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Classified Interview with ALPHA PACK

Carla from BOOK MONSTER REVIEWS and Michelle from LITERAL ADDICTION were given a rare honor, the chance to meet and interview the 7 current members of the top-secret military team, ALPHA PACK.
Founded by a group of former Navy SEALS, ALPHA PACK’s main objective is to rid the world of the most dangerous human and non-human predators out there.  Like most former SEALS and military men, these guys are thrill seekers and have unrelenting appetites for danger (oh, and did we mention…they’re WAY yummy!?).
We were also given clearance to share our interview transcript with you, our Followers and Members, but the law was laid down, and we were warned that all information revealed is Top Secret and must be treated with the utmost respect. 

So, now that we’ve been debriefed and escorted back home, we give to you, our hour with ALPHA PACK……………..
[We’re picked up by a silent, average looking, yet very large man in a black suit and driven to an undisclosed location in a nondescript white van with blacked out windows.  Upon arrival at our destination, the van pulls around a structure and we can feel that we are going downhill.  The sound of electronic gears is just barely audible, but we can only assume that we are entering some sort of underground parking garage.  Someone pounds twice on the side of the van and we are let out into a large concrete room with nothing but pillars by another average looking, tall man in a dark suit.  He escorts us into the building by way of several electronically and biometrically locked doors and down a very bright white hallway to what we assumed would be a conference room, but is instead a cozy Rec Room of sorts with couches, recliners, leather armchairs, and enough gaming equipment to make a 10 year old weep with joy.  Man in black #2 tells us to make ourselves comfortable, that “the team” will be with us shortly, and silently leaves the same way we arrived.]
Carla:  O.K, that was interesting.  What do you think we’ve gotten ourselves into?
Michelle:  No worries.  SOP.  After all, we’re here to talk to a top secret military team of ex-Navy SEAL wolf-shifters (oh, and one puddy tat).
Carla:  [Gives a ½ smile] Psychics, magical Shifters, and don’t forget….
[The door at the far side of the room opens, effectively cutting Carla off, and in walk 7 of the most delicious men we have ever seen.  While we try to hide our immediate reaction to such a sight and keep from making ourselves look like idiots, we notice that each one of them has an individual and distinct aura and draw about them.  We also note that every last one of them oozes sensuality and sex appeal, almost to a suffocating degree.] 
[The first man to enter is a little older than the others. He has short black hair and deep blue eyes. He smiles a killer smile and approaches us while the other 6 take seats on the furniture and pool table surrounding where the two of us had parked ourselves upon entry.  He introduces himself first, gives us a little bit of info on who (and what) he is, and then continues on indicating the other guys in a counter-clockwise direction letting each of them do likewise.]
Nick (Westfall): Hello, ladies! I’m Nick and I lead this group of idiots. [This earns a round of good-natured protest from the others.] I’ve been commander of the Alpha Pack team for about six months, ever since the former leader was killed along with some of the other men. I’m a white wolf, and unlike the others I was born a shifter, not turned. I’m also an Empath and a PreCog—I can sense others’ emotions and I sometimes see events before they happen.
[Jaxon looks surprised at Nick mentioning the massacre, but quickly recovers, addressing Carla and Michelle politely. Jax is a sexy man with spiky black hair, a bad-boy goatee, and blue eyes. And he has an amazing scrolled tat that goes up one arm and disappears under his sleeve. Too bad we can’t see the rest…]
Jaxon (Law): Hey, ladies. I’m Jax and I’ve been with some of these guys since we were in the Navy SEALs. I’m a RetroCog, meaning I can hold an object and sometimes catch a thread to an event in the past, and a Timebender, which kind of speaks for itself. Aric?
[He gestures to a handsome man with long, auburn hair.]
Aric (Savage): Well, I was in the SEALs with Jax, Zan, and Ryon. I’m not known for my charm—[the others heartily agree]—so I’ll leave the finesse to them. I can start fires and I’m a Telekinetic. Wonder Boy here is the cool one of the bunch, though. [He hitches a thumb at Kalen.]
Kalen (Black): Me? I don’t know about that. I’m a Sorcerer and a Necromancer, and my animal is a black panther, but I’m still the newbie. I’ve been on my own since I was practically a kid on the streets, so this team thing is new to me.
Hammer: You’re doin’ all right, kid.
Kalen: Thanks, man.
[They bump knuckles.]
