Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Review - BEYOND THE DARKNESS by Jaime Rush


Book Title:  Beyond the Darkness
Author:  Jaime Rush
Series:  Offspring - Book 5
Publisher:  Avon
Publication Date:  November 29, 2011

They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary. They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry—and they are in terrible danger.

Cheveyo: a name that stirs Petra like no other, reviving deep feelings of pleasure . . . and pain. Despite her rare psychic gifts, the beautiful half-human Offspring doesn’t know why the magnificent shapeshifter walked out of her life when the bond they shared was powerful . . . and intensely passionate.

But Cheveyo is not gone. From the shadows, he watches over his beloved, determined that the malevolent enemies he hunts with fang and claw will not invade her world. But now, suddenly, the stakes are getting higher—as an insidious evil plots the destruction of Petra’s race. Cheveyo can remain hidden no longer from the lover who completes him but could destroy him . . . if his own inner darkness doesn’t destroy her first.

My Review - (reviewed by Carla)

"Beyond the Darkness" is the fifth book in the Offspring series and the long awaited story of Cheveyo and Petra.  I know I have been dying for Cheveyo and Petra's story and Jaime did not disappoint with their story.  This book has it all.  Action, adventure, a sexy tortured hero, a pampered princess turned warrior, an amazing romance story, smokin' hot love scenes and some really terrible bad guys. 

At the end of the last book, "Burning Darkness", book 4 - the Offspring are finally free.  They don't have to run from Darkwell anymore and they can try to live "normal" lives again.  "Beyond the Darkness" starts off with Petra working a normal job and trying to keep her mind off Cheveyo.  She gets a call from Pope, asking her to meet him and she goes.  Pope needs Petra to contact Cheveyo, and Petra is his only hope of contacting Cheveyo with the psychic connection they share.  Petra agrees and the story just explodes from there into a total adrenaline rush.

If you've read the prior books in the series, you know Cheveyo is a man of mystery.  He is an Offspring but stays away from the rest of them.  He is a loner and only comes around when he knows Petra is in danger.  The only things we've  learned about him throughout the series is that he has visions of the future (that's how he knows Petra is in danger), he has a psychic connection with Petra and he can shape shift into a blank panther.  Cheveyo knows that Petra is his other half but has made it clear that he can have nothing to do with her.  In this book we learn everything there is to know about Cheveyo and exactly why he stays away from Petra.  I really liked him the few times we got to see him throughout the series, but now.. I LOVE him!!  We got to see many different sides of him - a warrior, a protector, a loving and romantic man who longs to be with the woman he loves and a……. Ooops!  I'm not telling you anymore!  You'll have to read the book to find out.  :-p

Petra is the older sister of Eric, the hero from the fourth book.  Although Petra is older, Eric always looked after her and bossed her around trying to take care of her.  Out of all the Offspring, Petra is the one that wanted to find love and the one man she wants, she can't have.  She is at a point where she is feeling out of sorts and alone because all of her friends have found love.  Petra is also the pampered princess of the group.  She's the girly-girl, a beautiful woman who likes to dress nice and always likes to wear make-up.  She has a very gentle nature and the only Offspring that has the power to heal.  But when it comes down to Cheveyo, Petra will do anything, even become a warrior princess that will do anything to protect the man she loves.

We also get to learn so much more about Pope and get to see another side of him, other than the emotionless Callorian we all know from the series.  I am totally loving the vulnerabilities we see in Pope as he lives in the human world and feels the emotions of those around him.  I am hoping that Pope will get his own book.  He's been through so much to help and protect the Offspring that he deserves to have a HEA.

This is my favorite book in the series.  It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions and there were quite a few scenes that had me crying from sorrow, pain and joy.  I could not put the book down and finished it in half a day.  This book can be read as a stand-alone but I definitely recommend that you read the rest of the series as well.  This is the kind of series that you fall in love with all of the characters and you won't want to miss any of it.  Jaime… totally rock my world!!  That's why the Offspring is one of my top favorite series, because every book blows you away!

I give "Beyond the Darkness" 5 out of 5 Stars

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