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Kat Green's FIRST CONTACT Blog Tour

Book One of the Sloane Osborne: Haunts for Sale Series

Sloane Osborne is a paranormal realtor in the business of selling haunted houses but, in truth, she’s only searching for one ghost. And her time is running out. It’s the 366th day after her fiancé’s death. Michael used to like putting things off for “a year and a day”—so tonight’s the night. Sloane will do anything to make contact with him before the clock strikes midnight. When she gets a call to check out a home in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it’s the last place she thinks Michael would contact her. Sloane is dead wrong. Michael appears…and tells her to get out of the house. Immediately.



Sloane stared at her third—or was it her fourth—drink as if Captain Morgan himself was going to step out of the glass with the advice she so desperately needed.

Her desire to do what was right overrode her desire for a sale.

That man rotting away back at that nursing home was a mass murderer. She knew it. And the only way to free the poor souls trapped in his house was to prove it. But she had no idea how to do that.

After her departure from Alvin’s room, she drove through the early afternoon sunshine until she found a bar that was open. It was run-down, dirty, and smelled like the dark goo now sticking to her shoes so it reflected her mood quite nicely, and she decided it was as good a place as any for a drink—or five.

She tried to ignore the man that slid onto the bar stool next to her, focusing on her drink instead, but it was almost impossible to do.  She could recognize those rugged good looks and wide shoulders anywhere.  He smelled good too—like green grass on a summer day—and she found herself content to just sit beside him for a while, smelling.

Why wasn’t she surprised he found her?

Kat de Falla
Author Kat de Falla was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she learned to roller-skate, ride a banana seat bike, and love Shakespeare thanks to her high school English teacher. Four years at the UW-Madison wasn’t enough, so she returned to her beloved college town for her Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is happily employed as a retail pharmacist where she fills prescriptions and chats with her patients. She is married to her soulmate, classical guitarist, Lee de Falla and raising four kids together ala the Brady Bunch.

Kat de Falla is also the author of The Seer’s Lover, a dark fantasy released by The Wild Rose Press.

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R.A. Green
Born in St. Charles, Illinois, R.A. Green has wanted to be an author since sixth grade when her English teacher told her she should consider writing as a career. After many years of trying, she is finally making that dream come true. She attended Carroll University where she majored in English and History, with a minor in French. She went on to become an in-home daycare provider where she spends her days singing, dancing, and doing projects that cover her house in glitter. For years, she’s frantically written as much as she can during nap time. She is a breast cancer survivor, a Brewers fan and a “Disney Dork” who can’t wait to start planning her next Disney vacation. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her wrestling coach husband and two children, and all three are the greatest blessings in her life. First Contact is her debut novel.

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2 runners up each receive an electronic copy of The Seer’s Lover E-Book by Kat de Falla and the soundtrack for the book (international, pdf/mobi/epub)

Leia Shaw's BOY MEETS NERD Book Blast

Boy Meets Nerd
AUTHOR NAME:  Leia Shaw        
BOOK GENRE: Contemporary New Adult

After graduating from MIT with a computer science degree, hacker Emerson True bides her time until she lands the perfect job. To pay the bills, she investigates cheating boyfriends and relationship secrets.

Her newest client, musician Levi Morrison, is a typical heartbreaker – gorgeous and charming. He’s also the biggest sucker in the world. When red flags pop up, he hires Em to check into the identity of the girl he’s fallen in love with online.

As Em and Levi work together to find his dream girl, they discover they have more in common than they thought. Though Emerson tries to build a firewall around her heart, Levi bypasses it easily. In the end, Levi must choose between his dream girl and the nerd who unwittingly hacked her way into his heart.



“You’ve never fallen in love?”

“No,” she said with a sardonic laugh. “I’m too driven with my work. I don’t know. It’s probably impossible.” She almost looked sad about it. “It’d be like having to split myself in two. I can’t focus on work and a person at the same time. There’s just not enough time or energy.”

“That’s silly. Love isn’t quantifiable.”

Her brows shot up. “Everything is quantifiable.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.” He scowled, feeling irritated though he didn’t understand why. “Feelings can’t be counted up and divided.”

