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Q&A Interview and Giveaway with Stephanie Tyler

LITERAL ADDICTION and Book Monster Reviews ( are very pleased to welcome Stephanie Tyler to our sites today! 
Stephanie is a bestselling writer of over 20 amazing titles.  We say “writer” and not author because that is what she calls herself.  Some may think that’s strange, but we get it.  It’s the part she loves, it’s what she does, and therefore makes her what she is.  She says she was born a writer, that she always knew it’s what she wanted to do, and took every step necessary to make it happen.  She double majored in English Lit and Creative Writing, went back to get her Masters in English Lit and Secondary English Education, and even went so far as to get ½ of her PhD.  She worked as a manager in a book store while going to school, and ended up teaching both at the middle school and college level afterward until family took precedence.  Once that happened, she was able to really start writing, no longer having to split her creative focus between her students and herself, and she hasn’t stopped since. 
 It took Stephanie four years and 10 manuscripts before she got her first sales call, but after that, things happened fast and furiously.  Within the span of a year, she was offered contracts for 11 books and just three years later hit the New York Times Best Seller list with “Hold on Tight”.
Riding the Storm (ACRO, #1)Stephanie is the creator of the SEAL and SHADOW FORCE series, as well as the HOLD trilogy.  Her new series, ETERNAL WOLF CLAN, will debut in 2012 with the first book in the series, “Dire Needs: A Novel of the Eternal Wolf Clan” expected to be released on March 6th, 2012.  She is also ½ of the literary duo that make up Sydney Croft, the author of the ACRO series (the other ½ of which being Larissa Ione). 
As Stephanie, she is eagerly anticipating her 2 new releases, “In the Air Tonight” and “Night Moves”, Books #3 & #4 of the SHADOW FORCE series, which will be released on 8/2/11 and 9/27/11 respectively.  As Sydney Croft, she is both excited and saddened by the release of the 6th and final ACRO novel, “Taken by Fire”, which was just recently released on 6/28/11 and received rave reviews even before the formal release date.
Please check out Stephanie’s website for additional information, synopses, and reviews for all of the books mentioned above and more:
Unleashing the Storm (ACRO, #2)

Now, let’s get to the interview and see what Stephanie had to tell us!  Don’t forget, she will also be available for a 2 hour Live interactive Chat from 4:00 – 6:00pm EST (3-5pm CT/2-4pm MDT/1-3pm PDT) over on LITERAL ADDICTION’s Contact Us page Chatroom ( 

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LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  Stephanie, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us today!  We greatly appreciate it, and we know that your fans are very excited as well. 
Stephanie: Thanks so much for having me here!  I’m excited to talk books with all of you J
LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  We always start our Author Interviews getting to know our author a little bit better, we hope that you don’t mind!? 
Q1):  Tell us 3 things about yourself that we couldn’t find out on the Internet.
Stephanie:  I have several tattoos, I love sport fishing and I met my husband on a blind date set up by an 8th grader.
Q2):  If you could only use 5 words to describe yourself, what words would you choose?
Stephanie:  Happy, sarcastic, sensitive, impatient, kind.
Q3):  What hobbies do you enjoy outside of writing?
Stephanie:  reading, fishing, tennis
Q4):  Who is your favorite author?  Is your favorite book by that author or by another?
Stephanie:  Wow, that’s an impossible question.  I have many – and all of them can be favorites depending on what I’m in the mood to read, if that makes sense.  My favorite genre is hands down romance, and while that might seem obvious, I know some romance authors who don’t really like to read romance.  Which I find…odd.

