Thursday, June 23, 2011

R YA CRAZY FOR RWA? Then have I got a contest for you.......

Which of my book monsters is dying to go to the RWA signing but can't get to NY to attend?  Out of the hundreds of authors that are attending, who is your most favorite author that you would want a signed a book from?

Well the Mother of Monster Madness (as Michelle likes to call me lol) will be attending the RWA signing and I am going to get 2 lucky Book Monster followers a signed book from their favorite author.
All you have to do is:
1) Be a follower of the Book Monster blog
2) Post a comment with the author you would love to get a signed book from.  Each author will only have a few titles available, so I can not get specific book titles.  I can only try my best to get you a signed copy of whatever book they have available.  (You can post the names of 2 authors just in case I can not get first choice).
3) Provide a valid email address in the comment

If you don't know who will be attending the RWA signing, here is the link:
Have fun trying to decide lol.  I'm still making my list.

I will pick 2 lucky BMR followers on the evening of Monday 6/27 to receive the signed book of their choice.  If for any reason I am unable to get a signed book from author(s) you requested I will provide another prize for winners.  Contest closes Monday evening @ 6:00PM (EST) winners will be announced shortly after.  Good Luck!!


Donna said...

How about JR Ward? Or Charlaine Harris? Christine Feehan? Reach me @

mrsworldwidewebb said...

oooo ooo I am leaving a comment..LOL

Jessica Andersen is MY FIRST Pick and then I would want Nalini Singh..I wonder if I am first would I really get picked?? I can always HOPE!!! LOL


Blue Shedevil said...

Ooooo, Donna Grant or Thea Harrison. Either one would send me into orbit!
Major awesomeness!

Blue Shedevil said...

Oooops, no e-mail addy. Duh!

alainala said...

Holy Moly I wish I could go! so many authors.. *sigh....*

My top two are:
Nalini Singh
Jennifer Estep

I would love to see these guys in person!

Kelly said...

I would have to say Sherilynn Kenyon or Alyssa Day.

Donna said...

ok, sorry about that - I should have read better and looked at the list. Can I ask for Stella Cameron? Or, Mary Kay Andrews?

Donna -

Donna said...

Ok, didn't see Brenda Novak... She's my first choice, please, Carla. She's raising money for diabetes research and my mother died of it and I have it now... So.. sorry for the drama, but please try for me if you can.. and, if I win....

Donna said...

and I'm assuming you know my email addy by now...!

sandrahorn63 said...

First pick is: Sherillyn Kenyon
Second pick is: Lara Adrian

Charity Costa said...

HOLY ****!!! how am I supposed to choose from 503 different authors lol ok....

1)Alyssa Day
2)Sherrilyn Kenyon
and just in case
3)Rhyannon Byrd

Good Luck to Everyone

and Carla I hope your going to wearing and representing LA when you go as well lol <3 :)


elaing8 said...

oh this is awesome.
my two choices are

Kim Harrison
Bethany Kane


Linda said...
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Linda said...

Oh wow! Sure would love to be there.
The list is mouthwatering, just 2 choices?! Arghs
- Grace Burrowes
- Donna Grant

Karen H said...

I would love anything from Kerrelyn Sparks, next would be Nalini Singh.

claddagh64 at yahoo dot com

Sharon said...

what a cool thing to give away!

Larrisa Ione
Michele Hauf

Just Another Face said...

I am so jealous, I'd love to be there. I'm not picky, I'd just love to have a signed book by any of the authors. So much talent all in one place *sigh*

Chrisbails said...

That would be awesome to have a signed copy of my fav author. I would have to choose Kim Harrison or Julia Quinn. thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

lindsey hutchison said...

holy hells ok so after alot of going back and forth then back and forth again i am winding up with

Virgina Kantra or Crystal Jordan

im still jealous and i know i will be double thinking my choices after i post.


Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...
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Ren said...

I would love to have a signed book from Nalini Singh, Kerrelyn Sparks, Zoe Archer or Sydney Croft.
Thanks for the opportunity ^^

GFC follower :Ren
sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I picked about 6 in the A's alone! :)

It's a very hard question to answer Carla, I hope you appreciate that!

My number 1 would be Nalini Singh.
My number 2 would be Jennifer Estep... I changed my mind so many times! :)

Have an amazing time! I expect to see pictures and I want you to make good use of your new sparkly bag! Looking forward to hearing all about it and jealous that I'm so many miles away...

I forgot my email addy - mmcmichael79(at)googlemail(dot)com

LIESA said...

So Cool!! I would like either:
1) Sherilynn Kenyon or
2) Lynsay Sands

I wish I could go with you!! Have fun!! Thanks:)

Gayle said...

What a great contest!! My picks would be:

Sherrilyn Kenyon or Lara Adrian


CTannStarr said...

Kim Harrison, Kim Harrison, Kim Harrison (I am soooo twitterpated - LOL). After Kim, I'll take what ever is available because you're the expert and I'm easy. ;-)

Natasha House said...

