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She's Baaaaaaaack!!! Jacquelyn Frank Q&A Interview & Contest

Book Monster Reviews Blog and LITERAL ADDICTION Paranormal Book Club are VERY pleased to welcome USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank back to our sites today!

Jacquelyn’s bio reads like she should already be part of the LITERAL ADDICTION and Book Monster family—she’s an animal lover who treats her cats like her kids, her vivid imagination is a direct result of her nocturnal musings, and she’s a strong-willed fighter with a lust for life and a passion for living it to its fullest.
Sound familiar!? That’s probably why we love her so much!

Jacquelyn was born in NY, started writing romantic fiction at the tender age of 13, and currently lives in North Carolina with her family, which of course includes her 9 beloved furbabies [read: cats].
Jacquelyn is the esteemed creator of the GATHERERS, SHADOWDWELLERS, THREE WORLDS & NIGHTWALKERS series, the last of which had its newest installment, Book #6 - “Adam”,just released on 10/25/11.
For those of you not yet familiar with NIGHTWALKERS, it’s an über sexy series about an engrossing alternate world with sexy Demons, hot Vampires, amazing Druids, action, suspense, drama, knee weakening love scenes, you name it!
Let’s give you the synopsis for “Adam” and peak your interest a bit:

“Adam” Synopsis:
Hunted by magic, beset by evil, the Nightwalkers face their darkest hour yet. And when the unthinkable happens, only one legendary male has the power, the will, to save them: Adam…

For 400 Years He Was Lost To Her, But He Is Hers Tonight…

From their first tantalizing touch, Jasmine knows he is different. What other lover could unlock her tight control, flood vampire senses jaded by a lifetime of decadent self indulgence? Centuries ago, when he disappeared without a trace, she had given up hope of ever fulfilling the promise of incomparable passion. But here he is, against the very laws of nature, ready to bring down their most vicious enemy, ready to bring her blood to the boiling point…if she will only let him.

Pleasure rules the night.

Don't Forget:  Jacki will be available to chat Live with members, followers, fans and guests in the LITERAL ADDICTION Author Chatroom from 2:00 - 4:00pm EST (1-3pm Central/12-2pm Mountain/11am-1pm Pacific).

So, now that we’ve given you a teeny tiny bit of information about Jacquelyn and introduced any new readers to the NIGHTWALKERS series that the new release, “Adam” belongs to, let’s find out about the real author behind NIGHTWALKERS, THREE WORLDS, SHADOWDWELLERS, and GATHERERS shall we!?
Jacquelyn has once again requested that we make our Interview fun, unique and exciting, and we are more than happy to rise to the challenge once more, so let’s see if we can do it again…
LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews: Hello again Jacki. Welcome back to our humble abodes. Thank you so very much for taking time out of your incredibly busy release schedule to sit down and chat with us once again and let us grill you!  So, since we’ve already asked you our staple question, we had to find another way to break the ice. How about this?
Q1): If you were told that the world would end in 24 hours, what would you spend those 24 hours doing?
Jacki: If I were told that the world would end in 24 hours I would…Gather up my family and my boys, travel to Italy spending obscene amounts of money on the way, eating all of my favorite foods while getting totally drunk and sleeping with the hot Italian guy who thinks older women are delicioso!! Yep, that just about covers it

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews: Now, while we’d like to base the entire interview around getting to know you better (and we will grill you more a little later on), we probably should ask a little something about “Adam” and NIGHTWALKERS first…
Q2): What was your inspiration behind the NIGHTWALKERS series?
Jacki: A dream. I was an un-medicated bipolar at the time when I wrote the Nightwalkers series. I had some very interesting dreams as a result. One morning I woke up and immediately had to start writing. I could just see JACOB in my mind's eye, perched on that streetlamp, hovering over his objective...lying in wait. Thus the Demon Enforcer came to life.

Q2): What was the best part of writing Adam’s story?
Jacki: Watching my editors come un-glued over the prologue. LOL

Q4): Is “Adam” the last NIGHTWALKERS installment, or do you have more planned for that world?
Jacki: At this point the details of that are still undetermined. However, I do have a few new things in the mix for the Nightwalkers and as soon as the particulars are ironed out, I’ll be shouting it from the mountaintops.

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews: Well, we think we’ve done our duty. We made readers aware of the new release, “Adam” and asked about a next release. I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to answer more questions in the Chat. Now though…we want to get to know more about the REAL Jacki! J
Q5): Who was your first love & what do you remember most about them – you can be serious, funny, we’ll take anything here?
Jacki: A nice Jewish boy whose mother hated me and called me a whore in Spanish thinking I didn’t know what it meant. Man, she was an evil woman. Look at the putana shiksa now, bitch! Muhahahah!

Q6): What did/do you consider the most valuable thing you own; as a child/teenager/now?
Jacki: My collection of Shakespeare. I could lose everything I own including all the coach bags and designer heels but as long as the Shakespeare is safe all is well in the world.

