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Release Day Celebration with Nancy Gideon

LITERAL ADDICTION (http://www.literaladdiction.com/) and Book Monster Reviews have the extreme pleasure of welcoming Nancy Gideon to our sites today! 
Nancy is a bestselling author with over 50 titles to her credit since 1987, including titles written as Dana Ransom and Rosalyn West.  She’s spanned the genre from historical romances and regencies, to contemporary suspense novels, and our favorite, her paranormal romance series.  She’s also done screenwriting for two indie horror films.
Nancy is the creator of the MOONLIGHT and MIDNIGHT series.  MIDNIGHT has 9 books – “Midnight Kiss”, “Midnight Temptation”, “Midnight Surrender”, “Midnight Enchantment”, “Midnight Gamble”, “Midnight Redeemer”, “Midnight Shadows”, “Midnight Masquerade”, and “Midnight Crusader”.  MOONLIGHT currently has 4 installments, with at least 2 more on the way – “Masked by Moonlight”, “Chased by Moonlight”, Captured by Moonlight”, and the latest, “Bound by Moonlight” which was released today! 
“Bound by Moonlight” is about Detective Charlotte Caissie and her shape-shifter lover Max Savoie, but when the hunt to find a vicious serial killer forces Cee Cee to put Max in a difficult situation and her to choose between the partner she relies on and her passion to solve the case, their relationship is tested beyond measure. 
O.K, now that we’ve teased you with a tiny bit of Nancy’s bio and the synopsis for today’s release, let’s see what Nancy had to say in her interview, shall we (http://www.bookmonsterreviews.blogspot.com/) and (http://www.literaladdiction.com/authors-corner.php/ )!? 
Don’t forget, Nancy will also be doing a 2 hour interactive Live Chat from 8:00 –10:00pm EST (7-9pm CT/6-8pm MDT/5-7pm PDT) over on LITERAL ADDICTION’s Contact Us Page Chatroom (http://www.literaladdiction.com/contact-us.php/)!

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  Hi Nancy!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us today!
Nancy:  Thanks for celebrating launch day with me.  Let’s get the party started!
Q1):  We always open with this question…   Can you tell us 3 things about yourself that we couldn’t find on the Internet? 
Nancy:  I was licensed to sell life and casualty  insurance,  I don’t know how to drive a stick shift or parallel park, and I like to go bass fishing-catch and release, of course.
Q2):  What are your hobbies when you’re not writing?
Nancy:  I love to cook and entertain (even with the tiny turn-around kitchen I have now), travel is a passion and then, of course there’s reading.

Q3):  If you’re feeling down, what do you do to make yourself feel better?  Is there a special place you go, something you eat, etc?
Nancy:  The couch with a warm cat, popcorn and Netflix. Loud rock music and a work out on my elliptical or at the gym is the alternative. The couch usually wins that one.

Q4):  If you could name 3 things that never fail to make you smile, what would they be?
Nancy:  My grandson, the movies Brain Donor and Airplane (okay, those are belly laughs),  and 5:00 payday Friday.
Q5):  What’s your favorite inspirational quote?
Nancy:  “Never, never, never give up” Winston Churchill. I’ve had to chant that one a time or two.
Q6):  Do you think your upbringing influenced your writing?

Nancy:  My mom was way ahead of her time, striking out on her own to move from Florida to the East Coast to go to OT school in the ‘30s. She read to me every night before I was old enough to read for myself. She was a huge proponent of women getting educated and being able to support themselves. She made sure I got my degree and was always so proud of me for following my dream of becoming a writer. Thanks Mom!
Q7):  Do you have a specific routine that you follow when you’re writing?
Nancy:  Since I work full time as a legal assistant, I have to make the most of every opportunity at the keyboard.  Thankfully I’m an early riser so I’ve got my first cup of coffee at my desk by 5:00 a.m.  and can get a couple of hours in before I leave for work at 8:00. I also put in 6-8 hours per day over the weekend when on deadline. If I have the energy or the urgency, I might fire up the laptop in the evening. Being OCD, I have a strict internal monitor regarding how many pages I need to get through in a day to stay on schedule.
Q8):  How do you generally do your research before you sit down to write a Synopsis or delve into the meat of your book?
Nancy:  I like to set my books in places I’ve been so I have a grasp of the atmosphere and spatial environment.  Then I fill in the blanks on the Internet searching everything from weather patterns and entertainment venues to cost of living, political climate and cultural history. You never know what little tidbit is going to end up anchoring a scene. Then there are the details involved in the character’s background and work and play habits to explore. Research is one of my favorite parts of the writing process.
Q9):  If you could go on a date with one of your characters, who would it be, what would you do, and why?
Nancy:  Oooh, let me see. Max…and we wouldn’t be going out.
Captured by Moonlight (Moonlight , #3)Q10):  How do you market your books?
Nancy:  With the advent of Social Media, I’ve forced myself to become very aggressive in getting my name and my books out there: website, Face Book, Twitter, Goodreads, Pocket After Dark, guest blogging and finally, even my own blog where I can do articles, giveaways and have fun interaction with readers and other writers. I also like to do unique to the book giveaways such as Romance Trading Cards, book thongs, charm bracelets and bookmarks. One thing that’s been a real help this time around is having a virtual assistant, My Girl Friday, who takes my ideas and puts them into practice fast and efficiently and also my daughter-in-law/co-worker who does one-of-a-kind jewelry as ReMary’d Originals. It’s  lot to learn for someone who started out before computers and the Internet!
Q11):  We’re going to hope we haven’t already asked you it, but what’s the one question you hate being asked in an interview?
Nancy:  “Where do you get your inspiration?” Not that it’s a bad question, but it’s hard to come up with something original every time it’s asked.

