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Q&A Interview and Giveaway with Stephanie Rowe

Stephanie Rowe - Read If You Dare
Good afternoon Book Monsters and Literal Addicts, Book Monster Reviews is very pleased to welcome award-winning and national bestselling author Stephanie Rowe to our site today.

Stephanie has published more than 20 books for both teens and adults, and has written multiple genres of romance. She has four contemporary romance novels "If The Shoe Fits", "Unbecoming Behavior, "Shop 'til Yule Drop" and "Stress & the City", three romantic suspense novels "Chill", "Ice" and "The Sharpest Edge" and her paranormal romantic comedy series Immortally Sexy with books "Date Me, Baby, One More Time", "Must Love Dragons", "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not and "Sex & The Immortal Bad Boy".  Stephanie also has a new series out called Soulfire.  The first book "Kiss At Your Own Risk" has gotten rave reviews and has been called " A downright funny paranormal adventure that grabs a hold of you and makes you want more" and "So absurd and funny throughout, you'll definitely have a good time with this one".  The second book in the Soulfire series, "Touch If You Dare" was just released on July 1, and we will be gladly helping Stephanie promote it today.  Let's take a look at Stephanie's bio and get to learn more about her and her books, shall we? 
Stephanie Rowe is a nationally bestselling author of more than twenty books and a Four-time RITA® Award nominee and Golden Heart® Award winner.  A life-long reader, Stephanie began crafting stories at age ten, but didn't realize it was her dream until she was an adult.
Once the light dawned, she immediately left behind "work" as the world defines it and went to "work" as she defines it, which means getting up every morning with a smile in her heart so she can spend the day doing that which makes her spirit sing.
Stephanie believes in learning to listen to your heart in order to figure out what your dreams are, and then opening yourself to the inspiration that will direct you there. She believes we all deserve the right to enjoy life, and for the ride to be as easy as we want it to be, and that we all should accept nothing less than making our dreams come true.
Stephanie lives in New England, and spends every day doing her best to fill it with people, observations and activities that uplift her soul, which include writing, tennis, friends, and her amazing family.
Now, I know I'm excited to find out more about Stephanie and her incredibly funny, laugh out loud books so let's head on over to the interview.

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  Hi Stephanie!  We’re so very happy to have you today!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to drop by and spend some time with us!

Stephanie: Thank you for having me! I’m so excited to be here. What a great site you have!

Book Monster Reviews/LITERAL ADDICTION:  We like to start out getting to know you a little bit better?

Q1):   Can you tell us 3 things we don’t know about you, that we can't find out on the internet, in your bio, etc?

Stephanie:  (1) I eat cookie dough raw and love every bite of it. (2) I had never tried sushi until last year, and now I love it. (3) I cried when I watched Tangled.

2)  As a child, you were creating stories at the age of ten but you did not make it a career until your adult years.  What made you finally decide to make writing your career?

Stephanie: I was in my earlier thirties, and I looked at my career and asked myself whether I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. I realized I didn't, so then I spent several years trying to figure out what it was that I *would* want to do for the rest of my life. After exploring various ideas like dog training and tennis teaching pro, I saw an article in my college alumni magazine about two grads who’d written a thriller and gotten a movie deal. The lightbulb went off in my head at that point, and I was off and running. It took me 18 books before I sold my first one, but it was still mean to be!

3) What is one of your fondest childhood memories?

Stephanie:  Reading on the couch with my mom, with our dog Blue snuggled up next to me.

4)  Your Immortally Sexy and Soulfire series are known for being ironically funny and hilarious.  Are you normally a humorous person or is this a side of you that only comes out in your writing?

Stephanie: I must admit that I tend to be a bit cheerful and spunky in my normal every day interaction. I like to see the positive side of life, and I like to have a little fun if possible. So, yes, I would say that I am often somewhat entertaining. I must admit, however, that I've never set out to write a funny book, and I still don't. When my first funny paranormal came out and everyone commented on the humor in it, I actually got a little stuck on the book I was working on, because I panicked, thinking, "What? I'm supposed to be writing FUNNY?" Eventually, I chilled out and came to peace with simply telling the story I wanted to tell, and if some people thought it was funny, then that's great, because laughter is one of the best antidotes for a tough day.