Hammer: My turn? What’s to know? I’m former FBI, and I’m a grey wolf—a born shifter, not made. I’m also a Tracer, which means I can translocate. You know, zap myself someplace else in a few second’s time. It’s handy in a battle, I can tell you that.
Jax: This might be a good time to spill your real name.
Hammer [winking]: Nice try. Ain’t gonna happen. Zan?
Zander (Cole): I’m a Healer and a black wolf. Like Kalen, my growing up years were hard, and I was outcast from my family because of my “unnatural” ability to heal wounds. I met Jax, Aric, and Ryon in the SEALs, and was attacked and turned wolf along with them.
Ryon (Hunter): Man, that was hell, waking up to find out we were changed forever. I’m a silver wolf. I’ve always been a Channeler, or someone who can see and occasionally talk to the dead, but this frigging “gift” got much worse after I was turned. I think that’s true for all of us.
Carla:  [Shifting slighting on the loveseat, fluffing hair and smiling to crowd] O.K, well, it’s incredibly nice to meet all of you!  I’m Carla, I run Book Monster Reviews blog. [Indicates Michelle with a gesture]  This is…
Michelle:  [Nudges Carla with an elbow] Hey, I’m right here, I can tell them! [Smiles] I’m Michelle, and I’m ‘Pack Alpha’ of LITERAL ADDICTION Paranormal Book Club... [Laughs nervously]
[Saving Michelle from herself, Carla cuts back in]
Carla:  We’d love it if we could ask each of you a couple questions today so that our readers can get to know the men behind ALPHA PACK a little bit better.  Would that be alright?
Nick: Sure, that’s why we’re here.
Carla:  Great, thanks.  We’d like to talk to the Original Team Members first, those of you that were part of the Navy SEAL group that established ALPHA PACK.  First, just to break the ice, to all of you…How many times have you heard the stupid joke about “How can a wolf be a seal?”
Jaxon  [grinning]: Can’t say I’ve heard that one. But we found out a SEAL can become a wolf. Or, I’ve got it! A wolf walks into a bar—
Ryon: Don’t bother, man. You’re not that funny. [Ignores the one-fingered salute from his friend.]
 Michelle:  Ryon, I’m sure you’ve been asked this a million times, but have you ever seen the movie The 6th Sense?  [Laughs a bit]  In all seriousness though, what’s it like having that particular psychic talent?     
Ryon: Can I just be honest? It sucks. These guys all have really cool abilities, but of the whole team, mine happens to be the one I have absolutely no control over. Aric can start fires and move stuff, Jax can bend time and touch an object to get a reading on the past, but me—
Aric [smirking]: Bitch, bitch.
Ryon: Shut up, needledick. Anyway, it’s tough being able to see the dead and not always understand what they want. And even if I do, I can’t always help them.  
Carla:  Aric, so, we hear that you’re an incredible pilot.  Are you part of the mile-high club?  I’m just kidding!  You don’t have to answer that (unless of course you want to!).  [Gives a cheeky smile]  You seemed to huff and snuffle when each of the guys so far has talked about their talents.  What’s up?  Not likin’ your telekinesis and fire starting abilities?  What would you rather have?
Aric [waggling his brows]: Hey sweet thing, I have frequent flyer miles! Want to hop aboard? Kidding, mostly. Oh, my abilities are okay, I guess. It’s how we got turned into wolves that’s kind of hard to deal with sometimes. I was used to my abilities, and then as an adult, I got thrown into the furry world. [shrugs] I’m over it, pretty much. If I could do anything else, though, I’d rather be a PreCog like Nicky. I think it would be cool to know the future.
Nick [seriously]: Trust me, it’s not, and you wouldn’t.
Michelle:  Jaxon, can I call you Jax?  I love that name. [Shyly smiles] You must tell me more about this Time Bending ability you have.  I find it incredibly fascinating. 
Jax: Thanks. It’s cool, but it’s something I don’t use unless I absolutely have to. I can bend back time by just a few minutes, but there can be dangers. Not only does changing past events have potentially serious consequences for the individuals involved, doing so causes a rift in time that snaps back into place when the events catch up with the present. It’s physically disorienting and the effects on the universe in general are unknown.
Carla:  Zander, you’re a hero!  Can you please tell us how you managed to save Jaxon AND Aric without getting killed yourself?
Zander [smiles sadly]: I’m no hero, or I would’ve been able to save everyone. But I’m glad I was able to use my ability as a Healer to help them. I place my hands over the wound and pour my energy into knitting tissue and bone, whatever is injured. I was tired, but fine.