Q12):  What does it feel like writing the last installment of a series and knowing there will be no more?
Nancy:  It’s like having your best friends move away. You get so comfortable with them and know their habits and personalities, how they think. Sigh…  The most frustrating thing is writing books in a series and never getting to write that last installment. I hate not getting to give readers closure.
Bound by Moonlight (Moonlight, #4)Q13):  When you wish to end your career, stop writing, and look back, what thoughts do you want to have?
Nancy:  End my career? You’re talking my retirement plan! But if that time ever comes, I’ll be able to look back proudly on the body of work I’ve produced. And my grandson can say, “Grammy wrote Bom Chicka Bow Wow books!”
Q14):  What was the last paranormal romance book you read?
Nancy:  After sitting with Sherrilyn Kenyon at the Pocket dinner in NYC, I picked up her book No Mercy at the RWA Conference and started reading it on the plane home. It was great getting reacquainted with the characters from earlier books. It’s on my bedside table with only a few more chapters to go.

Q15):  Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Nancy:  Learn your craft and don’t give up.(See my favorite quote!) Get a support system to encourage you and kick your butt when you need it. My critique group keeps me going (Shout out to my PoTL Pals!)
Q16):  You’ve written books from one end of the genre spectrum to the other.  What’s been your favorite?
Nancy:  All my books have an element of suspense in them. I love an edge-of-your-seat pace with an “I didn’t see that coming!” plot twist. It’s my go-to of choice in books and movies.
Q17):  This is another of our staple questions… What’s the 1 question you have always wanted to be asked in an interview, but haven’t been, and how would you answer it?
Nancy:  “What do you look for when you pick up a book?”  An opening that grabs me from line one and never lets me go. A pace that makes me forget I’m reading and characters who feel like they’re sitting next to me. I always find that with Dean Koontz and J.D. Robb.
Hunter of ShadowsQ18):  What can we look forward to in “Hunter of Shadows” which will be released on November 29, 2011?
Nancy:  HUNTER OF SHADOWS continues in the By Moonlight world with a new hero and heroine: he’s a dedicated Shifter cop with a hidden agenda and she’s a fearless assassin determined to get in his way both professionally and intimately. Max and Cee Cee will be back as strong secondary characters. Expect lots of action, smart dialogue, steamy romance . . . oh, and some suspense!

Q19):  Do you have another series in the works that we might be able to look forward to after the final book of MOONLIGHT?
Nancy:  I’m always working on something.  Right now I’m concentrating on getting my backlist of books back out to new and old fans and hopefully getting to finish up a couple of those series I had to leave dangling.  I‘m also exploring a non-fiction book on writing.

Q20):  Is there anything that you want to say to your readers while we have you here today?
Nancy:  To celebrate the release of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT and my brand new blog, I’m hosting a four-day scavenger hunt from 7-26 (today!) to 7-29 with daily giveaways and a grand prize of a Kindle (or Amazon gift certificate). Hurry over for details to http://nancygideon.blogspot.com.

LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  Thank you so much for allowing us to interview you, it’s been wonderful!  We’re all really looking forward to chatting with you one-on-one a little bit later. 
Nancy:  Thanks for making me feel so welcome and for helping me get the word out about BOUND BY MOONLIGHT.  I hope to see lots of you tonight from 5-7 EST for conversation.  Bring snacks!
If you would like to know more about Nancy and her books, you can follow her at any of these sites below.
Nancy's Website:  http://www.nancygideon.com/

CONTEST:  Nancy is giving away a SIGNED copy of her new release "Bound by Moonlight" along with a BBM charm bracelet or BBM book thong AND a set of Romance Trading Cards to a lucky Book Monster follower. 
To Enter:  Please make sure you are a Book Monster follower (click on the "Join This Site" button) and comment on this post.  Make sure you leave your email address in the post otherwise you will not be entered into contest.
Want a 2nd chance to win???  Head on over to the LITERAL ADDICTION website (http://www.literaladdiction.com/authors-corner.php#/), read and follow the directions for their contest and enter to win there as well.  Nancy is giving away the same prizes on the L.A. site too.


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Nancy Gideon said...

Hope to see you at the Chat tonight, Charity. Remember its 8-10 EST (changed from 5-7 EST).

Michelle my critique group is the BEST! We all write different things, come from widely diverse background and still, we're as close as family. It's great to have those you can trust behind you,

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Nancy Gideon said...

Lori, start with Masked by Moonlight, then Chased, Captured and Bound. Or if you're impatient, you could jump right to #4.

Happy reading!

Michelle said...

I'm in Scotland so I won't be able to make the chat tonight (1pm is a little late with 3 kids getting me up early!). I've heard a few author's mentioning critique groups, could you explain a little about what exactly they are?

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Nancy Gideon said...

Yes, I have GREAT cover gods! also had a fabulous time chatting with Carla over at Literal Addictions last night.

Michelle, you asked about critique groups... those are writers who get together to read and comment on each others works in progress and offer encouragement and wine...and sometimes whining. there are 8 members in mine who write in all different genres so you get a real broad base of feedback.

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