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Q&A Interview and Giveaway with Jennifer Ashley

Hello Book Monsters and Literal Addicts! Book Monster Reviews and LITERAL ADDICTION are very pleased to welcome Jennifer Ashley to our sites today.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley currently lives in the Southwest, but has lived and traveled all over the world.  She writes historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance as Jennifer Ashley; mysteries as Ashley Gardner; and paranormal romance and urban fantasy as Allyson James.

Jennifer/Ashley/Allyson’s novels have won RWA's RITA award, the Golden Quill, RT Reviewer's Choice awards, and the Prism award -- among others. Jennifer's novels have also been translated into nearly a dozen European and Asian languages.

Jennifer enjoys writing and reading above all else, but her hobbies include cooking, hiking, playing flute and guitar, painting, and building miniature rooms and dollhouses.

Ashley Gardner is the creator of the historical mystery series, CAPTAIN LACEY REGENCY MYSTERY.  The series currently consists of 8 books, " The Hanover Square Affair", " A Regimental Murder", " The Glass House", " The Sudbury School Murders", " The Necklace Affair (Novella)", " A Body in Berkeley Square", " A Covent Garden Mystery" and " The Gentleman's Walking Stick" which was just released on September 9. " A Death in Norfolk" the 9th book in the series, will be released in October 2011.

As Allyson James, she currently has four series out.  The MORTAL series consists of 2 books and a short story, "Mortal Temptations", "Mortal Seductions" and "Mortal Sensations".  The  DRAGON series consists of three books, "Dragon Heat", "The Black Dragon" and "The Dragon Master".  The STORMWALKER series has 3 books, "Stormwalker", "Firewalker" and "Shadow Walker" (which was just released in June 2011).  And lastly, with the most books, the TALES OF THE SHAREEM series has 6:  "Rees", "Maia and Rylan", "Rio", "Aiden and Ky", "Calder" and "Braden", a short story, "Eland", and the next installment, "Justin", is coming soon.
As Jennifer Ashley, she has three series out currently.  THE IMMORTALS series consists of "The Calling", "The Darkening", "The Awakening", "The Gathering", "The Redeeming", "The Crossing", "The Haunting" and "The Reckoning".  Her SHIFTERS UNBOUND series has two books, "Pride Mates" and "Primal Bonds" (which was released in March 2011).  The MACKENZIES series currently has three books; "The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie", "Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage" and its newest, "The Many Sins of Lord Cameron", which was released on August 2, 2011.

Let's take a look at the 3 latest releases from our guest author as Allyson James and Jennifer Ashley….

"Shadow Walker" by Allyson James synopsis -
Winter descends on the town of Magellan, and new evil comes to call.
Racing her motorcycle down a lonely winter highway, Stormwalker Janet Begay feels the ground collapse beneath her feet. After tumbling two hundred feet into an underground cavern, she manages to escape with help from her sexy dragon-shifter boyfriend, Mick—but not before they disturb dark forces.
As Janet contends with a hotel inspector intent on putting her out of business, and her grandmother, who’s taken up residence, Mick’s behavior becomes strange and erratic, until he is a clear danger to Janet and her friends. Janet's drag-queen, attitude-ridden magic mirror insists that Mick has been "touched by shadows," and Janet realizes that someone is out to enslave her dragon. Now she must free Mick before he kills her…

                                          "Primal Bonds" by Jennifer Ashley synopsis -

When half-Fae, half-Shifter Andrea Gray flees an abusive would-be mate, the only way she is allowed to relocate to the Austin Shiftertown is if a Shifter there claims her as mate.

Sean Morrissey, the Guardian of his clan and all of Shiftertown, is mateless, lonely, and has a tough job--to send the souls of deceased Shifters into the afterworld. He volunteers to claim her, sight unseen, but doesn't realize that one look at the gray-eyed, dark-haired Andrea will stir the mating frenzy in him. Even though the mate-claim isn't finalized, official, or yet blessed, Sean will do anything to get Andrea into his life and keep her there, forever.