Q5):  Do you like to cook?  If so, what’s your favorite dish to make?
Stephanie:   Um, no, I hate to cook, so I don’t.  My husband does all the cooking and thankfully he’s an amazing cook, so it all worked out.  I do bake, however – my favorite cookies are probably the good old, from scratch Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.
Q6):  What are the best and hardest parts of writing for you?
Stephanie:  The best part is the writing – I mean, I get to stay in pajamas and make shit up for a living and when I’m in the moment, there’s nothing better.  The hardest parts of writing isn’t always the writing – sometimes it’s the business end of things.  Or the galley stages of a book, the final chance to fix any mistakes in the manuscript.
Q7):  Can you walk us through the story and your challenges in getting your first manuscript published?
Stephanie:  If you don’t mind, I can direct you here for the story:  Ultimately, the challenge in getting published is writing enough to get better and better.  Literally, I ‘felt’ my writing get better when I wrote Coming Undone (my first published book)…I felt the shift.  It was an amazing feeling.  And that feeling never stops if you keep working.  Someone asked me once if writing ever gets easier, and I told him, “It gets harder, but you get better.”  So it’s a trade off, one I’ll gladly take.
Q8):  What’s it like writing as part of a team under a pseudonym?
Stephanie:  It’s been great – and I think that’s because I have the right partner in Larissa.  That’s the important part – we have similar interests and a great trust in one another, which is necessary when you’re writing together.  Your egos get checked at the door and you have to be excited and love the other person’s writing.  Really, writing Sydney Croft has been some of the easiest writing I’ve ever done.
Q9):  You have a lot to choose from, but if you could choose the 1 character you’d most like to sit down and talk to for an hour, who would it be, and what would you be sure to talk about?
Stephanie:  Wow, that’s hard…because I really know my characters so well.  I know more than what ends up on the page, so I wouldn’t mind just simply hanging out with any of them – probably Jake from Hard to Hold would get me in the most trouble, so I’d choose him, or Ender, from Unleashing the Storm, because he’s got attitude.  I like the bad boys, in case that wasn’t obvious.
Q10):  How are you feeling about this being the final ACRO book?  Is there a specific legacy you hope that Sydney is leaving behind with the series?
Stephanie:  I do – I hope that Sydney proved that Erotic books can still have a plot – a meaningful story – while still being erotic.  Good erotica means that the sex is implicit to the plot – we couldn’t take the sex out of Sydney and have the same books.  It’s organic, and I’m really proud of what we created.
Q11):  What is the 1 quality you feel that all heroes or heroines should have?
Stephanie:  For me, I’d say they have to have the survival instinct, that ability to never give up, even when things are darkest. 
Q12):  What do you feel is the difference between a reader and a real book lover (if you feel there IS a difference)?
Stephanie:  A real book lover will have multiple copies of the same title on their shelf because they’re in different formats or have different covers.  Or because they want a clean copy and one they can read till it falls apart.  A real book lover loves books, doesn’t like to lend from their library because someone might not treat their books with the respect they do.  It’s not to say a reader doesn’t love what they’re reading, but with a book lover, the experience with the actual book itself is part of the whole process.  I hope that makes sense.
Q13):  Do you have a ‘Bucket List’?  If so, could you share your top three things with us?
Stephanie:  I don’t – I’m lucky to have a husband with a great sense of adventure.  When we think of things we want to do, we do them.  I think though, that being a writer has to be the top of my list.  I mean, I’m honestly doing my dream job, so from there, I’m good. 
Q14):  Is there anything specific that you absolutely must have with you or do in order to be creative and get good quality writing in?
Stephanie:  No – I can pretty much write anywhere, on paper or on computer.  The thing that I do need, though, is to be in the right head space to write.  Look, there are days where I have to write and something’s bothering me or I have too many people coming to the door or I have appointments and can’t concentrate.  On those days, I might plan out some plot points or write some blogs or interviews or play around with proposals.  But for me to get some real, quality in the zone writing done, I have to have a pretty clear day where writing is basically the only thing on the agenda.  And I don’t need that to happen every day (luckily)…but I do need it. 

Q15):  Since we’ll never get to read it, can you tell us about something that you had to cut from the “Taken by Fire” manuscript?
Stephanie:  Honestly, nothing!  We had that book pretty well planned out.  Now, for Riding The Storm, we had entire sections that needed to be cut that our editor thought were too…much J  Larissa and I still talk about how much we love those scenes, like the voyeuristic one as Haley watched Remy in the ACRO showers.  There were chains involved and…well, you can just imagine.  I think, after a while, we broke our editor in.
Q16):  We know you’ve always been inspired by music, and we love that you have soundtracks for your books.  Who is your personal favorite musical artist, and is your favorite song one of theirs or someone else’s? 
Stephanie:  Again, impossible.  But I can give you my top 5 songs from the book I’m working on right now – it’s Dire Needs, my first Eternal Wolf Clan book.  Wicked (Jupiter Rising), Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (Cage the Elephant), I’m No Angel (Greg Allman), Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd), and The Big Bang (Rock Mafia).
Q17):  What has been your favorite book so far and why?
Stephanie:  Unleashing the Storm will always be a favorite – for some reason, it was the easiest book Larissa and I ever wrote, together or separately.  Sometimes authors will say, the book just wrote itself, and seriously, Unleashing did.  It just all worked completely, from the start. 
Q18):  Is there a stereotype about Romance authors that you think is completely ridiculous?  Is there one that you think is dead on? 
 Stephanie:  I see it about romance authors and readers, that we’re all sex starved and have unrealistic expectations about men and relationships.  I think romance authors and readers are some of the most well adjusted people I know sexually.  It’s not something we’re ashamed of – I mean, sex and love are two of the best things in life, so why not celebrate them.  As for a stereotype that’s dead on…

Q19):  This is another of our staple questions…  What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview but have never been asked, and how would you answer that question?
Stephanie:  Oh, I got asked this question in a job interview once!  It would help if I remember how I answered, but I did get the job.  Honestly, I’m blank on this one J
Q20):  With “Taken by Fire” being the last ACRO book, can you tell us what’s next for Syndey Croft?
Stephanie:  Larissa and I have been batting around ideas for a novella and a short story.  We’ve also discussed another series that Larissa’s had an idea for brewing for a while.  I mean, look, we’re great friends and we’re just meant to write together, in whatever form that might take.  The exciting part for us is that we can do anything we want with it – we’re totally free, and that always makes for cool projects.  So you’ll definitely see collaboration from us in some form or another in the future.
LITERAL ADDICTION/Book Monster Reviews:  Thank you so much again for being here with us today Stephanie!  We hope that we gave you enough fresh and unique material to keep the interview interesting.  We’re very excited to talk with you and your other fans more in the interactive Chat a little bit later. 
Stephanie:  Again, thanks for featuring me!  I’m excited to be here and looking forward to chatting with everyone J
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