“Sure they can. Relationships require attention. I’d have to spend x amount of time on the emotional stuff, then y on pragmatic stuff. A huge amount of time is spent on communication, let’s say that’s x squared, plus there’s bound to be fights over misunderstandings, so x squared plus y for that. All these hours added up are time away from my research. So love equals, modestly, three x squared plus y.”

He stared for a moment, trying to wrap his head around all of that. Mathematician. Figured. “Wow. I had no idea love could sound so boring.”

“It isn’t all flowers and poetry, you know. At least not for long.”

“Oh, I know how you feel. Anyone can betray the ones they love. Such an optimist.”

She shrugged, looked totally unapologetic. “It’s true. I’ve seen it a dozen times.”

“You’re jaded.”

“You’re idealistic.”

They had a brief staring contest then Emerson looked away.

Leia Shaw is the bestselling author of the paranormal romance series, Shadows of Destiny. Thinking up fae politics, plotting dragon power games, and calculating how fast werewolves can change forms has given her a way to express those dark places in her mind. More recently, she's branched out into the erotic world and has co-written several humorous but heartwarming contemporary BDSM romances, 31 Flavors and the Badass Brats series.

Leia lives in New England with her husband and two kids. Though she will go to her grave denying it, her husband insists she would be thrilled if he suddenly sprouted fangs.


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ON THE GROWL Cover Reveal

BOOK TITLEOn the Growl
 Celia Kyle, Lynn Red, Jessica Sims, Flora Dare and Marina Maddix
PUBLICATION DATEOctober 13, 2014 
ISBN: 9781941122068

From a pack of your favorite NYT and USAT best-selling paranormal romance authors comes a collection of ALL NEW novellas that will make you howl, scratch and bite... and leave you roaring for more!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. No surprise there, right? Passionate, wild, hungry, dripping, salty, sweaty, steamy; falling in love is the best thing in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bunny with curves, a brand new werewolf without much clue what’s happening, a feisty wolverine shifter, a fun-loving house cat or a were-tigress with a short temper for obnoxious men, there’s a big, protective, incredible alpha for everyone... or in some cases, two of them!

Except... sometimes, it gets complicated. Mysterious and magical resorts, dangerous rogue wolves, dentists that get just a little too excited and start growing hair in funny places, a couple of bears who might be terrorists, and a tiger with a bad attitude?

Gulp. Things could get REAL complicated.

In places where the only rules are Pack rules; in towns where shifters and witch doctors rub shoulders; on exotic vacations where only eagles dare, and on planes where a wolverine shifter is sandwiched between two of the sexiest bears she’s ever imagined, you’ll never have more fun, or get more steamy, seductive, incredible paranormal romance in ONE PLACE at ONE LOW PRICE.

From our pack to yours, enjoy these incredible novellas, and keep howling for the moon!

* Waking Up Were by Celia Kyle *

What’s a gal to do when a dog bite isn’t a dog bite and her boss makes her want to howl at the moon? Keep him.

* Bear Your Teeth by Lynn Red *

A slightly clutzy rabbit-shifter and a big, bad bear of a dentist will take you along on a steamy, hilarious ride you’ll never forget!

* Tiger by the Tail by Jessica Sims *

Were-tiger Adrian Merino is determined to see the newest shifter on the block, Mandy, become his mate. But it’s got to be her idea first…

* Bears Repeating by Flora Dare *

It takes double the werebears to handle one cranky wolverine in this menage romance.

* To Screech His Own by Marina Maddix *

It may be against the rules, but when a hot eagle shifter lands at an exclusive resort, one employee really wants to ruffle his feathers. What’s a curvy kitty to do?


Celia Kyle

Lynn Red

Jessica Sims

Flora Dare

Marina Maddix

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Erin Manbeck's GIFTED TRILOGY Blog Tour

Gift of Sight
“Gifted” Trilogy, #1

Feisty, smart mouth Regan thought that breaking up with her boyfriend Sam was going to be the start of her independence.  Instead, she is manipulated and dragged into a world where sharp, sarcastic wit isn't going to save her.  Turning to her Gram for help, the only remaining relative she has, Regan is upset to find out that her grandmother has been keeping family secrets of her own all these years.

