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Q&A Interview and Giveaway with Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer Lyon Interview

Hello everyone! Book Monster Reviews and LITERAL ADDICTION are very pleased to welcome author, Jennifer Lyon to our sites today.

Jennifer Lyon grew up under the shadow of the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. She attended Walt Disney elementary school and her very first playmate was her beloved dog, Duke (an ugly but very good natured Boxer), who was cast in the role of hero in all their many adventures.

Imagination was never a problem for Jen! She discovered books at a very young age and read voraciously.

Many years later, Jen met her real life hero at the dog pound, married him and they had three sons. She went back to school to get her degree, and pursued her passion of writing. Eventually writing won out over a degree and she began to write full time.

Jen has penned the award winning Samantha Shaw Mystery Series and several other romantic mysteries under the name Jennifer Apodaca. Then she decided to unleash her inner witch, took the name Jennifer Lyon and created the Wing Slayer Hunter Series about tortured alpha males and the very special witches who love them.

The WING SLAYER HUNTER series is one of our all time favorites.  It consists of four (4) truly amazing and magical books, "Blood Magic", "Soul Magic", "Night Magic" and "Sinful Magic".   Since the publisher has recently dropped the WING SLAYER HUNTER series, the future of the series is unsure.  We hope that Jen can find another way to bring back this amazing series to us.  Until then, we hope that by sharing this great series with you all, you will love it as much as we do.  Here is a synopsis of each of the four books in the series….

"Blood Magic" - Book 1


In the days when powerful witches used their magic to shield humanity from demons, their allies and guardians were a group of men gifted with preternatural abilities of their own–the witch guardians. But when a band of witches traded their humanity for demonic power, the ancient bond was broken, and the guardians became the hunters.
Darcy MacAlister knows nothing of demons or magic. But this beautiful young woman is about to discover the truth about her past…and her future. For she is a witch–not just any witch, but the key to breaking the curse that has plagued witches and the men who hunt them. For if a hunter kills an innocent witch by mistake, the price is no less than a piece of his soul.
Axel Locke, gorgeous leader of the Wing Slayer Hunters, has sworn never to shed the blood of the earth witches who have resisted the temptation of demonic power. But when his sister is cursed by a demon witch, he discovers that Darcy MacAlister may hold the cure–if she can master her newfound powers in time. When the chase begins and Axel and Darcy come face-to-face, this hunter must weigh his soul against his honor–and against his heart.

"Soul Magic" - Book 2


When an ancient pact is broken, powerful witches who once used their magic to help humanity become the twisted playthings of demons, and the mortal men who once protected the sorceresses become witch hunters, cursed with the longing to spill the witches’ blood: an irresistible craving that will cost witches their lives and witch hunters their souls.
The Wing Slayer Hunters fight this curse, guarding innocent witches until the urge to harm them grows too strong–then they must kill their own. Wing Slayer Sutton West has always honored that vow. His own father killed himself rather than go rogue. But now Sutton is tempted as never before by Carla Fisk, a brilliant psychologist and dynamic witch whose twin sister, Keri, was murdered by rogues.
Bound by blood and passion, Carla and Sutton dare not succumb to their deadly attraction. Yet when a mysterious rogue named Styx joins forces with the demon Asmodeus, witch and hunter have no choice but to work together. For Keri’s immortal soul is at stake–and with it, balanced on a knife-edge, is the fate of humanity itself.

"Night Magic" - Book 3


Ailish Donovan is a witch ready to do battle. Raised unaware of her powers, she is just sixteen when her mother tricks her into binding with the demon Asmodeus. Pure-hearted Ailish escapes with the connection incomplete but pays a heavy price: For the next eight years, she is shunned by her earth sisters and tormented by Asmodeus’s lust. After hardening her body and mind as a champion kickboxer, Ailish returns home to break the bond—or die.
The Wing Slayer Hunter Phoenix Torq is sworn to protect earth witches, but he is shaken by Ailish’s fierce independence—and his own forbidden cravings. Dark, impulsive, and haunted by his troubled past, Phoenix likewise arouses Ailish in ways she finds disturbing—and irresistible. Torn between mistrust and desire, each must go to hell and back to seek the magic that could set them both free.

