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Q&A Interview and Giveaway with Jo Carlisle/Davis/JD Tyler

Hello Book Monsters and Literal Addicts!  Book Monster Reviews and LITERAL ADDICTION are very pleased to welcome back author, Jo Carlisle (AKA - Jo Davis & J.D. Tyler) to our sites today.

Jo Carlisle’s erotic tales, whether edgy paranormal or realistic contemporary, carry her readers on a fast-paced ride of danger and forbidden passions. Embattled heroes fight for the love of the strong-willed mates who melt their emotional and sexual boundaries and free their souls…even as their enemies circle in for the kill.

Jo Carlisle writes for New American Library under three pseudonyms (Jo Davis, J.D. Tyler and Jo Carlisle). Whether this is due to an overdose of ambition or a multiple personality affliction, she’ll never tell.  What we do know is that no matter the name she chooses to write under every book she writes is smokin' hot and leaves you craving more. 

Jo invites you to leave your troubles behind, step into another world, and lose yourself in wicked pleasure for a while.  "Raina's Fantasy" was released in August 2006 and now Jo's new series, the LORDS OF PLEASURE has been released to the world.  The first book "Temptation at Twilight was released on November 1, 2011 and we are happy to have Jo back with us today to help her promote it.  The second book in the LORDS OF PLEASURE series, "Desire After Dark" will be coming in out August 2012.

Let's take a look and see what Jo's new erotic paranormal romance, is all about….

"Temptation at Twilight" synopsis -

A fantasy resort that offers all the pleasures of life-and death...

Vampire brothers Aldric, Soren, and Luc Fontaine own and run La Petite Mort, an adult fantasy resort for the adventurous of heart-and body. Humans, shifters, Fae, and other beings gather to enjoy two weeks of fantasies-come-true at the New Orleans estate. The brothers themselves have experienced everything life, and death, have to offer...except finding their true mates.

Soren makes a bargain with a Voodoo Priestess, binding him to her forever in exchange for the return of the wife he lost a hundred years ago. He is soon convinced that one of the new guests is his wife reincarnated, and an intense sexual attraction turns to a true emotional bond...but all could be lost when the Priestess comes to collect.

Now, let's welcome Jo back to Book Monster and LITERAL ADDICTION and see what she's been up to….

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Hi Jo!  Welcome Back!  We’re so happy to have you with us again!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with us!
Jo {opening comments}: Thank you for having me back! It’s fun to visit with you guys again.

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Since we already asked you our standard interview questions last time, we figured we'll mix it up a bit and then ask about your new series. 
Q1):   If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do in your last 24 hours?
Jo: If I knew and had time to prepare, I’d spend it with my children and my parents, reminiscing and just showing them all how much I love them. If I’m caught unprepared, however, my nose will probably be stuck in a book!

Raina's FantasyQ2)  The last time you were here we asked you what are three things that never fail to make you smile. 
This time we want to know…What are 3 things that never fail to piss you off? 

Jo: Jeez, just three? Okay, if I have to pick:
1)   When the one person who’s supposed to be there for you, support and love you, turns their back and leaves devastation in their wake, and doesn’t care.
2)  When someone hurts one of my kids, my claws come out.
3)  Liars. I read a quote once that said, “I dislike a thief, but I hate a liar.” I think it was Will Rogers but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The sentiment is one I’ve always carried with me, though—if an adult lies to me, I’m done. Period.

Q3)  If you had the opportunity to spend the day with anyone of your choosing (dead or alive), who would you pick and what would you do?

Jo: I miss my grandmother (my mom’s mom) so much. I’d give anything if I could spend the day with her, take her to lunch and tell her all the amazing things that have happened in my life in the 16 years she’s been gone. I’d introduce her to her great-grandchildren, too, who’ve turned out to be wonderful young adults.

Q4)  Do you like to cook?  If so, what's your favorite dish to make?
Jo: I love to cook! I just hate to clean the kitchen when I’m done, so my two teenagers usually pitch in. I love to make homemade lasagna and tend to end up with a houseful of people when word gets out that it’s on the menu for dinner!

Q5)  Can you please tell us about the three vampire brothers Aldric, Soren, and Luc Fontaine from the LORDS OF PLEASURE series? (ages, powers etc.)