5)  Some of your first books have been contemporary romance and romantic suspense.  What inspired you to start writing Paranormal Romance novels?

Stephanie: I had never actually read much paranormal growing up, but at the time I was first published, the vampire movement was gaining momentum. I couldn't understand how the blood-sucking undead could possibly be a romance hero, so I picked up one of Katie MacAlister's very first vampire romances, read it, and instantly fell in love with vampires. After that, I was a voracious reader of all vampire romances, and that quickly spread to any other kind of paranormal. I discovered that I loved that genre, so writing in it organically evolved from that newfound love.

6)  Do you have a writing routine?  Certain things you must have with you for the process to begin?

Stephanie: I prefer to start writing in the morning and get some good headway done before having to take a break. I like to write until my brain is fried, and then I take a break to work out or play tennis. Then a little more work until the kidlet gets out of school. Then I’m mom until she goes to bed. I try to work in the evening at that point, but my efficiency is usually somewhat limited. I’m most effective in the day during the mornings.

7)  What are some of your favorite hobbies and things you love to do when you're not writing?

Stephanie: Of course, I love to read! I also love to play tennis and to work out. I have a daughter and we do a lot together. Between being a mom, reading and my exercise, that pretty much takes all my free time. Sadly, housecleaning does not make it to the top of my list as often as I would like.

8)  Who are some of your favorite musical artists?  Do you listen to music while you write?

Stephanie: I have a huge assortment of music that I listen to while I write. Country, jazz, pop, Broadway shoes, rock 'n roll… you name it. I have many artists that I think are very talented whose music I really enjoy. Too many to list here!

9) What are some of your favorite television shows and movies?

Stephanie: I recently saw the latest Pirates of the Caribbean—I love those movies and Captain Jack Sparrow! I enjoy superhero movies and romantic comedies, but I stay away from movies with heartbreaking endings. I'm a happy ending kind of girl! As for television, my daughter and I accidentally stumbled upon Dancing with the Stars this year, and we love watching it together. It's very inspiring to see how hard they work, and how they come to believe in their talents. At 60 years young, Kirsti Alley was especially inspiring this year.

10)  Who are some of your favorite authors and what are some of the books you have in your TBR pile now?

Stephanie: Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors. Her historical romances are an autobuy for me. Probably my favorite paranormal author is Christine Feehan. I also enjoy Jayne Anne Krentz, and Dick Francis is a genius.

11)  Out of all the books you have written, do you have a favorite amongst them or one that has sentimental meaning to you?

Stephanie:  Generally, my favorite book is usually the one I'm working on. This is because the process of writing brings me so close to the characters that I become one with them. I feel their joys, I live their agonies, and I bleed when they bleed. I can't think of any other story but theirs when I'm writing it. When it's finished, and I come up for air, it always takes me a few days to shift modes into a new direction because I'm so immersed in them. My storytelling improves with each book, so usually after I finish a book, it is that book that I'm so proud of, it's that book that makes me feel like I have taken my writing to a new level. So, that being said, the book I'm most excited about right now is a top secret project I just finished a few weeks ago… J

12)  What is your favorite genre of romance to write and which is the most challenging for you?

Stephanie: My favorite genre to write is always the one that I'm writing in at the moment, for the same reasons as above. And every genre is challenging in its own way. They all require a compelling story and compelling, heartfelt characters, and that's the toughest part of writing a book. The setting, whether contemporary, paranormal or romantic suspense, are the natural output of the characters in that story.

Book Monster Reviews/ LITERAL ADDICTION:  O.K, now I'd like to ask some questions to get to know more about the Soulfire series…

13)  Can you please tell us a little bit about the Soulfire Series and a little synopsis about each of the first two books ("Kiss At Your Own Risk" and "Touch If You Dare") in the series?


The Soulfire series is about a team of immortal warriors who have recently escaped from the Den of Womanly Pursuits, after 150 of torture and sensitivity training by Death's grandma. These hardened survivors can, much to their dismay, wield a pair of knitting needles as well as they can vanquish a demon with a sword. Not that they will admit that. Ever. Denial only goes so far, however… If a man's got a talent with a curling iron, he can hide it for only so long…

In Touch if You Dare, Jarvis Swain is an immortal warrior with a talent for French braiding, who is also the Guardian of Hate.  He's on the fast track toward succumbing to the hate in an explosion that will be not-so-good for the world at large. His only chance to save the world? Get some love from his wayward brother, Cupid, who is more interested in his new future as a Death's premiere assassin than love. Jarvis's only chance? Teaming up with Reina Fleming, Death's tender-hearted assistant, who will either bring him to his knees or save him forever.