"Sinful Magic" - Book 4


Roxanne “Roxy” Banfield refuses to be like her mother, a fertility witch who uses sex as nothing more than a magical weapon. Roxy rejects that life and is determined to become mortal to pursue her dream of real love and a family. All she has to do is avoid meeting the one man whose sensuality can release her powers. But steering clear of this magnetic stranger is easier said than done.
Wing Slayer Hunter Kieran “Key” DeMicca channels the dark violence that lives inside him into a popular comic book series about an ancient dragon named Dyfyr, but only Key knows that Dyfyr is real. Lately he finds himself drawing images of a young woman in peril, and assumes that she’s just a product of his imagination—until he meets Roxy. Struck by her beauty and her resemblance to his sketches, he feels compelled to protect her. As steamy magic, lethal danger, and timeless love collide, Roxy must become what she swore she would never be—and inadvertently awake a part of Key that will threaten to destroy them both.

We truly can not recommend this series enough!  If you have not read it yet, you must try it.  You will be instantly hooked just like we are.  Now that you've learned more about the WING SLAYER HUNTERS, let's learn more about the incredible author……

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Hi Jennifer!  Thank you for stopping by today and chatting with us!  We’re so happy to have you with us today!

Jennifer: Thank you so much for having me! I’m excited to be here.

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  We always like to start out by getting to know you a little bit better.

Q1):   Can you tell us 3 things about yourself that we can't find out on the internet, in your bio, etc?

Jennifer: Sure, we’re all friends here, right? Let’s see, what deep dark secrets should I reveal?

1) I once dreamed of being a wedding/party planner. Then I realized I’d have to deal with crazy people. And I wouldn’t be allowed to kill them. It is so much more fun to write books where I can kill off anyone I wish to!

2) I secretly watch Dance Moms. For the most part, I don’t watch reality T.V. But for some reason, I stumbled onto Dance Moms and if I can catch a show, I watch it. This amuses and baffles my husband all at the same time.

3) I hate mayo and most fish.

2)  What are some hobbies and interests you like to do when you're not writing?

Jennifer: Every time I am asked this question, I swear I’m going to get an interesting hobby. Unfortunately, I never do. I love to read, of course. That’s a given, although I have a lot less time to read than I’d like. I work out at the gym, which is a good way to clear my head. We have a pool and Jacuzzi because we tend to be homebodies, so a great summer afternoon is hanging out in the pool and then BBQing and following up with a drink in the Jacuzzi. Getting together with my friends and just laughing is a favorite of mine.

I should take up archery, or maybe sword fighting.

3)  Who or what inspired you to become an author?  How long have you been writing?

Jennifer: When I was young, there was a tragedy on our street. Two little boys found a gun, and one accidently shot and killed the other. I was traumatized, and could not sleep. That’s when I began telling myself stories to give my mind something to focus on so I would go to sleep and not have nightmares. That’s where it started.

Then I discovered romance books in high school, and they fueled my passion for stories. I expanded my reading to include some horror like SALEM’S LOT and THE SHINNING by Stephen King. I was hooked. At the same time, I was writing too.

 But the thing is, I never imagined that I could actually become an author.  I mean, I’m just me, nobody special. Authors, I thought, must be special people.

Years later, after I married and we had our three sons, I went back to college. But nothing really excited me, not like writing and telling stories. I decided that I might not be special, but I would be foolish if I didn’t go after my passion. So with the full support of my husband, I did. It took me eight years, but I finally sold in 2000 and my first book came out in 2002.

4)  Do you have any interesting writing quirks or things you must have with you to begin the writing process?

Jennifer: I’m not sure I can write without coffee or diet coke. And maybe Tylenol when I bang my head against my desk in frustration.

5)  Who are some of your favorite authors and series?

Jennifer: I’ll just list a few authors that come to mind. Larissa Ione, Nalini Singh, Regan Hastings, Laura Wright, Kresley Cole. I love discovering new-to-me authors. When I read Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison early this year, I was instantly captivated and made all my friends read it too J

6)  What are some of your favorite TV shows and movies?

Jennifer: I mentioned my weird infatuation with Dance Moms. In general, TV frustrates me more and more. I love good romantic comedies like THE PROPOSAL and GO WITH IT are two I can think of. I love some dramas, like Clint Eastwood’s GRAND TORINO. I think the love story GHOST is a classic, really digging into the question of Love After Death.