Kalen: Tired? I wasn’t with the team at the time, but don’t let him fool you. From what I’ve heard, he almost drained himself and barely survived. 
Michelle:  Kalen, I’ve got a little Bombay house panther at home, think maybe you’d like to come back home and play with… [Shakes head. Clears throat.]  Sorry about that!  So anyway, you’re a Black Panther, a Necromancer and a Sorcerer [whistles], that’s quite the combo!  What’s it like having so much power just beneath the surface? 
Kalen [giving Michelle a smoldering look with kohl-lined green eyes]: Honey, I’d love to come play with your…kitty.
Michelle [fanning herself]: Oh, my gawd!
Kalen: Let’s see, what was the question? Oh, yes. My abilities got me kicked out of my home at age 14 because my parents thought I was a freak. So power isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but as I grew older I learned it can be useful. I can raise the dead and question them about a case. My panther is useful in a fight. As a Sorcerer I draw from the elements to feed my power and make magic, and I guess that’s my favorite thing. I’m proud of being a Sorcerer, even if it makes me a freak.
Carla:  Forgive my partner, I can’t take her anywhere! [Shakes head and looks to Michelle.  Michelle shrugs a shoulder and raises an eyebrow].  Anyway, where were we?  Oh yes, Hammer.  Not that it doesn’t fit, because it certainly does with that Vin Diesel look you’ve got going, but…Care to tell us your real name?
Hammer [giving Carla a mysterious smile]: I could, but I’d have to kill you. Okay, probably not, but someone might kill me. I’m gonna tell you something not even the team knows about why I don’t share my name and why you won’t find it written anywhere. Ready for the scoop? I don’t officially exist anymore. Nick and I were in the FBI together before we joined the Alpha Pack. I was deep undercover with a group of terrorists, and their leader was planning to blow up a town. I helped take them down, and they realized afterwards I was an agent. They found out my real name, so when I came here, my identity was erased. If they ever find me… Well, they’ll get more than they bargained for, won’t they?
Carla: They sure will! If they know what’s good for them, they’ll forget all about you. Michelle, it’s your turn.
Michelle:  Ooh goody, Pack Alpha to Pack Alpha [Carla snorts] [Michelle glances over] What?? [Looks back to Nick] As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted [winks], being an Empath AND a PreCog is some pretty heavy shit.  How do you deal with that without going crazy?
Nick: Truthfully, it’s not easy. Sometimes I can block the images or emotions that try to intrude, but mostly they storm in whether I want them or not. It’s tough know what will happen because I don’t interfere with free will. When you mess with the future, too much can go wrong.
Carla:   Anyone that wants to answer can feel free to jump in here.  What exactly happened during the Noble massacre?
Jax: I trusted the wrong person and we were betrayed. We went to a building to perform what we thought would be a rescue, but we were attacked by these huge winged creatures with big teeth. Half of our team was killed, and we’re still trying to learn who the people are behind it.
Michelle [sympathetically]:  I’m so sorry.  Well, this is for anyone who wants to jump in as well.  What’s the scariest mission you’ve ever been on together?
Hammer: Whatever the last one was! Because each mission is scarier than the one before.
Carla:  Who would you say is the toughest to live with and why? [Smiles, knowing this should be good]
Chorus from the guys: Nick!
Jax: Yeah, Nicky’s a real ball buster, he’s so strict. Never has any fun. Obviously, he needs to get laid.
Michelle:  Who’s the prettiest when in animal form? [Glances over to Kalen and winks]
Kalen [winking back]: Me, of course.
Jax [rolling his eyes]: Says the dude who looks like the love child of Criss Angel and Adam Lambert.
Kalen:  Hey, a lot of ladies totally go for the gunslinger-rock-star thing. Beats looking like a biker-slash-leather daddy.
[The guys laugh.]
Carla:  Well guys, I’m sure you have some world saving to do or something.  Thank you very much for allowing us into your inner sanctum and for taking time to let us get to know you.
Michelle:  Absolutely!  It’s been great, and I really hope that you’ll let  us back sometime again in the future to talk about what you’ve been up to since we talked to you today!? 
Guys:  We’d love for you to come back!
[A chorus of talking ensues while Kalen tries to get Michelle’s phone number. Some guys never give up!]

Want to know more about the Alpha Pack?  Head on over to J.D. Tyler's website http://jdtyler.com/alpha-pack.html to keep up this group of sexy shifters.


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