"The Many Sins of Lord Cameron" by Jennifer Ashley synopsis -

A renowned rake, Cameron Mackenzie doesn't care if Ainsley Douglas has a virtuous excuse for sneaking around his bedchamber. He only cares that she's at his mercy. One kiss at a time, he plans to seduce her. But what starts out as a lusty diversion may break Cam's own rules.

Now that we've learned a little about the books, let's get to know the very talented author (and her alter egos) behind them.

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Hi Jennifer!  We’re very excited to have you with us today!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to drop by and spend some time with us!
Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  We like to start out getting to know our guest authors a little bit better?
Q1):   Can you tell us 3 little known things about yourself that we can't find out easily on the internet, in your bio, etc?
Jennifer: Hmm, there’s probably not much about me most people don’t know. My life is pretty uncomplicated (which is fine with me). I’ve been married to my true love for a lotta years, have two big hairy cats, and spend most of my time writing. Writing is basically my life. I relieve the stress by making and collecting dollhouse miniatures. My vice is tea. J And once in a while looking at pics of hot guys (I have to describe the heroes just right…right?).

2)  What inspired you to become a writer?  How long have you been writing for?

Jennifer: I’ve wanted to be writer since I was a wee, small child. I loved to read--was reading far above my grade level from the day I learned. I couldn’t think of a better thing to happen than to go into a library and find a novel with my name on it. It would be fiction, probably historical, because that’s what I adored. That dream moved from foreground to background, in and out, while I grew up (and discovered boys), but never went away. I always knew that one day I would be a professional published writer. In the mid 90s, I decided to stop saying “someday” and Do It! I started working very hard at being a professional author, and here we are.
3)  How long did it take to get your first book published?

Jennifer: Hard to say, because I started really trying, published a few short stories, and then got sick in 1996, had to have surgery (nothing major, but enough to knock me on my butt for a long time). I laid off manic writing for about two years (I still wrote, but leisurely, for my own pleasure).
In 1999 I attended a writing class at my local Y about how to finish a book and get it bought by a publisher. I came out of that hour-long class knowing I was ready. From that day, I set up a plan to finish the books I was dabbling with, start entering contests (to teach myself how to write to deadline), and start submitting to agents and to publishers. I was going to DO IT. I wrote, submitted, wrote submitted. I stopped wallowing in my rejections (don’t collect them--throw them away!), and just kept going.
In 2002, I was offered a book contract with Dorchester, signed with an agent the same month, and that agent turned around and sold a mystery series a few months later (the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries I write as Ashley Gardner, which is still going: 
4)  As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
Jennifer:  Be a writer. J For a brief interlude, I also wanted to be a veterinarian, but biology classes kicked my butt, while I aced any class to do with writing. I got the message. (I’d always planned to be a writer on the side, not realizing how much time either of those professions take up.)

5)  If you could list 3 things that never fail to make you smile, what would they be?

Jennifer: 1) My crazy cats; 2) my husband being goofy; 3) dollhouses

6)  Do you have a writing routine, i.e certain things you must have with you for the process to begin, etc?
Jennifer: My routine is to write in the mornings at a coffee house where I have breakfast. I seem to be very productive there--can write 2000 words (up to 10 pages) if I have enough tea. At home, I check my email, FB, Twitter, then go right back into writing. I do three or four writing “sessions” during the day, writing before and after lunch, break in the afternoon, then more writing late afternoon. At dinner, I knock off and spend the rest of the evening with my family. I don’t seem to “need” any special thing or place to write--as long as I can sit comfortably and be undisturbed for a block of an hour to an hour and a half at a time. The stories suck me in, and I have no idea what’s going on around me!
7)  If you were to write an auto-biography, what do you think it’d be called?
Jennifer: Diary of a Mad Writer
8)  If you could have any super power, what would you want it to be and why?
Jennifer: The ability to write books without being awake for it, and for the book to turn out perfectly the first time. Oh, you mean a *normal* superpower. J I think I’d want great strength and stamina, like Buffy.

9) What are some of your favorite television shows and movies?

