Sunday, June 5, 2011


OK my fellow bookers, it's time for the 1st contest.  I know many of you have a long list of TBR books that you have not gotten around to buying yet (I know my Amazon wishlist is 8 pages long).  So I am going to help you with that. 

I want you guys to pick a book that you really want but have not gotten around to buying yet.  Leave a comment on my blog with the name of the book you want and the author.  I will ship the book directly to you from Amazon. The only condition is that you must be a follower of my blog, not a hard one at all.  I will pick a winner on Wednesday June 8th.

Good Luck!!!!


LIESA said...

Whoo Hoo!!! I love contest!! I would love to get the book: Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole!!

Thank you!! :)

Carla said...

That was an awesome book Liesa!!! My fav in the series.

rhomitz said...

I really want Hidden Embers by Tessa Adams. Been meaning to read this book. Thanks for a chance at it Carla. :)

elaing8 said...

Hi..I saw Kelly's post and headed on over.Congrats on the new blog.Looks great.
A book I've had on my wishlist is Forbidden Heat by Opal Carew.
I am a follower

Carla said...

Thanks for stopping by and siging up for my blog. I really appreciate it. :-)

Michelle L Olson said...

Boy, there's SO many... Hmmm. How about Desire Untamed, Pamela Palmer!?? ;-)

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Hi Carla,

Love the blog look and I wanted to welcome you again to the blogging world. Have fun!

I would love to get either "Dead by Morning" or "Every Move She Makes" both by Beverly Barton.

Thanks for the great contest!

Wendy N said...
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Wendy N said...

Yay! Your first contest!

Hmmm, so many to chose from....

A Hunger like no Other by Kresley Cole.

I want to start her series.

Debbie said...

I would love to try out Dark Embers by Tessa Adams. We were just talking about this series in my book club yesterday and it was recommended.
I am a followed of your blog and look forward to learning more about you and the books you read.


Amy said...

i would love to have Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon i cant find it any where i would soo die for that *giggle*

Sheree said...

Hm, how about "Mystic Warrior" by Janet Chapman? Paul Marron is particularly hot, I think. :)

lindsey hutchison said...

i saw kellys post and headed over here! welcome to the blogging community. im lookin forward to seeing your reviews. one of my books is sinful magic jennifer lyons. thanks so much for such a awesome contest

Jolene and Family said...

WooHoo, amazing contests!!! I really need and really want Alien in the Family by Gini Koch. Thanks for the chance

GFC follower


Natasha House said...

I would have to say Keri Arthur, Destiny Kills. It's book 1 in a new series of hers, that I hear is really great! And I loved her Guardian series!

Ren said...

I already follower! ^_^
Is it okay if I'm international? Cause I live outside USA :)
Book I'm dying to read is Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Thanks for the opportunity

sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

kandj7299 said...

That would be Kiss of Snow for me by Nalini Singh;)

Jennifer Mathis said...

archeon by sherrilyn kenyon
yay on your first contest

Victoria said...

How nice of you. I can't seem to get my hands on Lauren Dane's Laid Bare. I read the second book in the Brown series and loved it, but feel like I'm missing some pieces.
Thank you.

Charity said...

OMG so many to choose from...I'm gonna just pick from the top of my Goodreads Must Read list lol

Wicked Sexy (Wicked^3) by R.G. Alexander

Havent read a good witch book lately might be a nice change of pace. Good Luck to everyone, and as always Happy Reading!!!! :)

~Charity Costa

Kelly said...

WWHHHOOOOOO!!!! Finally found time to stop by...
There are to many books I want.. But I am not going to tell you cause I don't want you to pick me... :)

Congrats on your new blog

Cath said...

Great Giveaway:)
Still haven't got around to getting Lover Unleashed by JR Ward
Thanks for the great comp

Temperance said...

How cool is this:)
Thank you for the giveaway.
Im a follower now

I would love to get
Bite Club
Rachel Caine
The new Scookie Stackhouse

That just one of a very long long


Laurie said...

You may be one of the few who's wish list is longer than mine. My Amazon list is 5 pages. But I have wish list on 3 other sites...

I want all the books, but for now I guess "Zombies Sold Separately: A Night Tracker Novel" by Cheyenne McCray.

Thanks, and looking at the comments here, I see a whole bunch of other books I want too.

JoAnna said...

Congrats on the new blog! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to read Dark Embers by Tessa Adams.

GFC follower
beckerjo at verizon dot net

Carla said...