Jo: Aldric, Soren and Luc (in order from oldest to youngest) are brothers, “born” vampires who grew up in France in the early 1700’s. They moved to New Orleans in 1721 to help establish the new city, and have adapted with the times. My world, however, is an alternate reality Earth where humans and paranormals live in full awareness of each other, and the paranormals are in power. Society is brutal. And very, very sexual.
Aldric, the oldest brother, is the head of the household and sits on the Council as their vampire representative. He’s unbending, sometimes harsh, and serious. But then, he’s had to be since their parents’ deaths.
Soren, the middle brother, is the hero in TEMPTATION AT TWILIGHT. He’s spent the past 100 years or so grieving his dead wife and longs to have her returned, even if the price is a terrible bargain. He’s kind, flawed, and oh-so-insatiable.
Luc, the youngest brother, is a beta personality. He’s fun-loving, gregarious, and nobody can get enough of him. In DESIRE AFTER DARK, he’s going to be taken to erotic heights even he never imagined, but it won’t be all fun and games. Luc will learn the true meaning of love and self-sacrifice.
Q6)  The brothers own an adult fantasy resort called La Petite Mort.  Can you tell us some of the things we can expect at this fantasy resort?

Jo: Anything goes at La Petite Mort, and the Fontaine brothers make certain that whatever their visitors’ desires are, they will be met—provided their pleasure harms no one. Sexual encounters are very open, and carnal. Just the way the brothers love it.

Q7)  Is the LORDS OF PLEASURE series expected to be a trilogy?

Jo: I only had two books contracted originally, so I’m not sure if there will be a third. It’s always possible, though. Aldric is so alpha and yummy, it would be a shame to strand his story!

Q8)  The second book in the series "Desire After Dark" will be released in August 2012.  Can you tell us which brother this book will be about and maybe some juicy tidbits on what we can expect? 

Jo: As I hinted before, this is Luc’s story. Luc is in serious trouble when his book opens, and is saved by a beautiful Valkyrie warrior named Kassandra. What he doesn’t know is that Kass was supposed to escort him to Valhalla, not rescue him. Nor does he know at first that she’s his mate. Or that he’s falling for a female who’ll pay a terrible price for what she’s done…
Q9) If you could leave readers with one legacy, what would you want it to be?

Jo: I want to leave this world knowing I was able to transport readers away from the problems of their everyday lives for just a little while. I’ll be happy knowing I’ve brought people a few hours of enjoyment and escape.

Q10)  What's coming up next for J.D. Tyler and Jo Davis, your other two pseudonyms?

Jo: As J.D. Tyler, I have a novella and two more Alpha Pack novels being released in 2012! Up next is Kalen Black’s novella, BLACK MAGIC, that will be out from Penguin eSpecials in March, 2012. Kalen is our Sorcerer/Necromancer/panther shifter and it’s the beginning of his story with Dr. Mackenzie Grant. You won’t want to miss it!

Aric Savage’s story, SAVAGE AWAKENING, will be released on April 3, 2012. His heroine, Rowan Chase, is a tough LAPD police officer and is more than a match for our snarky, redheaded wolf/Firestarter/Telekinetic. Their story will burn up the pages…
As Jo Davis, I have more exciting news: I recently sold a spinoff of my Firefighters of Station Five series! That’s right—Detective Shane Ford and the Sugarland PD will finally get their stories! The series is called SUGARLAND BLUE and will be the same flavor as the firefighter books, but will be labeled contemporary romance with a  dash of suspense. The series will be about the heroes behind the badge at the Sugarland PD, the dangers they face, and the women who love them. The first book is tentatively set for release in June 2013, and yes—this one will be Shane’s story! I’m beyond thrilled and can’t wait to start writing this series! (And yes, your favorite firemen of Station Five will appear from time to time!)

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Jo, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions!  We can't wait to have you back in April 2012 (on April Fool's Day - no foolin' J) to help you promote the release of "Black Magic" and "Savage Awakening".

Jo: You’re welcome, and thank you again for having me back! I can’t wait for April so I can talk to you all (ask J.D. Tyler) about Kalen’s and Aric’s upcoming stories!
If you'd like to find out more about Jo's fabulous books and keep up with her latest news. check out the Jo Davis Website, JD Tyler Website & Jo Carlisle Website or you can follow her on these pages:  Jo Davis Facebook, JD Tyler Facebook, JD Tyler on Twitter or Jo Davis on Twitter 

CONTEST:  Jo is graciously giving away signed copies of TEMPTATION AT TWILIGHT and PRIMAL LAW to 2 readers. (one winner at Book Monster Reviews, one at LITERAL ADDICTION)
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