That's a toughy! Probably my angel that sits on my tree. I've had it since my first christmas, I stole it when I left home! she's going a little bald now but shes special to me :)

We usually have a fake tree but this year we are having a real tree. Next weekend we go to the country park & tag our tree then 2 wks later we go & cut it down or dig it up. The tree's are grown specially every year & new ones are planted. The kids are looking forward to it :)

Leanne109 said...

I have a fake white tree which I adore. We decorate it in blues, Silver, Opal and mirrors. A few aqua coloured balls also, I love my tree.
My favourite ornament is the one I got from my son 4 years ago, It's a bunch of snowmen sliding and there 3 little snow globes.


alainala said...

i just moved! this will be my first christmas away from my mom and our tree.. (real).. my mom has all these gorgeous old ornaments.. i love decorating the tree and finding the memories that go with them fav ones are these crystal doves.. and a little gnome guy we call Sherman on the Mountain..

alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

KhelseyJackson said...

My favorite holiday decoration are the lights. I love all the colors. And we have a fake tree, I have 3 small kids and don't want to deal with the mess the real one have :D

Victoria said...

Please don't enter me as I won a copy of this and just wanted to comment. The ornament is excellent. I'm waiting to read this until the beginning of Dec so I'm more in the holiday mood. But glancing through it says it's a fine read.
I have a fake tree.


Heather said...

My favorite holiday decoration is mistletoe!! It is always fun to catch someone standing under it :)
I also love driving around at night and seeing all the beautiful lights!

We have a fake tree because it is easier to care for.


Chrisbails said...

My favorite decoration is for sure the tree(fake) and christmas ornaments. We buy a special one for the kids each year. We have some that we have collected over the years. And we have a family ornament that my kids buy for me. There is a store at the mall the will put our last name on it. and then right each of our names and then the date. Last year it was a fireplace mantel with four stockings hanging off of it. My daughter is nine, so has 9 years of them and my son is 6 and then they have their first christmas ones. Plus my husband and I have been together for 17 years, so we have our own special ones.
Would love to win and read this book. Have not read anything by these authors and would love to check this one out. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win. I love this cover, he is gorgeous.

Imajicasnow said...

My favorite decorations are the ones the kids and I make, the only decorations bought are the lights! We make paper cutouts, paper garland, wood cutouts that they paint, etc. Oh and I did buy some clear balls that the kids added food colored rice to. Always a real tree that we go out into our woods and cut down.
Thanks alot! Hope I will be able to make the chat!

legallycaz said...

I have a fake tree but I have 2 very young girls who love to tear it down! Thanks for a great blog and giveaway!

Amy said...

I love the ornaments on Christmas trees! We have a mini fake tree that we put on a table every year. The assortment of lights look very nice.


Beverly said...

My favorite decoration is our manger scene. My tree is fake because I kept finding pine needles forever in our carpet.

Patricia said...

My favorite decorations are definitely my old-fashioned Santa collection which lives on my Upright Grand piano during the Christmas season. I surround them with twinkle lights and greenery and I love the magical feel they give to the room.

Sue Sattler said...

We have a fake tree and my favorite decorations are the ones that my kids made for me. They are all grown up now so the decorations are extra special.

Barb P said...

Many of my fav authors in this book. I can't wait to read it! We always have an artificial tree and a live one. My son puts most of his ornaments and decorations on the fake (which is a tradition for us ) and I get to decorate the live tree with all of my personal decorations. Thanks for the wonderful contest.

xander_316 said...

My fav decoration is our outside "MegaTree". It is a 20’ tree, with a PVC pipe support pole and base, over 5,000 fairy lights and 100 LED balls as the tree's decoration, oh and not forgetting our LED star. We have been adding to this tree for many years and people come from everywhere to look at it.

Being that I am in a warm climate we all use fake trees.... real ones just wont last v.long


Jennifer Mathis said...

I have a fake tree , to absent minded to remember to water the real ones. my favorite decorations are the ornaments my kids make

winnie said...

My favourite decoration would be Christmas lights! I love it when there are pretty lights all around :) As for the Christmas tree, we have a fake one at home but I have relatives who used to have real ones that I loved the smell of pine, though clean-up wouldn't be fun, lol...


SdyLion said...

I love Christmas ornaments and collect them- we put up 3 trees in my house, so yeah we are serious. Thanks for the contest and I loved to hear form all the authors. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com