With a vengeful goddess using people to try and bring Regan to the Underworld, Gram brings in three Guardians to protect her.  Given the short version of what is expected of her, loaded with a lot of expectations for her future, Regan knows first-hand that life is too short.  She isn't letting anyone make life-altering decisions for her despite finding out that the vengeful goddess has placed a price on her head.

This book will make you laugh, feel connected to the characters, and leave you wanting more.

Warning: Adult language and sexual situation


Gift of Power
“Gifted” Trilogy, #2

Power equals responsibility.

Despite declaring to those closest to her that she will take her position as Queen, Regan’s first priority is not to rule, but to find her parents.  With Jake at her side, she is determined to learn how to use her new powers and hide from her destiny, as well as the Council, a little while longer.

Unfortunately, someone has been watching and reporting every move Regan makes.  She is disheartened to find out the Council is already eagerly awaiting her arrival in Ireland and have apparently started to plan her future…one that does not include Jake.

Regan must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to protect her people from a vengeful goddess, while also weeding out the traitor among them.  In the end, will she have the strength to withstand losing any of them?


Gift of Prophecy
“Gifted” Trilogy, #3

Regan’s arrival in Ireland may have heightened her powers, but it has also given Agrona and her minions more cause to make sure she never makes it to her coronation.  With every attack and the harsh welcome she receives from the council, Regan is more determined than ever to prove why the deities have chosen her to be the Queen.

Although, part of her has accepted that she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice, it isn't until Regan finds herself in the Otherworld being handed over to Agrona that the reality hits her.  Will Jake and her family survive without her?



Top 10 Things you have to know about 
Regan and Jake:

  1. Regan:
Never argue with Regan when she is hungry.  She will barely process what you say because she is thinking about what she needs to fill the food void.

He will always bring little snacks to Regan to make sure that she stays in a good mood.  This way if they argue over anything…he has a chance of winning.

  1. Regan:
Has a mini-me who speaks the truth in her head.  The only problem with that is her inability to sometimes filter what the mini-me says and what actually comes out of her mouth.  Not everything should be spoken aloud (oops).

Can hear Regan’s mini-me from time to time and helps her to diffuse situations before she accidentally says the wrong thing.  He also loves when he catches her thinking naughty thoughts about him.

  1. Regan:
She is an animal lover.  Not necessarily small ones, but she loves large dogs that she can wrap into hugs.  She also prefers ones who will rip the throat open of someone who tries to harm her.

He carries the hunter intuition and can transform into a wolf, so obviously, a huge animal lover.

  1. Regan:
Her father and her used to take common phrases like “don’t cry over spilled milk” and change it into something like “don’t cry over spilled soda” in an effort to make her mother laugh.  Unfortunately, the catch phrases stuck with her and she finds herself being corrected by others and mistaken for being dumb when she is actually quite bright.

Normally the one selected to correct her since she is less likely to hit him.  He actually finds this little quirk in her to be cute and it attracts him to her more

  1. Regan:
Will always treat you with respect, but the second you disrespect her Gram, or someone she cares about, ready yourself for a verbal assault.

Is probably the only one who isn’t scared to stand up to Regan’s Grandmother, especially if he’s defending Regan in anyway.  He won’t let anyone harm or disrespect her.

  1. Regan:
Her mini-me was created after her parents were abducted.  She needed someone that she could talk to openly and she didn’t have that in school with her peers.  She never divulged personal information because she didn’t want anyone questioning what happened to her parents.

Has always had family around him.  He might be a fierce fighter, but he never stays away from his family for too long.  He makes it a point to check in with them often, letting them know he is safe.

  1. Regan:
Before Jake, Regan and her dog Jackpot loved to jam out to ‘Burn it to the Ground’ by Nickleback.  It helped her to release the stress of the day.

Now that he has Regan, would rather release stress in bed.

  1. Regan:
Used to have insomnia issues and would spend many nights watching infomercials.  If you are ever looking for a crazy item, she could probably tell you what company sells it and how much it cost.

Exhausts Regan enough before they fall asleep that she has no issues sleeping anymore.  Just being in his arms has kept her from her recurring nightmare.