Jennifer: I obviously liked Buffy when it was out, and also Firefly (rules!). Current shows I enjoy are, for easy escapism: Burn Notice, Leverage, White Collar, and Warehouse 13; for character development and great writing, Justified is excellent. I also love Brit shows--not only the staple, Dr. Who, but older shows like Lovejoy and Pie in the Sky; plus all those mysteries: Midsomer Murders, Foyle’s War, the new Sherlock Holmes series, etc. I’m a mystery junkie. I don’t have time to watch a lot of movies, but a few I’ve enjoyed in the last decade are Up!, Chocolat, Julie and Julia, the Pirates movies, and the HP movies.

10)  Who are some of your favorite authors, and what are a couple titles in  your TBR pile right now?

Jennifer: I read across genres, liking Terry Pratchett in fantasy, Patricia Briggs and Carrie Vaughan in Urban Fantasy, Donna Leon in mystery, and in romance, Virginia Kantra, Eloisa James, Angela Knight, and so many, many, many more. I can’t list the romance loves without leaving someone out. I’m very open in my romance reading, liking historical, erotic, paranormal, contemporary, suspense…
11)  Out of all the books that you’ve written, do you have a favorite amongst them; maybe one that has special sentimental value to you, etc?

Jennifer: I’ve written so many now, that it’s hard to say. The Stormwalker series is very close to my heart, because it’s set where I live. I’ve wanted to write about the beautiful southwest for a long time, incorporating its culture, mythology, and vast history. I’m loving writing that series. I like all the characters and want to explore them as much as I can.
The Mackenzie brothers ran around in my head a long, long time before I was able to write about them, and they are also near and dear to my heart. Four delectable Scotsmen who don’t give a dang about what the world thinks of them--what’s not to love?
The other series I always love getting back to is the Shareem, erotic romance by Allyson James. Writing about those guys is like hanging out with old friends. I’m always interested in what the gang has been up to. They are unashamedly interested in sex!
12)  You write in several genres of romance.  What’s your favorite among them and why, and which is the most challenging and why?

Jennifer: If I was forced to pick a favorite, I’d probably say historical, but I love all the genres I write. I couldn’t write them if I didn’t--I don’t have the discipline to write something because “it sells.” If I hate it, I don’t care if I could make a million dollars, I can’t do it (no matter how much I try to make myself J --I’d love a million dollars!).
Historical was the first romance genre I read and wrote, and that is the genre in which ideas come to me thick and fast.
However, I grew up reading fantasy and originally planned to be a fantasy writer. I turned to romance, because I wanted to put romance into my fantasy, and at the time, the wisdom was “don’t put romance into your fantasy.” I wish now I hadn’t listened, but I turned to romance to get my romantic fix.
When publishers started wanting paranormal romance and urban fantasy by the ton, I was thrilled, because here was my chance to combine romance and fantasy. I like! I’d also love the chance to cross the aisles and go back to fantasy, which has changed a lot in the last decade. I get to try out my sci fi ideas in the Shareem series, so much fun (it’s nominally “futuristic”, more about the characters than anything else, but I love playing with their technology).
I also write mysteries (as Ashley Gardner), and I love those too! Big mystery fan here.

Book Monster Reviews/ LITERAL ADDICTION:  O.K, now we'd like to ask some questions relating to the books…

13)  Can you please tell us a little about the Mackenzie series?  How many books do you have planned, and what can we expect as the series progresses?

Jennifer: Love them Mackenzies! Four hot, Scottish brothers, decadent, delectable, and scarred. They’re a dysfunctional family yet very close, drive each other crazy, yet are always there for each other. In descending order, the brothers are Hart the oldest (the leader); Cameron (the black sheep); Mac (the charmer); and Ian (brilliant and misunderstood--he has Asperger’s). All have suffered, all are open for that lady who will heal their hearts (and not take their crap).
The first three books you mention above are out; and the fourth book (Hart’s), will be out in April 2012 (The Duke’s Perfect Wife).
I have two more contracted in that series: The first about Elliot, brother of the heroine in Many Sins of Lord Cameron; and the second about Daniel, Cameron’s son. He’ll be all grown up and having troubles of his own. I’d like to take the series even further, with another of Ainsley’s brothers (Sinclair) and a couple of the secondary characters who pop up in the other books. I’ll see what my editor says!
14)  Can you please tell us some more about the TALES OF THE SHAREEM series in your own words?  How many books do you have planned for this series?
Jennifer: Oh, my, the hot guys. I just love the Shareem. They are so easy to write about, as I said above, like being with old friends (old friends who are smoking hot and so sexy your eyeballs melt). I am keeping the series open-ended for now. I had intended to end with Braden, and then Justin came along. I’m working on him now. Judith also needs a story, and there are other guys out there! I don’t have as much time to write them as I’d like, but I won’t be dropping them.