In KISS AT YOUR OWN RISK, an intractable warrior teams up with a cursed spitfire to rescue his best friend from Death's hot-blooded Grandma, in a high-octane and deliciously sexy romance, in which Death takes on a whole new meaning. It's the launch book for my new Soulfire series, in which tortured, refined and highly dangerous warriors tap into their sensitive side to save themselves, the world, and if they're lucky, the women they team up with.

14)  Book three "Hold Me If You Can" is scheduled to be released January 1, 2012.  Can you tell us which characters will star in this book and maybe a little sneak peak of what it will be about?

Stephanie: Nigel Aquarian is the only warrior who is entirely at peace with his softer side. Give him a sketch pad and some markers, and he's happy. But those that giveth taketh away, and Nigel suddenly finds that his art has become deadly to those he loves. Without his art, Nigel has no outlet for his darker side. He has to find a way to regain control before he kills everyone he loves, and the only woman who can help him is Natalie Fleming, a passionate woman with a talent for chocolate, demons and maybe, just maybe, his salvation. If, of course, they don't kill each other first

15)   Can you give us any detail into some of the things we can expect as the series progresses and how many books are planned for the series?

Stephanie:  Currently, we are scheduled for the first three books, with the third one, HOLD ME IF YOU CAN, being published in January 2012. We are still in the planning stages for the rest of the series, but hopefully there will be lots more!

Date Me, Baby, One More Time (Immortally Sexy, #1)16)  If you could spend the day with any one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Stephanie: You know, that's sort of an interesting question. I was contemplating it, and I realized that when I write a story, I am spending all day every day with those characters. I know everything about them, I know the advice they would give me and I feel like we are already best friends. So, I guess my answer is that I already spend the day with all of them (and I actually really mean that!).

17)  Do you have any more books planned for the Immortally Sexy Series?

Must Love Dragons (Immortally Sexy, #2)Stephanie:  Not at this time, but hopefully that will change. I’d love to write more books in that series.

18)  What have you always wanted to be asked in an interview but never were?  And could you answer that for us

Stephanie:  Umm…No one has ever asked me if I was a former cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. I'm not sure why. But anyway, the answer is, of course, no, but I implore you to refuse to believe me.

19)  What's next for Stephanie Rowe?  What do you have planned in the upcoming months?

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot (Immortally Sexy, #3)Stephanie: I'm working on a new paranormal romance series which I'm very excited about. I also have a new, top secret project that I'm super excited about. New news will be posted on my website as soon as I can officially talk about it!

20)  Is there anything specific you would like to say to your readers?

Stephanie: Just to say thank you to everyone for all their support. Without readers, there would be no stories being called into creation!

Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy (Immortally Sexy, #4)Stephanie, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions! We wish you the best of luck with the Soulfire series, and all of your future endeavors.  I know I am looking forward to the upcoming books in the series and I would love to have you on Book Monster again in January to help promote "Hold Me If You Can" if you're free. J

Stephanie: Thank you so much! It was great to be here. A very fun interview! I would love to come back in January!

CONTEST:  Stephanie will be giving away a copy of her newest release "Touch If You Dare"
To Enter, Post a comment on the interview and make sure you leave a valid email address. Any comments without an email address will NOT be entered into drawing. You must also be a follower of the BMR blog. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Hi everyone! What fun to see so many people here! Sorry I'm stopping by late, but I'm on the road today. I'm popping in from my lunch stop. I must say, there's nothing like patio dining with free wifi! What a great site this is. I'm so appreciative that Carla asked me to join in. She does such a fantastic job!

Okay, so now to the comments!

Michelle, thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoy my books!

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Hi Dpbussie, thanks for the nice words!

Thanks, Alainala! I'm so glad you enjoyed my Immortally Sexy series (and your boyfriend, too!). I hope you enjoy this one as well!

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Thanks, Black Roze! I'm so glad you like them!

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