  1. Regan:
Secretly holds out hope that her parents are alive, but doesn’t want to jinx it, so she tries not to bring it up with her Gram.  Regan is afraid that her grandmother is going to one day admit they are both gone and she doesn’t want to live a life of grieving.

Wants answers for Regan and will help her in any way to find out more about her parents.  In the meantime he wants her to remember what having family is like and doesn’t allow her to sneak away when Maggie and Piper come around.  Until she is completely comfortable with them, he will do his best to bring them all together.

  1. Regan:
Most important thing you should know about Regan.  She can fake an orgasm if she has to, but lucky for her she hasn’t had to since she met Jake.

Sits proudly patting himself on the back.

Gift of Prophecy Excerpt Three:
Danu spoke to Regan.  “My Child, if you are done gawking at the lovely Brigitt, I would like for you to stand and come join us.  Your ring has centered your focus back to the here and now, so I would like to introduce you.”
“Not if she intends on kicking my ass.  Look at how she’s eyeing me.  Did I offend her or something?”
Brigitt stood up straight and her eyes became even more acute.  “You can speak to me directly and, yes, I might attack you if you decide to break down like that in front of your people again.  Get off the ground and get over here.  We are only here to bring Josephine home, so you have nothing to worry about right now.”
Regan let out a grunt as she started to get up.  “Right now?  The Griffins are definitely yours.  Did you train them to be a pain in the ass?”
Brigitt turned to Danu, “See, I told you she was more like me, despite the meltdown just now.”  She looked back at Regan, but this time offered a smile.  “You don’t train Griffins.  They are loyal creatures that offer their services when they respect you.  They are not infallible, but who is.  If we were all perfect, the deities would still be in this realm.  Come, Regan, we don’t have much time.  Josephine is rather impatient.”
As Regan approached the goddesses, Brigitt still owned her attention.  “Is it normal for the two of you to show up like this?  Gram doesn’t even descend from your line, so why would you be here?  Not that I don’t want you here, because I think this is awesome, I’m just confused and why do you appear to be in solid form when you are spirits in this realm?”
“So many questions, and we have so little time.  No, Regan, it is not normal for any deity to appear before their people in public like this, but today is different.  We have used quite a lot of our power to materialize into this form because we needed everyone here to see us.  Much like Danu, and like yourself, I love my family.  I knew that you, as well as the people, were going to need my support today.  Danu and I are bringing Josephine to the Otherworld, as well as reassuring the people, that although they don’t know you yet, you are the Queen that has been chosen.
“My family has blended into the Tuatha just as they have into mine.  We are all one.  You follow those instincts of yours and you will find that in time, the followers of Danu will not be your only loyal subjects.  Besides, why are you acting so surprised?  The Griffins told you there would be three powerful forces here today, who did you think they were talking about?”
Regan stopped two feet in front of the goddesses.  “Gram, mom and I, but obviously I was wrong.  You know, it wouldn’t hurt if you did speak with the Griffins and teach them how to be a little more forthcoming in their information or maybe how to be a little more specific.”
Brigitt gave Regan that glare again, and Regan almost took a step back.  “Maybe, Young Queen, you should learn to ask the right questions, and then you would get answers that you like.  Good job not backing down just now when I gave you my evil eye.  The people will love that.”

I’m an author in hiding…I still work full time, but don’t ever look over my shoulder to see what’s on my computer screen.  Chances are you will find me secretly writing.

Besides family and friends, I love to laugh.  It may be at the expense of those I love, but they get me, so I usually don’t offend too much.

Honesty…I can’t help it.  I usually say way I feel, but with a little guidance, I’ve learned to be more tactful.
I’ve worked in plenty of environments (trucking company, correction officer and I was in the military to mention a few) so I guess you can say that’s where my mouth and attitude come from.  Either way, as long as I get my morning cup of coffee people are safe.

The Trilogy is complete and I also have a new stand-alone book called “Dreamless”.  It’s a Paranormal Suspense that’s a bit lighter on the language, but will keep you guessing who the Nightmare really is.


Signed Copy of the entire Trilogy, Signed Copy of my new book Called “Dreamless” and Bookmarks to match

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