15)   How many books do you have planned for the STORMWALKER series, and what can we expect out of these as the series progresses?

Jennifer: Stormwalker is an awesome series to write. Very challenging, because it’s probably the most plot-driven series I do (though the mystery series also has a lot of plot, but then again, much character development).
I’m planning two more books, Nightwalker, which will involve Janet’s resident Nightwalker as well as the usual cast of characters, and another, to be titled (when I can make up my mind what the title should be). I’d also love to do some e-novellas for the series, and probably will as ideas come to me.
As the series progresses, you’ll learn more about the characters and their backgrounds (Coyote, Nash, Pamela, Ansel [the Nightwalker], Colby and Drake [the dragons]). As well as more about Mick, Gabriella, and Janet’s family.
Nightwalker should be out toward the end of the year or early next. I don’t have that pub date yet.
16)  Lastly (but certainly not least), can you please tell us some more about the SHIFTERS UNBOUND series?  How many books in store for this one and what can we look forward to?
Jennifer: Ah, the sexy Shifters! More Shifters are coming, Wild Cat in January, followed by Mate Claimed I think next October and one more yet to be titled. The next couple of books explore a new Shiftertown and the families there, though I’ll be going back to the Austin Shiftertown quite often. I have a lot of stories to tell! An e-novella will come out in November 2011 (this November), called BodyGuard, which will be about Ronan (Kodiak bear Shifter) from Primal Bonds. More e-novellas will come out between the book releases (as many as I can write!), and they’ll be sold in print form too, not to worry. I’m already planning the next e-novella, which will be about Spike, one of Liam’s trackers from Pride Mates, which will come out early next year (after Wild Cat). This series is open-ended--as long as the publisher wants the books, I’ll keep writing the books.

17)  If you could spend the day with one of the characters from any of the books you’ve written, who would you want it to be, why, and what would you want to do?

Jennifer: Well, the Shareem, for obvious reasons. J However, I love the characters in Stormwalker, and I’d love to go to Magellan and spend time in Janet’s hotel and all the people there. I have lust for Sheriff Jones, so I’d probably follow him around. I also would love to spend time in my mystery series (which I write as Ashley Gardner) Captain Lacey is a Regency ex-captain of the cavalry who now solves crimes in London--Captain Lacey is hot, of course (he loves women), but his world is also gritty and interesting. I like spending time with him and his friends.

18)  What have you always wanted to be asked in an interview but have never been asked?  How would you answer that question?

Jennifer: I’ve done so many interviews and I have answered so many questions, that I can’t think of a one that hasn’t been covered. Sorry! I do like when I’m asked about my dollhouse miniatures, a hobby I love. I subscribe to the magazines, go to the shows, take classes, visit museums and shops, collect, build, keep my own blog about my projects…  if you’re interested. J

19)  What's next for Jennifer Ashley and your alter egos?  What do you have planned in the upcoming months?

Jennifer: I am so incredibly busy, I can’t breathe. In the remainder of the year, I will have coming out another Ashley Gardner mystery plus a short story collection, the Shifter novella (BodyGuard), the next Stormwalker book (Nightwalker), a short story for a collection that will be put out by Novelists Inc, another Shareem for Ellora’s Cave….plus so many other things I want to get started on! I’m frantically finishing up things for this year, plus I’m frantically writing all the books for next year!  I guess you could say I was frantic. J There’s a lot in store. My websites will spell it all out, especially my “coming soon” page. (see

20)  Is there anything specific you would like to say to your readers while we have you here today?

Jennifer: Thank you! Without readers, writers are just spinning self-indulgent tales to entertain themselves. I love the encouragement and support I get from my readers. Keep it up. J I need you all!

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions today!  We would love to have you back on BMR/LA again in the future. J

Want to learn more about Jennifer/Allyson/Ashley's Books?  Please visit her at the following sites:




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