Q7): What scares you? What’s your worst nightmare?
Jacki: What scares me and my worst nightmare happens to be the same thing and I don’t really want to talk about that. But my second worst nightmare would have to be failure. The idea of letting down those that depend on me has kept me up many nights.

Q8): Have you ever been tied up for fun? Would you want to be? ;-)
Jacki: Tied up, tied down, ropes, handcuffs, …you name it and I’ve done it (evil grin)

Q9): Since we all just experienced Halloween, when you used to Trick-or-Treat as a kid (or even if you still do), what did you HATE getting in your bucket? What was your favorite thing to receive?
Jacki: I HATED pixy styx. I don’t like tart/sour things that make your ears hurt on the bottom. I LOVED Snickers or money. Oh…and I’d cut a bitch over candy corn. Just sayin’.

Q10): What’s your favorite NIGHTWALKER? Are you a Fire Demon fan, a Mind Demon fan, do you love Vampires, Lyncanthropes…Water Demons?
Jacki: Shadowdwellers. Give me Magnus any night of the week. Mmm. Yummers.

Q11): If you could be any animal in the world for 24 hours, what would you want to be and why (we think we know the answer to this, but you’ll probably surprise us!)?
Jacki: A cat. I know. You’re shocked. But to laze around in the sun with no worries at all. I’d pay good money for that.

Q12): Have you ever accidently called a lover by another’s name (we’ve had experiences when we’ve accidently been called by a pet’s name, but we’re not sure that counts, especially since it was more of a frustrated moment not a ‘bow chicka bow wow’ one)?
Jacki: No! I have never done that before. Only an inconsiderate douche or an Alzheimer’s patient would do something like that. Sheesh!

Q13): If you could pick 3 bands that you would absolutely love to see in concert (regardless of whether they’re still touring) who would they be?
Jacki: 1. Albannach
2. Madonna/Lady Gaga (either one)
3. Phil Collins

Q14): What is the one modern convenience that you could absolutely not live without?
Jacki: If it’s MAC (I originally typed APPLE…am I showing my age??), I can’t survive without it!

Q15): What does your bedroom look like?
Jacki: As you walk through the door from the hallway you enter a room with walls of true jade. You see a cherry four-poster bed (usually with multiple cats lounging on it) and a tray ceiling. I have floor length cream curtains and a gorgeous harbor breeze baja style ceiling fan. In one corner is my treadmill that I swear I’m going to use any minute now, and in the other several cat trees for their climbing pleasure. If you were sitting on top of my craftmatic adjustable bed you would see my dresser in front of you, topped with items to represent every element in nature. Above it is my Sony 32inch flat screen TV and blue ray player(See? Tech girl). In the diagonal corner opposite the treadmill is my Barbie collection. I have Wonder Woman, Bewitched, Pisces, I Dream of Jeanie and the Italy Barbie. From there you move into the master bath and walk in closet.

Q16): What are the best and worst pick-up lines that you’ve ever heard?
Jacki: Umm…I’ve never been picked up. I’m very socially deficient in that way.

Q17): Have you ever had any crazy jobs (aside from your current one that is)?
Jacki: Well…I was the party hostess at McDonald’s once…

Q18): Is there a name that you’ve been dying to name one of your cats, but have never had ‘the right one’ for it yet?
Jacki: “Hey you!” :P Oh wait, that’s all of their nicknames.

Q19): We know you love to shop… what’s something that you can never have enough of?
Jacki: Shoes and handbags

Q20): Is there anything that you want to tell us about “Adam” or the NIGHTWALKERS series while we have you here today before the Live Chat?
Jacki: Yes, I have been hearing and receiving emails that many fans have gotten upset after reading the prologue and first chapter of ADAM. So much so, that they have thrown the book across the room and not wanted to continue reading. I just have to say …keep reading! Trust your author!
LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews: Well, that was really fun--again! I hope you enjoyed yourself answering as much as we did asking!? Thank you again for coming back today, for being so open with us, and for proving once again why we love you so much. We’re really looking forward to talking to you and your fans more in the Live Chat again later.
Jacki: Thanks so much for tolerating me again. Do I get a cookie? A neat bag for my assistant who loves skulls? I’m just asking…she’s not making me. You guys are SO much fun. I’ll come back any time you like! And even if you don’t like! I always have a blast and can’t wait for the chat!

If you'd like to keep up with Jacki and her latest news please visit her Website, Facebook Page, Twitter or Goodreads.

CONTEST:  Jacki is giving away a signed copy of "Adam" to a winner from Book Monster and a winner from Literal Addiction (over on their site).
To Enter: Make sure you are a member of the Book Monster Blog (by clicking on the “JOIN THIS SITE” button at the top left hand corner of blog page), and then post a comment on the interview and make sure you leave a valid email address.
*Any comments without an email address will NOT be entered into drawing.
Don't forget to drop by the LITERAL ADDICTION website ( and follow the directions and links to enter their contest for an extra chance to win!!!


Jewel said...

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I love the biblical names used for your characters in this series.

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