Ooooh so jealous!! Here's my top hopes!

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Keri Arthur
Lara Adrian
Larissa Ione


Victoria said...

How about Lynsay Sands, Virna DePaul, or Keri Arthur? I don't have any signed by them yet.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Michelle L Olson said...

O.K, I'm not really entering because, well just because. But... I had to drop by and say 1) the blog looks absolutely FABULOUS! 2) GREAT contest!! 3) Good luck to all entrants! and 4) I call you the "Mastermind of Monster Madnes" not the 'Mother'. LOL <3

soteria wallace said...

1) Sherrilyn Kenyon
2) Kerrelyn Sparks

It was hard to choose... there are so many amazing authors...!!!

BlackwaterMama said...

I am so jealous! I would really love to go but since I have a grandbay coming around that time...I guess I better stay home. (sigh) And to pick only two authors. Honestly, I would love any of them but I narrowed it down to my top five: Sorry.
1. Larissa Ione
2. Jessica Andersen
3. Thea Harrison
4. Monica Burns
5. Virna DePaul
Hope you have a great time and please take lots of pictures for all of us GREEN people.

BlackwaterMama said...

Sorry, hit the wrong button. Email is

dpbussie said...

Oh wow! That's sounds like lots of fun. So wish I could go. I would love a signed copy from just about anyone, BUT I would pick: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kerrelyn Sparks, Donna Grant, Dakota Cassidy, or Gerry Bartlett. ANY of these I would love!! Thanks so much and you have lots and lots of fun for ALL of us who can't attend.

rhomitz said...

I am definitely a follower of Book Monster already and so many of my author's are gonna be their so here they are;
Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon (these are my top 2 picks i'd like), Lara Adrian, Rhyannon Byrd, Alexandra Ivy, Deidre Knight, Christina Dodd, or Jaci Burton.
Any of these will do, but the first 2 are my fave's, but I love them all.

Sheree said...

Wow, so many choices!

For authors:
- Shannon K. Butcher (paranormal AND Paul Marron covers!)
- Kim Harrison
- Jaci Burton (because her Jed Hill covers are so hot!)

For books though:
1. "Seduce Me in Dreams" by Jacquelyn Frank
3. "Kiss of Snow" by Nalini Singh

I know they don't match up but there you go.

GFC follower
ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

legallycaz said...

I can't get there because NY is over 3000 miles away from me lol!
I would adore a signed book from Lara Adrian or Jennifer Estep! Actually I would love a signed book from any of the authors!

Thank you so much for an awesome contest :)


pebbles-always21 said...

With so many great authors it is so hard to pick.
1) Larissa Ione
2) Jeaniene Frost
and if I could choose 2 more it would be
3) Lara Adrian
4) Shayla Black


MisfitPrincess said...

Gah! Just two choices? Okay okay...Cherry Adair is my first choice. Then Diana Gabaldon.

Amberia said...

Got a few questions.
Do we have to send money to reimburse you for getting the books for us? I mean, do they cost anything at the RWA? Do you have to pay to get them signed?
Anyway... I'd love to have signed copies by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Maggie Shayne. I so wish Christine Feehan would be there but I heard she doesn't travel much anymore, at least not outside Cali.

My email is...

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

Yolanda said...

Gosh its hard to pick just 2 I so wish I could be there!!
1)Shayla Black
2)Jeaniene Frost
and if not them I would go with
3)Larissa Ione or
4)Sherillyn Kenyon
Will be having fingers crossed the whole time LOL!!

Melissa said...

Lara Adrian
Alexandra Ivy
Jeaniene Frost

Thank you for this contest!! I love love love the Paranormal!!! Any of these three are great but I am not picky I appreciate any gift.

Kara Lee Lovell said...

I would love:

Sherrilyn Kenyon or JR Ward. Thanks so much for all you do.

Reach me at

Talina Perkins said...

Ooh! What an awesome contest! How I would love to attend..sigh.. Thanks for the chance to enter, Carla!

Okay, after much (and I mean much) deliberating I finally narrowed my choices down to either..
1)Virna DePaul and if not...
2)Nalini Singh or
3)Lara Adrian!

Good Luck every one!
talinaperkins at ymail dot com

gfc talinaperkins

Eco Erika said...

AH!! I have to pick one!?!?! Oh man, how do I choose between Kenyon,Sydney Croft Maya Banks?? hmmm I'd probably put them in that order--but if i win just surprise me!! LoL What an AWESOME contest! Thanks so much!

vonna haines said...

It would have to be JR Ward. She started my vampire wantings to read and write with Dark Lover. Her books helped me so much when I late husband was so sick with cancer. I would love to tell her in person, Thank you.
my email is

Anonymous said...

J.R. Ward
D.B. Reynolds
Jennifer Estep

Anonymous said...

That was me in the above post

Christy Kennedy


Pamela Mason said...

J.R.Ward please.

Thank you!

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Nalini Singh would be my absolutely first pick since I am a new fan and she totally won me.

Donna grat would be close second