7)  What is your favorite inspirational quote?

Jennifer:  “If you don’t think there is magic in writing, you probably won’t write anything magical.” (By Terry Brooks)

8)  What are 3 things that never fail to make you smile, and 3 things that never fail to piss you off?

Jennifer: My son’s dog, Bailey, always makes me smile. Also,the website, and my fans.

Piss me off:  Mean people, animal cruelty and a bad hair day.

9)  What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview, but never have been?  Could you answer that for us?

Jennifer: Could I stop writing if I wanted to? The answer is maybe I could stop writing in an organized way, but there’d be grocery lists and bank statements covered with story ideas and characters begging to have their story told.

10)  What is one of the most surprising thing you have learned while writing your books?

Jennifer: That’s a great question—if you mean from research, many, many things! When I did my original research, I found that in some places, women are still persecuted for being witches. That led me in the direction of researching the psychology of cults, and how very fragile and malleable the human psyche truly is. That is where Dr. Carla Fisk, the witch and psychologist in the second book, SOUL MAGIC, came from. She worked with women inducted into cults. It’s a fascinating subject, but I’ll stop here.

11)  Do you have a book of yours that you consider a favorite?  One that may have more sentimental meaning you to you?

Jennifer: My last book SINFUL MAGIC. I love all the Wing Slayer Hunter books for different reasons, but two things stand out in SINFUL MAGIC. First, I had a really strong connection with the dragon Dyfyr in that book, and I had a really hard time letting him go. It’s a little freaky, to be honest. And second, Key, the hero of that book, was always a mystery to me. I knew he was an artist, and I knew that in some ways he was the darkest of all the characters. The journey of discovering WHY he was that way was heart wrenching and exhausting, but it made me love him all the more. I wish I could be half as strong as some of my characters! 

12)  You've said that you love to write about witches.  If you were a witch and could choose one power to have, what would you pick and why that power?

Jennifer: Wow, that’s tough. I could easily imagine a half dozen. I’m going to go with healing because I feel so helpless seeing people suffer. And when it’s children, I’m feel helpless and angry.

13)  Can you tell us what the future holds for the WING SLAYER HUNTER series?  Will there be more books to the series? *crosses fingers, toes and eyes and prays Jen will say yes*

Jennifer: Thank you for wanting more books! I have the next three Wing Slayer Hunter plotted out, however the publisher has dropped the series. That throws a definite wrench into my plans. Right now—I just don’t know. I’ve worked with top notch editors on this series, and if I write more books, I insist they be the same quality as the first four books.

Then there is the pesky problem of paying my bills J

14)  What's next for Jennifer Lyon?  What do you have planned in the upcoming months?  Any new projects you're working on?

Jennifer: I’m currently finishing up a new proposal that I’m excited (and terrified) about. It’s a new world with powerful Dragon Shifters, and Fae descended from Otherworld who are trapped on Earth and their magic is dying. They must come together and fight to find a way to regain magic and defeat their enemy. That’s a very sketchy description. We’ll see if a publisher is interested. And I have some more ideas I’m anxious to develop.

15)  Is there anything specific you would like to say to your readers?

Jennifer: Yes! A huge thank you! I love writing, but it can be a very difficult and lonely job. But when I get tired or discouraged, all I have to do is remember all the lovely communications I’ve had, or all the readers who are waiting for me next book, and I am inspired to keep writing. While I write the words, it is the readers who bring the characters to life by loving them. Thank you!

Thank you again Jennifer for dropping by.  We wish you the best of luck with your new project and we hope to see more WING SLAYER HUNTER books in the future. We would love to have you back on Book Monster and LITERAL ADDICTION to help you celebrate and promote the release of your new series when you're ready.
Jennifer: Thank you so much for having me! It’s been a pleasure!

If you would like to find out more about Jennifer and her books, you can visit her at any of the sites below.

Jennifer's  Website:



CONTEST:  Jennifer is giving away a signed copy of "Night Magic" on Book Monster Reviews and a signed copy of "Sinful Magic" over on LITERAL ADDICTION's website (  Don't forget to drop by the LITERAL ADDICTION website and follow the directions and links to enter their contest as well!!!

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